Tapping Into the Power of the Mind for More Success

Tapping Into the Power of the Mind for More Success

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Mr. Biz Radio: Tapping Into the Power of the Mind for More Success

Unedited transcription of the show is included below:


Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right. Welcome back to another episode of Mr. Biz radio.,with me Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week, we're gonna talk about something that in almost six years of doing this show I cannot believe that we haven't talked through this topic because I'm a big fan got turned on to for those of you are maybe unfamiliar with Ronda Burn's book, "The Secret". I got turned onto that a few years ago and just absolutely loved it. Matter of fact, I watched that movie it's on Netflix, I think, or maybe it was Amazon prime. I can't remember, but I watch it probably once every three or four months, I'll watch it and rewatch it again. I have a, a daily calendar of the secret messages that every single day, it's a 365 day calendar. That's rolling that I get messages from it and, and affirmations and things like that to, and if you're unfamiliar with it, highly recommend you go check that book out.


And, or as I mentioned, the movie on Netflix or Amazon prime, I can't remember what's on, but again, it's called the secret. The book is by Rhonda burn and I met this week's guest. Probably gosh, now it's probably been three to four months ago at a summit. And she had mentioned being very familiar with the secret and that's a lot of it circles around what she does and how she does things. And I said, oh my gosh, I gotta have you on the show because we've never talked about this before. So this week's guest is none other than Michele Blood, who was the successful multi, talented woman. She was a rock singer in Australia and after a near fatal car accident, she created positive affirmation songs, which not only healed her body, but also took her to worldwide success. Millions of people worldwide have downloaded her affirmation, power songs. These songs cover healing, success, money, joy, confidence, and they uplift the person immediately. In addition to creating magnet to success, products and seminars worldwide, her public mystical success events have been held in over 26 countries. She has co-written and created over 80 yes, 8, 0 books, music, CDs, audio programs, TV shows, and videos on positive thought, mind, transformation and meditation. Michele, welcome to Mr. Biz radio.


Thank you Mr. Biz himself. Ken <laugh>. <Laugh> great to be here.


<Laugh> yeah. Look, I've been looking forward to, as I mentioned, having on the show because we've not, I can't believe I've not had anyone on to talk about this, but I really haven't run across anyone who is, I think is as deep into the subject as you are. So before we get into all that, though, you've got an amazing history. Walk us through a little bit of your entrepreneurial journey.


The journey is so unique and you would never in a million years be able to even think that something like that could happen. I was a singer in Australia, professionally since I was five and even, oh wow. Yeah. On TV. I eventually got a really successful band together and we toured at one stage for seven years nonstop and many huge bands like the pretenders and in excess and stuff like that, we would tour with them. And and it was great. It was a very tough life being a singer, the lead singer songwriter manager of the band, getting the record contacts, having to deal with managers and agents. But I loved it. It was worth for every night to get up on stage. We had thousands of people every night for years and years, and on my way, home 12 hour drive with a truck with all the musical equipment, he fell asleep at the wheel, the truck driver.


And as the passenger, I went straight into all the musical equipment cuz we went into a telephone pole, went into me. So I was in the hospital for months and months and months. And it was, you would think the worst thing in the world that could happen to someone who's an entertainer being told. They may never walk again, even if they did live and I'm here to attest of it. None of those things. I had many, many long operations and I thank God for those amazing doctors. One of the operations was 17 and a half hours and I thank them. But the thing was, I had to heal myself as well. And because I was so depressed thinking if I can't do all my crazy stunts on the stage, you know, cartwheels and jumping on big speaker boxes, you know, what am I to do?


And everyone's like, oh, well you can still sing. And I'm like, yeah, but who cares? You gotta have the whole package. <Laugh> yeah. Yeah. Anyway, so that is how my journey began. And while I was in that hospital, I started re listening to, because I couldn't even hold a book think and grow rich by Napoleon hill. Somebody put it on and I couldn't turn it off. So frustrating. And that book think and grow rich is all about male business, American entrepreneurs in the twenties. And what had that to do with an Australian singer in a, you know, a, like a female had nothing to do with it. But one chapter got me. And that one chapter was when Napoleon hill talked about healing. His little son, his infant son was born completely deaf and he would go and do these affirmations auto suggestion into his little son's ear.


Every night you can hear perfectly had a hundred percent, no hearing. You can hear perfectly, you grow up to be such a strong, successful, fantastic young man. And he ended up by the time he was fore going to a normal hearing school, 30% of his hearing, and then went on to be the most successful, his son entrepreneur in the hearing aid industry. <Laugh> oh, wow. Yeah. So that's how it began for me. I decided I would something within me believed these affirmations would heal my body. However, can they didn't work for me. Do you wanna know why?


Why is that?


<Laugh>? The reason is because many people, a attempt affirmations and positive thinking, but if they're in a low vibration and I was in the lowest vibration depressed and in physical agony, well the, the doubting mind shoots out that new thought before it can enter into the subconscious mind and plant a nutrient of positivity, cuz the mind is so powerful. If it tells the body it's healed, the body will be healed. There's nothing that you can cannot do without, you know, with the mind. So as a singer songwriter, about a month later after going, I am healed. I know I am. I love myself. I am my friend. I don't believe this. Ch ch it just kept being released. I was like, ah, I'm a singer songwriter. You cannot get a song out of your head, a jingle out of your head, children learn their ABC through singing them. So I just started singing onto a little cassette player over and over.


I am here, done, no, I am hello myself. I am my friend


And I would listen to it over and over again. And that was the beginning of a huge, huge change, not just in the healing of my body, but I went on just two years later, I was working all over the world, sharing the stage with Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dier, working everywhere. It was absolutely miraculous what happened and all the business acumen of running a rock band is extremely great experience if you're successful at it, because you can use that for anything that you're doing with your business. After that. And I did, I utilized all of those experiences that I'd had to be able to put on seminars for people. I used to put on huge seminars at the world trade center in Kuala Lumpur for Bob Proctor. We made many, many products and everything together. This is many moons before the secret <laugh>


Well, it's interesting because I don't know. Rhonda Burn's entire back history. I just know a little bit of it, but it sounds like a very similar journey on how she wrote the secret. You know, where she was in a very dark place in her life and was really trying to figure things out and, and stumbled upon, you know, some of these notes, I think from our grandmother, if I remember correctly, but we're almost up against a break here again. This week, we're talking with Michele blood. You can find out more at micheleblood.com and by the way, it's one L Michele with one L and you can also go out and check out her YouTube channel. She has a YouTube channel. Again, Michele Blood, you can find out there, we're gonna come back after the break, give the Mr. Biz tip of the week, and we're gonna continue finding out more about how Michele can help us. And then of course, in the third segment, we're gonna talk about tapping into the power of the Michele's gonna help us do that.


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All right. Welcome back to the show. And it is time for the Mr. Biz tip the week. And this week's tip is actually a quote by none other than Mr. Russell Brunson. If you're unfamiliar with him if you, or you're in the eCommerce world at all, you're probably familiar with him, his product. He's an entrepreneur who started the company click funnels that, you know, they have eCommerce funnels and everything like that. So very, very, very successful guy. Really interesting guy. Again, another person that's a great person to follow on social media. Really positive message, very spiritual, very positive guy, but his quote that I love that I wanted to share this this week as a tip is how many people's lives can you change if you don't slow down or give up. And I actually heard him say this at a, at a speaking engagement.


And he went on to continue the, the, the comment and with more context around it to say, not just the people's lives, you know, in your family, your own personal life, but the people who work for you, the people who, your customers, your clients, the success you can create around all those spheres. You know, just think about that. If you don't slow down and you don't give up how many people's lives can you change? And I think we get so tied up in the day to day minutia, sometimes it's, it's, it's good to really pick your head up and really think of a more macro view of things. And so that is this week's tip from Mr. Russell Brunson All right, Michele. So so, you know, again, you've had a very unique journey and so I guess talk to us a little bit about what you do now. So you know, you had mentioned Bob Proctor rest in peace recently passed away a few months ago. And you did some events with him and everything. I can't even imagine what it's like to be with him in person. He, he was a pretty magnetic personality.


Yeah. we worked together for many, many years and created so many products together and wrote books together and put on events for years and years, I ended up running his entire business from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, internationally, got his book to be a best seller for him and used all the marketing in different strategies. I'd used to have my band be successful that I for Bob to make him sort of more hip <laugh> <laugh> and we loved working together because I work fast, talk about, you know, don't slow down cuz when you're in the creative plane of life, there's always new opportunities and new ideas, not just for writing a book or a song, but just for making the world a better place. It's just a fun, amazing place to be. And we were in such synergy together. He ended up writing many, many of the lyrics for some of my best selling songs because he can do anything <laugh> and yeah, we'll all miss him very much, but he's always with me in every single moment of every day, but yeah, and he was my favorite person to work with him and his wife was even put together the name "Muservation" and he loved that.


I could put on these events like a rock concert because I knew how to do that. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and so I would have the music going and I would get musicians and dancers and we put on some fantastic events, like light shows. And because I really love to put on my events like a big rock concert, people enjoy it. They love singing along to the affirmation music. It works so fast. And back in the day, they didn't realize that this mind that we have, which I'll talk about in a little, little while longer, a little bit later, but urunning a business like a, a rock band is the way to do it. And I find particularly with females and I'm not knocking the females, I'm just saying they're more sensitive to people and they don't like to,usay no to people more than blokes do.


But as a woman running a rock band, I could never ever have a band member playing outta tune or being late or anything because if one person's outta tune in a rock band, it sounds terrible because everybody, even if you don't think you can hold a tune, people can hear when something's out of tune. Right. And it just destroys it. So I would, you know, sometimes they called me the till of the hunt <laugh> and if I was a bloke, they would never have said that because I would just say, look, if you're gonna turn up, if you're drinking or if you're outta tune, I said, you can't be in this band. Sayonara baby or Hasta LA Vista. So I ended up getting the best guys. They were absolutely amazing. It was what's so funny is I'm five, just five foot tiny little thing. And the shortest guy in the band was six foot three <laugh>.


So you're, you're giving all the orders and they're all, you know, ahead plus taller than you.


Yeah. But, and the row crew were all taller as well. It was so funny. I dunno why the best musicians ended up being so bloody tall. But anyway it was really, really a great experience. And so I started talking to Bob and a couple of different people that wanted me to put on events for them. And I said, well, I only put on events if they're our own events, but they wanted to learn how to put on an event like I was doing. So I started actually teaching people how to write books, even if they can't type all the things that I just creatively found that I could do that I had to had to find a way. I didn't know how, and we didn't have Google back then. This is a long time ago. We didn't have, we, we, we barely had the internet.


I think I had one of the first websites ever in 1993, I put a website up. But it, it's just an incredible journey when you can work with people that are in synergy with you, work with them, do whatever you can for them, prove yourself to them and hire people that are loyal and that are willing to be part of a team. I mean, my team and I have been together, there's three of us main people. We've got extras along the line as we started making apps and things like that. But they've been with me for over 20 years because we love each other. We work together great. I mean, Trevor my assistant he's been with me for 19 years. I found him in a blockbuster video store and I saw he was doing a great job and I head hunted him and he said, yes, please save me from the blockbuster <laugh>


And, and how faithful you did, because he would be out of a job otherwise


<Laugh> well, I told him that, I said, this is all gonna go away. Trust me. And he said, yeah, I've got the feeling <laugh>




Yeah. So, yeah. Interesting. And I, I think that's super important. I, I think you hit on something there. That's very important that, and I found this even when I worked in the corporate world, is that people too often focus, I think too much when they're hiring people on just technical skill. Yes, of course. Depending on what the job is, you have to have some technical skills. But my whole thing is, you know, finding people who are in synergy with you, I always say, hire on character loyalty and work ethic because I can teach you almost anything else. Now, of course, if you're you need to be a brain surgeon, of course you have to have some training and some technical skill with that. If you're gonna be a rock singer, you have to, you know, be able to carry a tune. You know, I, Michelle, I have to tell you I'm a, I'm an aspiring rock singer by the way. Oh,




<Laugh> no, no, no. Hold, hold on. So I mean that tongue in cheek, because I think that as I'm singing along to all these great songs that I sound a magnificent, but if you ask any Mrs. Biz or any of the biz kids, it is not good at all. So <laugh> so


<Laugh>, well, if you've heard some of the programs I did with Bob Proctor be or perfect weight magnet to money, he sings along and it was terrible. I know he wet my pants in the studio. It was so funny. I said, do you want me to leave that in there? He said, yeah, this'll make them laugh and it'll encourage them. And I said, can you sing just a little better? And he said, no, that's the way I sing.


That's as good as it gets. That's as good as it gets.


It's hysterical. <Laugh>


Yeah. Well, and I could, I could see, and we're almost up against a break here, but I wanted to touch on something you mentioned earlier as well, and that the power of music, I'm a, I look, I listen to music. I always have music on all the time when I'm working out. I have music on when I'm in my office. If I'm not listening to something where I don't have to really intently focus on something as if I'm writing, sometimes I'll turn music off. But even when I'm writing often I'll have music on. And I think even going back to my high school days, I remember I had this big science test. I had to memorize this thing. I made a song out of it and I could memorize it so much better. So the power of music, it's just amazing. So again, we're up against a break again. We're talking this week with Michele blood. You can find out more at our website, Micheleblood.com, come back after the break. And she's gonna tell us how to tap into the power of our mind.


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All right. Welcome back to the show. And again, we've been talking this week with Michele blood. She's gonna teach us how to tap into the power of our mind to be not only more successful, but frankly, to be happy. And again, this is a lot of what you'll see in that book. I mentioned the secret in the movie, the secret and, and by the way, the movie, if you watch the movie, Bob Proctor, who Michele's been talking about and was running his business, et cetera, again, he's passed away at this point earlier this year, but he is a prominent figure in the movie. And you'll see, you know, as, as Michele and I have alluded to about Bob what a magnetic personality is and how energetic he is. I, I gotta imagine Michele that he, it would be impossible to be in a bad mood or depressed around Bob Proctor. <Laugh>


Well, of course you I'll tell you a funny story. Okay. Okay. We were in Kuala Lumpur, and we were having a business lunch with these people that wanted us to do some events in Taiwan and also with couple of different airlines, cuz we were getting a lot of contracts to train them and bring positivity into the sales force. I worked for nest, lots of different people that we worked with anyway. And Bob got up and walked out and then Linda followed. And after about 10 minutes they said to me, you know, where has Bob got? And I said, oh, he left <laugh> and I said, you were being negative and you weren't, you know, you were just not weren't being positive. And so he just, he just left. Yeah. We won't be working with you, but I'm sure he just wanted me to let you know, thank you very much anyway. <Laugh>


Yeah. So no, you don't work, you know, because the thing is it's different. If somebody has gone through something and they're depressed or they've lost a loved one or they haven't been well of course you don't just go, oh see you later. You're not being positive. That's ridiculous. You have compassion. You love people. What we wanna do is help relieve suffering in the world. But the best way to help relieve suffering in the world is to relieve your own suffering. Your own mind goes down rabbit holes and it takes you places. You don't wanna go. It is the collective consciousness of this planet. If people understand mysticism and spirituality, that really changes the way you think, you think you are doing all the thinking, but it's people, places, things, habits, parents, teachers, and you can begin to clear, I call it like you have your diamond.


This is your soul. This is your spirit. This is a mortal consciousness. And it's clogged. It gets clogged with emotional things that have happened in the past that you can't seem to get away from. And if you find you're being reactionary and you find yourself being going down, negative rabbit holes, you're getting fear of not having enough money or not getting enough money or anything that you're in fear of you have the power within you to absolutely dissolve all of that stuff. Bob always used to call it jumping over the terror barrier, where you jump into the creative plane of life, where you end up having opportunities that have always been there, but you couldn't see them or you were too scared. You thought it was too risky. <Laugh> you know, to take a risk. One of the, our, my favorite songs, Bob and I wrote is called risk.


And we did this whole program called new paradigms that covered success persistence. And I would write a song for each topic so that the message would go into your subconscious mind 300 times faster than if you were just listening to just the message. So it really is amazing. And if you don't think, if you think you've done affirmations, you've done visualization. It doesn't work for you. It does work for you. We are going to gift you a lot of my best selling songs, affirmation songs, along with the magic of affirmation, power book and visualization meditation videos all for free because you know this awesome guy, Mr. Biz <laugh>. So you just go to micheleblood.com/biz B I Z of course, or Zed, as we say it in Australia. <Laugh> and you will be able to, because you know, we don't have the time today to go into the depths of it, but you keep it simple and spiritual kiss.


Keep it simple and spiritual. Your life can change 360 degrees. If you make a decision, you make a decision that you are going to change your life. I made a decision to heal my body. It had nothing to do with having affirmation songs all over the world. That wasn't my intention that just ended up being part of my purpose or the experience that I'd got. So all the experience that you have, even, we were talking about Trevor Rogers that I got, I wrote down before I ever met him. I wrote down, I have an office manager who's loyal, who's honest, who's enthusiastic who doesn't wanna do what I do. He wants to have this job forever. Like a really great job. He did not have the technical skills Ken, but John, my business partner does. So he taught him. We taught him accounting how to do websites.


And he was just amazing. This kid was amazing. He left school when I was 15. I did too. Education is great, but that doesn't mean that you have the right sort of potential to be an entrepreneur. You have to want to be free and to work with people and to be able to do things. And if you are working for a company, treat that company as if you own that company and you will rise. And before you know, it you'll either be ahead of that company or you'll be starting your own company because the power of your mind, everything is possible and you're not doing it for ego reasons or even for money. Even though that is part of what happens. You end up becoming very, very successful. I've got this incredible home that I own and live in up in the mountains. And that's exactly what I wanted. I wrote it down. I visualized it and all of those things and Rhonda burn, by the way, she ha she's bought every single one of my products for years before the secret came out. And Bob and I used to talk about that. And Bob said to her, why don't you have Michele on him? She said, because she's Australian, she's short and she's blunt. <Laugh> the, the copy. Two of us are the secret.


Yeah. Yeah. I could see that,


But the power of the mind, and I know her her manager very well who her producer, I mean, and he just said, you know, she just, she really, really kept everyone so enthusiastic the whole time. And that's because she originally she originally read the science of being rich by wall wa and I've got a whole program on that. That's absolutely free as well. So that's a very, very successful, very, very good place to start as well. So you can do anything.


<Laugh> I agree. I agree. Well, we've only got about two minutes left, but I want so for those out there, Michele, that have those negative thoughts that creep in, right. You're trying to be positive. You're trying to turn over new leaf and you just keep having these negative thoughts pop in your head. What's one thing. And again, we just have maybe 90 seconds here, but one thing that we can do to really start to get rid of those negative thoughts,


Write down what you want, not what you don't want, focus on, what you want is if you've already got it, listen to the affirmation songs over and over again. And you will come up into a fast vibration very, very quickly. And don't listen to critics. You don't wanna be learning piano from someone who can't play piano. Don't listen, don't ask family and friends, unless they're really experienced at what you wanna do. You trust your own instinct, meditate, love yourself, know that you are here for a reason.


I love it. And I think it's been, I, I, I keep saying, I keep telling my wife that it's because as I've gotten older, I've just have like zero tolerance for negativity. And I, but I really, if I, as you've been talking, it made me think it's probably more so, I mean, maybe that's some of it, but I think some of it also is since I started getting into, so someone turned me onto the science of, of getting rich by Wallie Wallace as well. I've listened to that book. I'll tell you Michele, probably a dozen times, cuz it's a fairly short book. And I, that's another one that I regularly listened to, to, to keep up on because it's another fantastic thing written a bazillion years ago, but still so, so prophetical for today. Gosh, we run outta time here, Michele, but man, I, I thank you so much again, go out to micheleblood.com and she has some free resources out there for us, micheleblood.com/biz to get some of these fantastic resources that she's mentioned before. Michele, thank you so much for coming on the show.


Thank you, Ken. Thank you.


Absolutely fantastic show. Gosh, I might have to have you on again because I'm coming up with more and more questions as we through this <laugh> but again, go out to micheleblood.com. You could find out more about what she does follow her YouTube channel guys. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening and always have a great week. Don't forget cash flow is king


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