The Five Paths to Abundance & Success

The Five Paths to Abundance & Success

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Mr. Biz Radio: The Five Paths to Abundance & Success

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right, welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio with me, Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth. And we're gonna talk about this week we have a, a, a guru, as we always have, but we have a, an expert in this. And we're gonna talk about two things that I know that everyone that's watching or listening will want to hear about. And that is abundance and success. And our guest this week has sort of some unique ways of getting that. And she calls it her Five Paths to Abundance and Success. And we're gonna talk about that later in the show before we get into all that. But our guest this week is none other than Dr. Fatima Bustos-Choy. Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio.


Thank you so much, Ken, and I'm happy to be here and glad to share some insights with you and your audience.


Yeah. So I've been looking forward to this. I know. We've got you. I connected with you a few months ago and got you lined up for the show and everything. And I've been patiently waiting for you to come on to talk about this cause I know it's gonna be really, really awesome. But before we start diving into some of that tell us a little bit about your entrepreneurial journey. I know you've got a, a history in the family business and things like that. I I'm sure it'll be in, in interesting to hear about.


Thank you. Well, yes, I do. The Entrepreneur seed was planted in me, inside of me at a very early age, I'd say around 12 years old. And because I am the first born of five children, my mom, who opened her own beauty shop and gift shop to help the family raise us five children there was an expectation on her part for me to be kind of like her right hand. So, at a very early age, I was in the store with her after school and on weekends. I also was her bill collector salesperson. The only thing I didn't do was be in the salon. So I didn't cut care. I didn't know how to do that. But I helped the customers with, with all their other needs, you know their clothing, their accessories, and so forth.


And then, so from there, I learned from my mom. I learned customer service and really paying attention to customers, being respectful, calling them by their names, smiling, and really helping them, you know, sincerely, genuinely unhappily. Fast forward, this helped me a lot in my first, and then I came to the United States. So I'm, I immigrated from the Philippines, you know, like many of our, my co my other co countrymen so to speak, came to the United States to pursue the American dream and for the benefit of my family. And so I came and looked for a job, and there's a whole another story to that, but essentially wound up as a teller at a big financial you know, banking institution. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And I was one of the best tellers because I had great customer service. A lot of the customers would look for me because I think I made them feel good.


I made them feel important. And I'll tell you, that serves me throughout my many, many years since then, navigating the corporate world. And even when I was inside a corporation, I had a different mindset. I was, I saw myself not so much as an employee or even as a director when I became a director, but more of an entrepreneur. So I was always looking for ways to support the internal customers, provide them with some new programs and look at my department as a way to create more value for the organization. And then in 1996, I left the corporate world and opened my own leadership and organizational development consultancy. I was so blessed that I had a lot of my colleagues when I was in the corporate world you know, became decision makers in different organizations. So they were my first, you know, clients mm-hmm. <Affirmative>.


And it was really great to work with them in a different capacity. But as a consultant, and, you know, with my own leadership and organizational organizational development business, I still, the same principles of entrepreneurship that I learned from my mom still applies. And then in 2010, I joined a franchise organization and then was able to open a franchisee as a franchisee, a holistic mind, body, wellness you know, center where my experience in the corporate world, helping people in the corporate world and now being out helping people with their holistic mind, body, spirit, energy needs came really that confluence, I felt like kind of the epitome of helping people in all their needs, not just professional, but also personal needs. And now I've continued to be that. So I am, I guess people call us now, solopreneurs, and I still help the same, I help organizations, I help individual people. I help nonprofits and, you know, other community groups to achieve what it is that they truly want and incorporate a lot of the lessons learned, you know, in my own, in my own life journey as an entrepreneur, as a you know, corporate person and, and us you know, as a mom, <laugh> in all my other aspects of, of, you know, life. And that's what I share with people.


Well, it's interesting that you learned, you know, sort of those customer service things at such an early age, because I think a lot of what goes into having good customer service skills is developing your eq, your emotional quotient, knowing how to empathize with people and, and interact with people in an effective way, and having them feel good, like you said, obviously it carried over to becoming a bank teller and, and, and doing that. So I guess, you know, we've only got a little over a minute left before the end of the segment here, but what sort of was the moment that you decided to, to go to school and get your PhD?


Well, I've always wanted to go for my PhD, Ken. And there came a time when I actually went to kind of a mind body training, and it really opened my brain to, I really wanna do this for me. At one point I go, I don't need a PhD. I have a consultancy. My clients love me, and they're not looking for me to be that. But after one very powerful meditation I I, I have this awakening that I was going to fulfill this long-term, long-time need, not for anybody else, but for me. And so once I made that decision, I took all the steps and, and within a month, I got everything ready. I submitted all the paperwork following month I was approved to be a candidate for, for the doctoral program. And yeah. And so I achieved something that I've, honestly, I've put off for some time. But then finally I said, no, I need to do this for me. And I, and I felt like by doing that, I could actually help my clients even more. Sure. And it could be, so, yeah.


Yeah. Well, again, we're, we're talking this this week with Dr. Fatima Bustos-Choy. We're gonna talk more in the next segment about how she helps folks and how she interacts with them, with her great customer service skills. So come back after the break on Mr. Biz Radio.


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Alright, welcome back to show. It's time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip has to do with something you guys have heard me talk about often, and it's actually in, in the book, consistent perseverance. So if you can't consistently overcome failure and challenges, you will never achieve long-term success. Doesn't matter how smart you are, doesn't matter how much money you have, who you know, et cetera, you have to be able to, you know, that proverbial get knocked down seven times and get up eight. Because again, no matter how smart you are, you hear these stories about all these people that are uber successful and all the challenges they've had that you really don't even know about. You know, I, I've talked about on the show before, but real quick, you know, Elon Musk, everyone knows Elon Musk is, I think now he is the second wealthiest guy in the world.


But in all of his successes, people don't know that he was kicked out of two companies that he had founded before. This was way before Tesla and, and SpaceX and et cetera. But and so we, he had those challenges and he didn't give up. He kept getting up. So you have to be able to consistently overcome those challenges to ensure your long-term success. That is the Mr. Biz tip of the week this week. Alright, Dr. Fatima. So I should mention, by the way, and we'll put this in the show notes, but you can find out more about what she's got going on, you can go to Like I said, we'll put that in the show notes as well, but you can check out more on what she's doing. So I guess I wanna start off what prompted you to write the book? So you could check out her, her book, "More Than Money, Five Paths to Abundance and Success for Inner Centered Entrepreneurs", which again, we're gonna talk about her five paths in the next segment. But what prompted you to write that book?


Well, that's a really good question, Ken. I've wanted to write a book way back in 2000. And what prompted me was that during that time I had already left the organization and the one of the Fortune 100 companies that I was a director of mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. What happened was, at the peak of that career, I felt I was dying inside. I felt this very hollow feeling that no company perks, no travel, no even money. And this why, this is also why my book is entitled More Than Money. None of that could fulfill this deep void inside me. And I started to look for help. And what what helped me was really studying with some spiritual teachers. And so with their, with their teachings and incorporating them in my corporate life, I felt I needed to share this to other people and let me start to write a book.


And so I did, and I sought the help of a writing coach, another author. And so I started that in 2000. However, I just put it aside, you know, when I submitted the first proposal, book proposal, then I didn't hear back at all. I guess I was discouraged, and then I just put it aside. No, now talking about your perseverance, I'll pick that up, <laugh>. But I, I just put it aside, there were too many things happening in my life at that time. And then lo and behold in 2021, I had this urge again. I said, yeah, I've always wanted to do this. I think this time I have to, I, while I still can, that phrase got me going while I still can. And this is from a review of a book of Anne Lamont, Bird by Bird. As I was reading that, I go mm-hmm <affirmative> that encouraged me, that inspired me. So I started to write and with the help of you know, writing coaches with the help of an organization that got me going where you and I met actually, Ken, yeah,


I got it out. And what's interesting is "More Than Money, Five Paths to Abundance and Success for Inner Centered Entrepreneurs" is very much coming from, and I'll share more later more from a spiritual sense. And as I finally found the title of the first book that I wanted to write in 2000, it was called The Inner Coach <laugh> Follow Your Spirit to Success. So it's the same, it, I felt like the spirit said, okay, you're not ready yet, but at some point you're gonna have to do this whether you like it or not, <laugh>. And and so I did in 2021, wrote the manuscript and then published it last year.


So this was you know, about a tw well, I'm, you weren't working on it the entire time, obviously, but this was sort of in the work, so to speak, for, for like 20, 21 years.


Yes. Yes. That's why you, you know, when you were talking about perseverance and Right. <Laugh> back down, get seven times, get up eight times. Well, even though I didn't do anything at that time, I think it was always with me. It was always with me. And then finally I said, this is it. No, no more ifs and buts. I gotta get this done. And, you know, wasn't easy. It was challenging to, to write it and publish it and go through all, all of that writing process, but I'm definitely grateful that it's finally here and I can help more people through the book.


What, what I'm just curious as, as a fellow author what, what, what was during the writing process, what was the most challenging part of that for you?


Oh my gosh. I'm sure you've experienced the right writer's block, as they say, <laugh>,


You've Experienced that. And, and I think to me, that was the hardest. It's like, get up, get, get on that piece. Get on your laptop. Right? Right. Even if nothing was coming to me, that that was the hardest because I had interviewed entrepreneurs, which is the essence of the book. So I had all the content. It's a ma it was a matter of getting my energy to, to write, organize, and, you know, follow the principles as, you know, to make it worthwhile for people to read <laugh>.


Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So I'm curious if you a little bit off the, off the beat question here, but I'm, I'm curious, based on your, your, you know, your book and some of your experience, if when you're, when you're gone in the future, when you're gone, what is one thing that you would like to be known for that you want people to look back and say, man, Dr. Fatima, fill in the blank.


I would say perseverance. In fact I, I, I think about that as one quality that I have. I'd say that I would be known for persevering for what I believe and going for it until, until it's done, you know, until I've accomplished it, until no matter what it takes, no matter what that once I put my mind to something, I follow through and I, I, you know, I will do it until, until it's completed. So I'd say, you know, perseverance and belief in a purpose would, would be my, I don't know if I would call it legacy, but I would say mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I would say that about me. And yeah. And I do believe without perseverance, no matter what a genius you are, it's not gonna get done because life will continually throw us turf balls, and we have to be able to kind of cur, you know, <laugh> dodge those or overcome them. And that takes perseverance.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It's just ironic, the, the tip this week kind of ties, right? <Laugh> kind of ties right into that, you know, and again, there's so many examples of it. I know we're up against the break here, but you know, even like the story of Bill Gates, you know, he pitched Microsoft to like 1100 investors and only like, I think 20 or 30 ended up investing. I mean, think of all the nos that he got along the way, but he has stayed consistently per consistently persevered. We're gonna hit a break. We're gonna come back and continue talking with Dr. Fatma about her five past to abundance and success.


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All right, welcome back to the show. And it's, I know what I've been waiting for. I mean, the, the conversation has been great, but it's really piqued my interest even more to talk through Dr. Fama's five paths to abundance and Success. Because again, I know from when we talked a few months ago, I think her, her, some of the things that she's gonna share with us are a little unique that what you've probably heard before. And so Dr. Fatima, if you would walk us through what are those five paths to abundance and success that you talk about especially in your book.


Okay. And be happy to do that, Ken. The five paths, if I can just call them out now, are the paths of purpose, passion, pain, promise, and possibilities. And these five paths came to me, and I believe my mother, who has since passed was the muse, my muse, while I was writing the book. And the, so the, these five paths came to me from my mom's teachings and experiences as I watched her stay by her side growing up. And then of course, my own lived experiences, especially coming to the US as a very young immigrant. And then navigating my way through, you know, kind of this complex corporate world. And then as an entrepreneur, and so, as well as interviews from about 50 entrepreneurs that I interviewed for the book. And so the five path starts with, start with the path of purpose. And to me, you know, purpose is why we are here.


Each of us has a unique purpose for why we are on this earth in this lifetime. And it, we must, we must connect with this purpose for us to live this life that we had in a meaningful and fulfilling way. But so many times we are living other people's purposes. And, and so then you grow and then you know, you pass on. And one of the big regrets is never having lived the life of your own purpose. So I start with that, and I start with the three questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What do I really want? And I also include exercises you know, mind body exercises to help people connect with their life purpose. And then from there, the next path, it opens the path to the other four. So the next is passion. Passion is the energy that fuels your purpose.


Because especially if your purpose is, you know, is it's big. If you're working on a big cause an an important purpose. It could be, it could be challenging, not could be, it will be challenging. And so how do you sustain? How do you support yourself? How do you keep going? I believe your passion is, is the energy that will keep you going no matter what. And against all odds. And again, I do share ex, you know, exercises on each path I provide mind, body exercises. And then the third one is the path of pain. You and I know Ken, you know, pain is just integral, especially for us entrepreneurs. You know, it's, it's a constant companion. But in the book, I offer another way of looking at pain, and that is, pain has a message for us. And if we can connect with that message, we can open ourselves up to this wonderful promise.


You know, it's kind of at the end of the, at the other side of the rainbow. And so pain, instead of numbing it, avoiding it, discounting it you know, denying, rationalizing, I teach the readers how to look at pain in a different way and instead really embrace it and go through it. And it becomes a breakthrough that opens you to the next path, which is the path of promise. And awa ago, you ask me when I am long gone, <laugh>, what would people say about me? And I, to me, I'd say, that's your promise. You know, what is, what is that? And the promise or the legacy is how we've lived our lives. And so as an entrepreneur, I'm, I'm, I'm constantly mindful of, of course, my own actions, my behaviors, the way I, I lead my life and work with people, because I do believe the experience that I lead live with people is, is the promise that I give to them as, as a consultant, as a healer, as a trainer.


And so when we live that promise, then we truly are helping not just the present, but the future. And then finally, the fifth path is the path of possibility. And in this can, this is where I offer something different, kind of a new paradigm. So most of us, you know, open our businesses, you know, for monetary reasons, for of course we have our passion and doing something that benefits us, our business, our family, and so forth. In the path of possibility, I invite entrepreneurs, I invite the readers to start to look for doing something, looking for possibilities larger than themselves, but that benefits them and also benefits society and benefits the earth. And so it, I invite readers to kind of go out of the, you know, go out of your box in terms of why you do what you do. So then it comes full circle to looking at your purpose.


So that's something greater than yourself, and ways that you can share your passion, ways that you can help other people to go through their pain and with dignity and with and, you know, with compassion. And then as you do that, you live your lives, that becomes the promise and legacy for other people. So the book weaves the stories of entrepreneurs, story of my mom, my own story, to kind of give examples of how these paths really connect us. If we follow them faithfully, will lead us to more than money, will lead us to true abundance and true success beyond the material physical realm.


Yeah. And you know, one of the things I love about what you're talking about, Dr. Fatima, is that, that you don't typically hear when people talk about success, abundance, et cetera, is the pain part.




<Affirmative>, no one wants to talk about the pain part. And I, and I love the, the order that it, your, your fiber in as well. Because what I find so often is people get to the, the pain part, and that's when they fold, they give up. Yes. And they never make it to the promise or the possibility, which is where, you know, the fruits of your labor, so to speak, can really come out like you're talking about. And so I think that it's really important for people to recognize pain is part of the journey. It is part of the journey that helps you build you into what you're supposed to be.


Yes. Yes. You get it. You got it. You get it <laugh>.


Yeah. So you know, I, I think the interesting part about this, you know, I know you talked also about self-love, self-leadership are important aspects of this. And I should al also mention, I didn't mention this before, but Dr. Fama has on her website, She has a free, downloadable holistic self-care plan Yes. That you can download from her web website as well. Would definitely encourage you to go out and check that out. So, you know, I I, I go check out the book, right? More Than Money, you've heard what she talks about. You've heard about the five paths. Again, it's an interesting, I think, introspective way to look at things. And success is an abundance is more than money, as, as, as the book says, <laugh>.


Yes. Thank you for that. You've kind of articulated the summary of the book in that way, and it is truly different. This is why also in the book, the, the focus is being inner centered because we're so bombarded with external information that we don't really get to know who we truly are. And so if you focus inward, you will truly access the inner wisdom that can guide you on this path, on this journey especially during this time of uncertainties.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, Dr. Fatima, we're out of time, but I really appreciate you coming on the show.


Thank you, Ken. All the best to you.


Yeah, thank you. Thank you guys. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. Have a fantastic weekend. Don't forget as always, Cash flow is king


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