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Every great business
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When your company hits a roadblock, Mr. Biz Solutions has the answers so you can quickly get back on the path to achieve profit and growth.

Turning Problems into Profits!

Hello. My name is Ken Wentworth, also known as Mr. Biz.

For more than 20 years, I have advised businesses – from Fortune 15 companies to startups – on how to establish a solid financial path.

I am excited to share the strategies that have yielded consistent results for my clients. With weekly live discussions and Mr. Biz Radio shows with me as well as access to our substantial library of recorded programs, video lessons, and articles, you will have everything you need to get where you want to go.

I look forward to helping you and your company on the journey to success!

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What our clients are saying?


“My business was going through a time of expansion. I needed help analyzing some sales and growth numbers to know if hiring some help was a good move. Mr. Biz was able to help me see that with the growth I was experiencing, hiring was the right move. He helped me see that I needed someone to handle the work so I could focus more on sales and marketing. It was a great decision and I am glad I had Ken’s input.”

David Smith
Owner of Element Manufacturing Design


“Mr. Biz, from the day of our introduction, has participated willingly in identifying our business model’s financial weaknesses and visionary goals. It’s difficult as a Partner of a medical practice to analyze and dissect strategies, while taking on day-to-day operations and revenue producing actions. Ken has filled that gap and provided us with a clear examination of current profitable oversights, revenue efficiency potential, and areas of risk which could have otherwise jeopardized the longevity of our business and the value provided to our employees and, especially, to our patients.”
Dr. Timothy Holmes, DPM
Partner at Step Lively Foot & Ankle Centers


“Looking for a good CFO? Ken is an awesome CFO who truly wants to see his clients grow and succeed! Ken has been working with our company for almost a year now and we are having our best year ever! He helps you with a realistic forecast and budget to aim for that will move your company forward with profits and growth!” 

-James Owens

President at Owens Chimney Systems, Inc


Mr. Biz has been instrumental in helping us get clarity on our business operations and finances. Over the past year, he has helped us produce a budget, evaluate our pricing structure, get a handle on cash flow & evaluate the competition in our market. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a clear picture of your business.”

-Jarett Hulett

President at SolarTex, Inc


Entrepreneur Magazine
CEO Weekly
Italy Journal
Austria Journal
USA Today
American Express
Fast Company
The San Francisco Herald
The Times of Spain


Entrepreneur Magazine
CEO Weekly
Italy Journal
Austria Journal
USA Today
American Express
Fast Company
The San Francisco Herald
The Times of Spain

Every week Mr. Biz & other experts host consultative Livestreams and an episode of Mr. Biz Radio, featuring current business topics and expert guests.

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