Are you tired of setting goals, but falling short of achieving them?

Do you have a life-changing goal you want to achieve, but you’re not sure how to tackle it?

Have you read other goal-achieving books and they haven’t helped?

“Don’t Fake the Funk” provides an easy-to-implement, proprietary four-step strategy that will help you untap & realize your FULL potential!

For example -

  • How to become 10x more likely to achieve your goals
  • Mindset goals: Ditch the funk & get sh*t done
  • Financial goals: Get out of debt; make more money
  • Health goals: Drop some LBs; get in better shape; look better naked ?
  • Relationship goals: Improve a less-than-optimal situation
  • Career goals: Achieve a game-changer promotion
  • Social cause goals: Donate more time or money to your favorite cause
  • Athletic goals: Run your first marathon or bike your first 50-miler

If you want stop Faking the Funk & change your life -This book is for you!


Are you a business owner that does “OK”, but you’re struggling to increase your profits & carve out more personal time? Could you benefit from expert advice in the key areas for success of your business? “Pathway to Profits” provides no-nonsense guidance you can use to run your company more profitably & more efficiently, which means more time for you!

For example:

  • How to increase sales without “selling” more
  • How to achieve game-changing results with a budget without being a financial guru
  • Utilizing credit cards to create a huge cash flow advantage
  • How to hire the BEST . . . faster!
  • When not to DIY your business
  • A risk you might be ignoring that could doom your business
  • What to expect when you need financing
  • One simple action that will have vendors fighting to earn your business

Bottom line - if you want a straight-forward pathway to more profits, this book is for you!


Are you a business owner who does a great job serving your customers – doing what you do best – but you struggle at times managing your company’s financial health? Does this struggle keep you up at night worrying? If that is the case, cash flow is the likely culprit for your insomnia. Most businesses that fail are doomed by cash flow problems. “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro” provides proven techniques to alleviate these challenges and help you sleep better at night. For example:

  • How to make credit cards work for you to create a huge advantage
  • What is THE most important information to include on an invoice?
  • How to effectively control your expenses without hurting your business
  • Simple tweaks to make to your collection process to get money flowing in the door
  • Two tips to reduce payroll’s cash flow pressure

Bottom line - if improving your company’s cash flow is a goal of yours, this book is for you!