Current Keys to Successful Social Media Ads

Current Keys to Successful Social Media Ads

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Mr. Biz Radio: Current Keys to Successful Social Media Ads

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And we did a show a couple weeks ago, I think now that some of you hopefully have seen by now, and it was how to thrive during a recession. And so I think this week's guest will be, we'll be able to tag right onto that and, and actually dive a little deeper into some of the things that I brought up during that show that it's, it's, you know, it's not a time to pull back. It's a time to invest. Don't spend money frivolously, right? You pull back the expenses that aren't don't have an ROI, but the ones that have an ROI, there's gonna be massive opportunity. And so this week's guest is none that Mr. Hernan Vasquez. So I've known Hernan now for oh my gosh. Probably five years.


I want to say. So he previously worked with, with a, an organization that I was part of in her circle group. Hernan would come on every Friday, we had a Facebook, Friday, he would give tips. He was an amazing resource. So then I started following him on social media. And finally I was like, man, I gotta get her in on the show. So let me tell you a little bit about he name's background. So he's an investor, a marketing advisor, he's a co-founder and consultant from Buenas Airies, Argentina. So he's coming from us, come coming to us from outside of the us. He's an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert with over 13 years of experience in creating advertising and marketing campaigns that focus on bringing clients and students, more clients leads in profit over the past six years, he's been responsible for over 60 plus million dollars in, in profitable social media ad spend and generated over $200 million in revenue for clients. He's the founder of Scale Driven, a top tier business development agency that focuses on helping companies increase revenue by developing better digital marketing and advertising initiatives. He has team members throughout the United States, south America and Europe. And so his company works with clients worldwide. Hernan welcome to Mr. Biz radio.


Hey Ken. Hey, everyone. Really, really glad to be here. Thank you for having me.


Yeah, absolutely man. So let's just dive right in and start off with, you know, I, I, the intro has got some stuff in there, but, you know, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. How did you get to where you're at? How'd you become the, a digital marketing expert that you are


Sure. Yeah. And, and, and, and yeah, there's, there's, there's a lot there, but I I'll try to give you the, the short version. And you know, I started this entrepreneurial journey 12, 13 years ago. And I remember that the first time that I thought that there was something going on over the internet was on I started on writing articles for people over the internet charging $5, a pop and fiverr will take $1 out of the top. So you will end up with $4 per article, but that was pretty cool. And the first time that, that somebody over the internet, a complete stranger gave me money. It was on And then I, I started believing on this, you know, build your business online, make money, online thing, whatever that was from that point onward. And then, you know, I, I've been doing a little bit of everything since then, since then I read an articles that took me to learn about SEO, that, that took me to learn about web design.


So I've done web design for clients I've done. I'm not a coder, I'm not a designer. I, I decided to going to SEO after learning how to write SEO, optimize articles. So I did that for a while. And then I met these these guys, this group of guys they own have, they all had their own digital marketing agency. And it was I remember it was an Alex Becker mastermind. So we got together on that mastermind. And and then, you know, we hit it off. We were all agency owners. We had our own clients doing different things, you know, mostly SEO for other people. And that was my first company you know, and the, and my partners at that time were from the US. And and that was my first company that we founded. We, we launched our first info product.


So I had the agency. Then we started doing information products, and that's where I started doing Facebook ads because we launched this information product for other agency owners and we needed traffic, right. We needed to get people to download our PDFs or lead magnets. We needed to get people into our email list so that we can sell this info product and whatnot. So that's when I started doing Facebook ads. And once I realized the power of Facebook ads you know, I never, I never went back. This was like, I don't know, seven, eight years ago. And I started like offering Facebook ads as a service. We started, you know, growing that company, thanks to the power of Facebook ads back in the day. It was, it was a completely different beast. And, and, and game that what it is today. And, and then, you know, I started helping entrepreneurs in, in Facebook groups and whatnot, getting better results with their Facebook ads.


And that's where I cut the eye of, of Frank Kern, which is where we originally met Ken. And then he invited me to be part of his, of his group first, you know, and then started running ads for his clients, and then ended up running ads for his own marketing campaigns and for his own products and whatnot. And then I started doing the coaching calls for him as well. And from there on out, I started working with people like Frank Kern, Grant Cardone you know, Tony Robbins Dean Yosi, Russell Branson, a couple of other big names over digital marketing industry, but it was all based on, you know, giving away a lot of value on how to run Facebook ads, how to get results on, you know, on over the internet for business owners, for the most part. And and then, you know, I, I helped several businesses since then on very different verticals from an agency perspective. And I've had my own digital marketing agency for the past six, seven years as well. And now we focus on, on helping entrepreneurs learning how to run Facebook ads or just you know, doing it for them. So that's in a nutshell how we, how I got to where I'm at right now.


Yeah. Well, I, since I've been following you on social media the last few years, I keep seeing you every year at, at, at Brunson's event, getting your big, old award, big, giant award for, for the success you had with, with with click funnels and what whatnot. Tell us a little bit about that.


Yeah, for sure. So you know, it, it's funny because I've been going to, I've been going to funnel, hack and live. I really like that community. You know, I've been going to funnel hack and live, I think every year for the past four, five years, the first year that I went, it was with my, you know, company that we were doing this digital info product and whatnot. And the first, the first time that I went, I was like, Hey, it would be pretty cool if we would get one of those awards that people are getting. Right. And it's like you know, it looked like a it's the two club award or whatever. It looks like a, like a platinum album. And, and then the next year we got it, we got the first two club award with Symantec mastery after generating a million in sales.


It was all through the power of, you know, paid advertising, digital media, paid advertising and funnels. And we were selling like low ticket products. Like we were selling 47, $17. I think our biggest product at the time was like 197 a month for our mastermind, but it was like all based on, on low ticket sales. So we got that. And then the next consecutive ears were, were all about, you know, getting that award and then pushing ourselves to getting that award. Then I got, I got one for we got two actually for, for the agency. And then finally I got the one that's, that's hanging on the word on the world because the other one in the states. But yeah, that was that, that has been pretty, pretty cool since then. So


Yeah, well, that's just demonstrates the success you've had. I mean, again, I say all the time, we don't bring just anybody on a show like this Hernan's a real deal. Like he's been there done that. And as we, I mentioned in, in, during the intro, this guy's, this is what I loved about the group that I was in. And the advice that Hernan would give is I will, I'll share this with you guys, for those of you out there who are trying to like DIY and doing your own Facebook ads and everything, you can certainly do that, right? You can go out and Google things. However, here's what I used to tell people all the time. Look, when you listen to someone who spent $150 on ads and says, this is what to do, or you listen to someone who spends a hundred thousand, 200,000, a half, a million dollars a month on ads. Those people know what works and what doesn't. And that's, Hernan like he he's an in this. So we are up against a break here. We're gonna come back. We'll give the Mr. Biz tip of the week. And then we're gonna dive in a little bit deeper into what Henan does at scale driven. You can find them at


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All right. Welcome back to the show. It is time for the Mr.


Biz tip of the week and this


Week this is one of my favorite tips. So, so take, take your pen out. You gotta write this one down. This is super important and people lose sight of this. Hire people, hiring people, right? When you hire, hire on character loyalty and work ethic, you know why, because everything else can be learned. If you have those, unless you're hiring a brain surgeon, of course, right? You gotta have some experience with that. But for the most part, most roles, you find someone that has those three characteristics they'll learn anything. They'll, they'll work their butt off. You give 'em a new task. They're gonna work their butt off to learn it. They're gonna they'll, they'll be amazing employees. I learned this over, you know, two decades working in the corporate world in a fortune 15 company and hiring hundreds hundreds of people, plus amazing.


I'm telling you, you gotta really think about this. Don't just look at people. Oh, I, I took this Excel class or I took this class. I took that class. You can send 'em to a class. They can learn that crap later. You need to look for character loyalty and work ethic. So that is a Mr. Biz tip of the week, this week. All right. So let's get back into talking about this Hernan. So tell us a little bit more about scale driven. What are like generally speaking, what are the types of businesses that you, you can help the most?


Yeah, that's a great question. And so, so there're basically two, I would say two levels of, of help that we offer right at scale driven. One of them is, as I mentioned, is the digital marketing agency, the proverbial, you know, we'll buy ads, usually on social media. You know, we've been, we became really, really good at that. And now I have a team of four or five media buyers helping clients. And we do that on behalf of, of clients, right? So, so they'll come away. They want their ads manage and Facebook and Instagram, and we take care of that. And we report back to them, you know, we help them with making their funnels better. We help them with taking a look at their entire business, see where to plug the holes, helping them implement all of that. So that's the done for you solution, right?


The agency. And then there's another part of the business, which is much newer. I would say it has like probably two to three months old it's, you know, we just launched this year, actually. And this come from the grade I would say the great experience that I had, you know, helping Frank students, for instance, and some other, you know, some other people like, because I really enjoy coaching. I really enjoy teaching and all that. So it it's the done with you part of our business. So I think there's like an 80, 20 split of the businesses that work with us. Some of them, or most of them are entrepreneurs, whether that they are running us right now and they need help scaling because it's one thing to launch a Facebook ad campaign is another thing to scale without the wheels falling off.


Right. Keeping the profit, keeping the profitability, making sure that everything keeps on working so we help them scale. So, and then there's some other entrepreneurs that they might be, they might want to learn how to do it themselves, right. Because they, they might be studying. Now they've heard about Facebook ads, they're struggling with organic methodologies of generating lead generating cells. So they want to accelerate that process. Or even they might have, they might have been burned with a couple of agencies. So it's like, okay, I wanna take the reins back of my Facebook ads or I wanna hire, or I wanna, you know, have somebody internal that I wanna train. So, so that's that. And then I would say 20% of the people are coming away are agency owners or media buyers that they want to get better at Facebook ads. So that's kind of the split. Mostly we work with entrepreneurs that either they need help scaling their campaign. So they need help launching their campaigns. And we either do it for them or teach them how to do it.


Well, it's interesting. So so it's, it's, it's good that you have both, right? Because I'm sure you, I'm sure you launched a second this year because you were getting people saying, Hey, I don't need this, but do you offer this? Yes. And you know, again, that's, that's where Hernan and I met several years ago and he is great at it. And he is really good at dissecting issues with ads. It would amaze me. And this is, you know, this is what you do when you hire an expert who does this every day, they look at this stuff every day, they're they're in the weeds with this stuff Hernan would someone would come on with a problem and would they call it the hot seat? So they would go live basically right? Where, when we were going live and then they would share their screen, Hernan would go into their Facebook ads account and pull up one of their ads.


And like, I'm telling you within like 1.5 seconds, Hernan like, okay, I see the problem. And he'd be like, oh yeah, you see, see that, that picture. You need to have a picture that does this instead of that, because we just found out that, that you six months ago, that worked really well. But right now, the last 45 days, what we've seen is X, Y, Z, you need to do this because that doesn't work anymore. And that's what I was trying to allude to at the end of the last segment is if you try to DIY this stuff and you go out and you find a video from six months, a year ago, that stuff changes. The Facebook algorithm changes all the algorithm change. They all change so frequently. That's why trying to do it yourself. Oftentimes, unless you have access to that type of information is so difficult to do, as opposed to someone like Hernan and people with his company that they live and read this every single day.


And again, like I said, they don't spend a hundred bucks and, and say, oh, I got it all figured out. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month for clients across all different industries. So they know exactly what's working right now. So along those lines, Ann earlier today I just saw you, you went live on Facebook and you talked about something that I think ties in. Well, I don't think I know ties in directly to the recession and what I talked about in the show, I did a few weeks ago about how, what not to do during the recession. So, so if you wouldn't mind share with, you know, a brief addition of what you shared on that video.


Yeah, for sure. For sure. And I think this is a really, really important subject for all of the entrepreneurs that are out there listening to the show, because, you know, in, in some way shape or form we're getting impacted. Right. And, and I think that, and I think that one of the things that I've learned from working with these big names and big dogs and big companies and big budgets and all of that is that no matter what happens, no matter the, you know, what the economy does or what politics does or what what's going on out there is that they keep on advertising. You know, they keep on advertising, they keep on, on, on trying to acquire customers with the internet. And the reason why they do that is, is I, I think it's, it's really smart is because what happens during a recession is that you have a lot of people that tend to panic.


They tend to shut down their campaigns. They tend to, you know, turn inwards. It happens at a, at a, at a, you know, at a micro level with micro entrepreneurs, with small companies. But it also happens at, you know, big levels, like big companies pulling their ads out of the platforms and whatnot. And what happens with that is that the cost to advertise based on, you know, offer and to man, it gets cheaper because right now there's a lot of inventory that was being occupied by these big company's big budgets and all that. And now it's to the take it's out there. You know, we can, we can go out there and acquire a lot of inventory, especially on Facebook and Instagram, Google, YouTube, and whatnot. That was being occupied by these budgets. So I've companies thrive and being built during the last quote unquote CR crisis.


You know, we've been talking a little bit about this before the show, during the pandemic, you know, the pandemic. I remember that I was working with this client and they came to me. We also met, you know, funny enough we met at, at a, at an FHL conference and they, they cracked the code on a really good offer, right. They cracked the code on a really good offer and they wanted to scale. And as they wanted us, we started scaling. The pandemic hit, you know, was right in the middle of the pandemic. And they came to us with, I think it was, they were spending 25 to $30,000 a month on advertising. That was their budget. But then we were able to scale during the pandemic and acquire a lot of leads and customers and sales for really cheap and scale them up to $1.5 million a month profitably on Facebook ads. So I know that we're coming into another break right now. So I want to elaborate a little bit more on why we've made that happen, thanks to leveraging this pandemic and this prices for


Yeah. I mean, it's amazing story. And I, it, there's all sorts of examples of this, not just in the Facebook advertising and digital market. I mean, it's all over the place, but especially in this again, like Hernan said, even the big companies, a lot of big companies are gonna start pulling reins back, right? So they're not gonna probably eliminate advertising, but they're gonna, instead of spending 2 million a month, they might spend a million. So they cut it in half. So like he said, lot less demand, so cheaper I where to get out there. So as Hernan mentioned, we're up against a break here. We're gonna come back. He's gonna give us some tips on how to create successful social media ads.


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All right. Welcome back to the show. And I wanted to mention real quick for those of you may have noticed, and maybe Hernan you noticed as well that you are that domain name we gave is, is actually a redirect. And I learned that little trick from Hernan and some of the folks that the, the company he was working at when I met him originally, I, I was blown away. I knew nothing about any of that stuff. And it goes back to what I talk about on the show, a lot of making it easy to do business with you. So I hear a lot, lot of these people who have these long, you know, Tom like, people are never gonna remember that, like, you gotta buy these easy domain names. And I remember the first time I, you guys ran an ad or had an offer or something like that.


And it was like something super easy and super easy to remember. And I remember clicking, you know, going out and finding that URL. And I, I noticed at the top, you know, in my browser, like, it was actually this long I'm like, what is that? And we talked about it on a, on, in the inner circle. And you're like, oh yeah, this is what we do. And I'm like, oh my gosh, mind blown. So I went out and bought a whole bunch of domain names and we use 'em all the time. So thank you for that. And, and it just shows you some of the, some of the knowledge that you've imparted that we we use all the time.


<Laugh>. Yeah, that's awesome. I was about to mention that, you know, that the fact that you have, you know, Mr. Biz everywhere, and I think, I think that's, that's great. That's genius because people, you know, they're easy to remember, but also, you know, they might not be in front of the computer when it comes to reaching that address or they're write it down and it might be driving, you know, so it's, it's good to have that as part of your brand. So it's pretty cool.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, I appreciate that. So I, I, I know we get cut off the end of last segment. Go ahead and finish your thought. Cause I think, you know, finishing up your story on, on, you know, how you were able to help that one particular business. I know others as well with that one, you were talking about the end of the last segment.


Yeah, for sure. And as I was saying, like they came to us with a, with a small budget, we were able to scale them you know, to seven figures per month profitably on Facebook and Instagram ads. And the reason why we were able to do that is because as the pandemic was unfolding, we saw a decrease in cost to advertising at decreasing cost to acquire customers the CPMs, which is the cost for a thousand impressions, you know, it's what we're paying the, the, the, the social networks to actually advertise on them. They plummeted. And that is not something that happens regularly on, on Facebook, on Instagram. They only happen during quote unquote crisis you know, that's where people are pulling off their budgets and all that. So what happens is that since I started advertising, we've seen a, a slow rise to acquire customers and, and the cost to acquired customers on these social networks.


But during the pandemic, the pandemic, we saw that plumbing. And what we noticed is that during the pandemic, the prices and the cost to acquired customers usually went down, which is for the first time ever that happened. And, and they went down during the pandemic. So this company was able to grow big times just by leveraging that opportunity, which I think it's, what's going to happen, you know, over the next couple weeks and couple months there's a big opportunity for us to double down on advertising, you know, and following your rule of investing on those things that will give you RO ROI. I think that there's a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to actually leverage this and acquire a lot more customers for it. A lot cheaper, actually.


Yeah. Yeah. I think there's a ton of opportunity again, with, with things that can give you that ROI or ROAS in your world. Yeah. I, I thought it was hilarious when Frank actually got the, the ROAS tattoo across his,


That was great. That was great. That was awesome.


Well, so we've got a little over five minutes left, but so if you would Hernan give us some tips on some, you know, a couple things that we, we should be doing with social media ads to be successful, and then maybe one or two things that you see that like mistakes people make that are common.


Yeah, for sure. That, that, that's a great question. And I think that the first, the first thing that I would recommend is advertise with a budget that you can sustain through time. Right. It doesn't really matter. Like I get this question a lot. What's the minimum budget that I should be with, or what's the ideal budget. And that's a really broad question, and I'm pretty sure that your honest is really broad when it comes to niches and verticals and all that. So it really depends on who you're advertising to. But my question, my, my answer to that is advertise with a budget that you can maintain through time campaigns, especially on social media, they do take time to mature. They do take time to collect data. They do take time to get you anywhere. So if you're going to be starting a campaign and stopping, which is something that I would recommend not doing, right?


One of the things that I recommend never do is to stop, start a campaign. And then a couple we, a couple days later, you stop it and then you relaunch it and then you stop it. That's gonna get you nowhere. It's better to be sustainable through time and, and start with a budget, whatever that is. It can be, I don't know, 1500 bucks a month, or it could be 10,000 bucks a month. It doesn't matter, right? It's whatever you can sustain through time and think that this is a long term play again, by working with this, with this big guys in advertising. I always realize that during, for the long run, right? So you can use advertising, especially social media ads, and you can reach a lot of people for relatively cheap still, and it's gonna become even cheaper during this recession. But some, one of the things that I always always recommend to clients and, and students, and something that we used to discuss a lot in this inner circle meetings is how you can put your best content forward.


If you can create content that's really, really helpful and advertise that content, right? Put advertising dollars behind that content. I think that, that, that goes a long way. Even if what you're doing is mentioning this easy to remember domains a couple times on the videos and whatnot, that in and of itself will give you traction. Then we can get technical when it is to what type of campaigns to run and whatnot. But I think that the main point is put your best content out there, upload it to your Facebook page, and then you can run something called an engagement campaign, targeting your, your ideal audience that tends to work really well. And it's still relatively cheap to reach a lot of your audience. I think that we spent $5,000 over the span of a couple, a couple months for my for my business on one or two specific campaigns.


And we had something crazy, like 3 million impressions or something crazy like that on Facebook. So that's a lot of eyeballs, right? And if people keep on hearing, you are easy to remember domain, then guess what? They're gonna type it in. They're gonna visit. In fact, we used to get a lot of what's called quote unquote direct traffic, which is traffic that you cannot track through Google analytics because people are actually typing in, you know, Mr. Biz or something along those lines. Right? Yeah. So that's, that's really powerful. And then I would say the third thing when it comes to targeting on Facebook targeting has become easier on Facebook. One of the things that has become easier on Facebook has been targeting. You can actually have a really successful campaign by applying some broad targeting. So let's say that you're selling to you have a business to business offer, and you're selling to other people that are advertising, which is something that I do.


One of the targetings that we use is advertising, right? Or advertising campaigns or advertising, marketing, like broad audiences like that. People, audiences that are in the million, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million people on Facebook, they tend to work really, really well. So I think that those three things combine with when it comes to targeting, when it comes to putting your best content forward. And again, understanding that advertising at this point has become a long game. And then of course getting a couple of really easy to remember domains that you can mention over and over again, that will give you the initial momentum that you need. And then you can get technical. Right? Another thing that I always recommend is to get mentorship, whatever that is. It's like, get mentorship and follow that one mentor methodology and that one mentor way of, of doing Facebook. Because again, there's million ways to skin the cat. It's like going to the gym, you know, you, otherwise you get conflicted information. So just focus on one me methodology and one mentor. And that way you can reap the benefits of, you know, of, of running Facebook ads over the long run.


Yeah. And that's one of the things, the easy domain names and all that stuff I think is, is really key. And obviously, I, I, I'm a fan of it cause I use it all the time. But, but the other thing is it, you don't have to sell hard. Like it's not like a, Hey, you know, these cheesy salesman stuff. Like if you have those, it makes it so much cheesy. Well, unfortunately Hena, we are out of time. Again, go out to Find out more about what you can again, do he can do it for you, or you can do it with you. Hernan so thank you so much for being on you shared a ton of good information. I really appreciate it.


I appreciate it, Ken, thank you for having me.


Yeah, absolutely. Again, Go check that out, guys. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. And don't forget as always have a great week, but cash flow is king


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