HUGE announcement from Grant Cardone

HUGE announcement from Grant Cardone

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Mr. Biz Radio: HUGE announcement from Grant Cardone!

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio BizTalk for biz owners during the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two time bestselling author we'll cover topics that will help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz Kenworth.


All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz radio with me, Mr. Buis, Ken Wentworth, and I am a I'm honored and humbled to say we have another return guests and return special guests. He's rejoining us. And I'll give you a little bit of an intro. You guys are gonna know who this is, but he's an eight time best-selling author. He's an investor. He owns 12,400 multi-family units. He's got almost 4 billion billion dollars of in his portfolio. And I will mention he was on the show and Mr. Biz radio earlier this year, and it was only about eight or so months ago. And he was at 2.3 billion. So in eight months he's gone from 2.3 billion to almost 4 billion. He is the star of the second season of undercover, a billionaire he's the founder of the 10 X movement. And he is someone who never fakes the funk. Welcome back to Mr. Biz radio, Mr. Grant Cardone.


Hey, thank you, Ken. And I love that don't fake the funk and a lot of people faking it, man.


Absolutely. At too many people, too many people. Absolutely.


You, you don't even know what's real anymore. I mean like, like sometimes I just assume it's not real with all the filters on social, all the claims people make. It's one of the reasons I invest in real estate is because it's so real. It's like you can't fake real estate. You got an address, you got tenants, you can go look at it, you can touch it. I can feel it and attack, you know, thrill.


Yeah, absolutely. So I wanted to, the reason I wanted to bring grant back on is he has just announced something that is unprecedented in the industry. And before we get into that announcement, I want to kind of lead up to it and give a little bit of background information and it has to deal with one of his seven or eight, seven companies, eight companies Cardon capital. So if you wouldn't mind grant walk us through what is Cardone capital?


Yeah. So Cardon capital is I've been buying real estate for 30 32 years. We've bought, I don't know 15,000 apartments. We still own 12,400. And I've done this in 12 states. Now it's about $4 billion. Like you, you suggested, I look, I've always loved real estate. I've always intuitively believed in it. My other companies require my time and energy for me to make money. And real estate is a place where I take that money and put, drop it in and just wait and wait for the cash flow. I wait for the appreciation because I love it and I've studied it for so long. I have developed, or God has given me this unbelievable sense of timing. And some, I have a gift that just got a gift to buying real estate. Like I know when to buy and I know where to buy it.


I intuitively just know places to go. You know, I can't, I can't completely take credit for it. I mean, I have studied it quite a bit and I've never lost money in a man. I mean, in 2011, 2001, I, I made money in the housing bust. I made money when all my buddies lost everything in COVID our apartments outperformed every asset class in the country, office hotels, like everything, like there was not nothing. People, a guy was telling me the other day, he's like, well, your, your your apartments don't do as good as Amazon. It did 16000%. I'm like actually I bought, I have five properties that achieve returns that cannot be measured on a calculator. They w it would take Amazon for returns times a thousand X. And I still don't come up with a calculation because basically real estate, the beautiful thing about assets, okay? The wealthiest companies in the world those two companies are band guard and Blackstone. Those companies, they actually never sell assets. They accumulate assets. The problem with rich people, rich people sell assets and the super wealthy never sell them.


And what they do is they refinanced the asset, get all their money out of it and keep the asset and the cashflow that comes from it. So this is apple, Facebook, Google Warren buffet, you name it, dude, all these guys are playing a completely different game than the other 99.9% of the population. And so today I'm playing that game and real estate is one of the only vehicles, unless you own a big for the everyday person. Real estate is one of the only vehicles you can do this in, unless you're mark Zuckerberg or you're Warren, and you can buy a big position at Coca-Cola, which you can. Right? So, so it's just this is a phenomenal business. It's a place to preserve and protect capital. And it's a place to get cashflow. That's not dependent upon my talent or how hard I promote or how hard I work. Yeah. Well, I think one of the big too,


So with Carlin capital is you provide, you find, you find the asset, you find the multifamily, you find the right investments to make, people can invest in the different funds you have and get a piece of the action, right? So they can take advantage of this gift. You have these.


Yeah. So this deal right here, there's a deal. I'll give you a perfect example. Okay. And in real estate, the beautiful thing about real estate is I don't need to give you an idea. I can be like, that's it


Right? You


Show me the name of the property is Los Olas walk, Fort Lauderdale. It covers I don't know, two blocks, three blocks, four blocks. Can't miss it. And you can Google it and you can go, go to your Google satellite, put in Los Olas walk. I bought that property. I'm going to close on it December 10th, with my money and my credit line, I close. And then I let my friends and fall people that follow me on social media, my friends, my customers, and my family invest with me. This has never been done by the way, in the history of finance. I'm allowing people with only a thousand dollars. If you have 10 of these garbage pieces of paper that all of you should be worried about, I think that's 10, 9, 10, something like that. Okay. This worked less today, by the way than it was a year ago.


And even less than two years ago, you can take as little as a thousand dollars and now be invested in an asset. I paid $260 million for this asset. Quarter of a million dollars. I'm not bragging. I'm telling you guys to 260 million, you know, you, you, when I go to sell this, I'm not going to be selling this based on how good the economy is. I'm going to be selling this to a trillion dollar company without exaggeration. A trillion dollar company will buy that asset for me. And they can pay any price they want. So a lot of real estate that people buy Ken is, you know, it's like, you got to time it, right? And then you got to find somebody to sell it to. And if the economy's bad, they won't be able to buy it because the economy is bad. When I buy something, I already know who I'm going to sell it to when I buy it, there's only a handful of people that could pay a half, a million dollars for a piece of real estate.


It doesn't include doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, healthcare workers, policemen, firemen, teachers, or the everyday person. But the everyday person can be my investor and partner in that deal. And we're going to go sell it to a trillion dollar company. And I'm literally gonna reverse the tables on the wealthy, on the wealthy institutions. I'm buying assets. They desire five companies and myself bid on that deal. And I got it. And they're all sh they're all scratching their heads saying, how did this guy get this deal? This is our deal. This should be our deal. This is the deal. They have always control and always zoned. It's a white guy's game, no offense to anybody, but this is a white institutional country club, a locked down game. And I'm disrupting it by buying these assets. And you could see that I've been buying a lot of them.


Well, like I said, I mean, literally no joke grant. You were on the show we, we had you on to talk about undercover billionaire. It was sometime in January. So I guess it's been maybe nine, 10 months, but you literally, I looked back at my notes from that show for my introduction I did for you. And you were at 2.3 billion, and now you're almost at four and in the last nine, 10 months. So obviously your stupid up a lot of assets. And the beauty of it is, and this scenario is these types of things of disrupting this game. As you mentioned in the past, this is the unprecedented part that I alluded to the outset is it was only for accredited investors. So for those unfamiliar accredited investors, you have to make at least 200 grand a year as a single person or 300 grand joints for the last two years, with an expectation of having the same income or higher, you have to have a, a net worth of at least a million dollars, not including your darts. Yeah. And or you got to be essentially being an investment professional with the series like 7 65 or 82. Otherwise you cannot be an accredited investor, which means you cannot partake in exactly what grant is talking about. But grant has flipped the game around and he's making it available to everybody. Right? So as, as grant mentioned, a a thousand dollars and an accredited investor, typically those funds, it's at least a hundred thousand dollars minimum to get into those, right. With most of the ones you have.


Yeah. Like, like, you know, first of all, there's nobody doing this quality asset for the little guy, right? There's nobody doing that quality asset for accredited investors to be Frank. Okay. there's three institutions that would have written me a check for that deal to provide me the funding and the equity. I didn't take their money. And the reason I don't want to take their money is a couple of reasons because your viewers should be watching and saying, okay, but what's, what's in it for him. Why is he doing this? Well, number one is I don't want to deal with those people. Okay. I am a Berry. I'm a, I'm a Berry, a, what's the word I'm outspoken. I have no filters and I don't want them, you know, I don't want people telling me what to do. I live in American, love America, and I'm courageous.


And I love free speech and I don't want anybody telling me to get a backseat. I don't want anybody telling me what to do. I'm truly in a mess. I have a lot of rebel in me. So if I, if I go deal with if I go deal with Goldman or any of these big banks, did they make the rules? So the number one, the reason I'm doing this is I think it's the right thing to do. I am going to disrupt the system, but also it helps me because I don't have to deal with these behemoths, that write contracts that are so lengthy. You know, we, we looked at doing a deal with a group, the legal fees for me to do the, to get the money from him was over $2.2 million. And they wanted to pass it on to me. And I'm like, Hey man, look, you, you, I don't want that document.


So Kim, when I offer this to your niece or my niece, I got nieces and sisters that are not accredited. So my sister who's known me for 63 years, cannot invest in my fund. It's freaking ridiculous. When I started looking into this, I'm like, why can't my sister invest with me. She's my sister, man. Right? And wall street. Well, we want to protect your sister from you. I've said I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm giving my sister an opportunity. Yeah. And the truth of the matter is wall street controls the regulation to keep my sister, my brother, my nieces, my friends, my employees, that know me and love me and believe in me, from investing in me because they want all those investors to themselves. And any of you that think that that is not the truth. That is the truth. They're not trying to protect you. They're trying to protect the rich, the super wealthy. Yeah.


And I'll tell you a grant. My background. So I worked at JP Morgan for 20 plus years. I know I was on the inside of that. I know I know what it is. And I, I don't think bad to say about JP Morgan. I had a great career there. They treated me very, very well, but that is the truth. It's the lobbying dollars, right? They're protecting they're, they're pumping money into the political system to make sure that the regulations are favoring them. And as you said, that they can continue to control the game. So the fact that you're completely flipping this around, and by the way, like you mentioned, this is helping everyone else out, right? This is helping us as investors out, right. We can partake in and utilize your expertise, but it's, you know, there's so it's a win-win because


Thousand percent it's like you come in that deal. I don't change the basis of the property. So I'm telling you guys what I'm paying for the deal. We don't talk about the price a lot because of property taxes, et cetera. So you come into the deal, you put $10,000 in or 50,000 or 26,000, or you put your IRA or your 401k, all of them can be done by the way. Legally 100% of that money goes into the, into the real estate investment. Not, not 98%. When you bring a thousand dollars to the bank, they take money out. When you bring, when you buy a thousand dollars at JP Morgan or Merrill Lynch or fidelity, did they're banging it. Absolutely. And then they keep banging you. Okay? They don't pay you anything. Wells Fargo pays 0.01, 2% today. So when a thousand dollars you make $1 and 20 cents a year, right?


Okay. By the time you started that account, you lost money with inflation. You lost money again. When go to the ATM, you got banged. Again, you take a thousand dollars, put it in this deal. We're going to pay whatever the cashflow on the property is. We distribute to the investors. I think, I think I hit, hopefully I hit 6% on this asset in year one, which will be phenomenal. That is 50 times what a bank is paying you today, 50 X. So it takes the average checking account would take eight years to earn 1%, right? 1%. And so, number one, you get cashflow. Number two, you capital is protected against inflation. Folks have money as being basically money as being undone. Right now, it's being destroyed. It's being printed. We've have 40% more print. And you're like, why are you, man? Why are you aggressively buy more real estate? It's expensive. Actually real estate is still cheap compared to the amount of money that we printed. We printed this much. And real estate only went up about that much real estate can go all the way up to this before we would have true inflation at a real estate level. And I believe it will go up this high, but first we're going to print more money. I guarantee you they're going to print more. This isn't over. No,


No. I agree with you a hundred percent for sure. Yeah. Yeah.


So we want to protect people's capital. The last reason I'm doing this, number one, I don't want to deal with the banks. I don't want to deal with wall street. You know, they're a pain in the. I envy them by the way. And so just so just to be completely, you know, transparent with everybody, I'm going to become a JP Morgan, but my investors are going to become my partners in creating this new thing. We have disruption in every level in economy today, we have disruption in cars. We have disruption and how you get your food delivered. We have disruption in TV and audio. We have disruption in social media, look, social media is going to go metaverse we have, we have disruption. If mark Zuckerberg gets his way, you won't go to Disneyland. You're going to put a headset on and you're going to be in Disneyland. And you're not going to be in Disneyland as a viewer. You're going to be in Disneyland as Mary Poppins. You're going to be working at Disneyland. You're going to go to the world series and you're not going to sit in the stands. You're going to be on second base and play the game. You're going to be an umpire. If you choose to be. And all of that will cost almost nothing to do. And you'll do it from your apartment. Hopefully 10 X living.


Yeah, there you go. Well, and, and so, so just to reiterate and make sure everyone's very clear, first of all, you can find out more about this at, Cardone But so again, in the past you had to be an accredited investor. Some of the stipulations I mentioned earlier, and it was a hundred thousand dollar minimum investment. A lot of people don't have that kind of dote and throw into something. This new deal that grant has, this new funded grant is established is for non-accredited investors, which means the minimum investment is only a thousand dollars. Like you mentioned, between a thousand and a hundred thousand, you can put into this and he went in between there and whatever you can afford, it provides all the things he mentioned. It provides cashflow and provides capital preservation and passive income. Right? So let's talk about that real quick for the, for the average person that did that, this non-accredited person, why is passive income so important? Right? I know you're a huge believer in that, but


Yeah, because passive income, regular passive income, regular, meaning it, you can depend on it. It keeps coming. You can start, depending on it creates confidence. Warren buffet said that if you don't learn how to make money in your sleep, you're going to spend your whole life worried about your work. And so you have to get money to work for you to too many people in America that we spend money. We look for a good deal. We buy cars, we, we buy belts and we buy Christmas gifts. And guys, we have people that are giving, this is the gift this year. They're like, I'm gonna buy this for my niece rather than buying her a bag. You know, trick or treat. We have people like, oh, here's a thousand dollars. Here's a thousand dollars rather than some candy and a thousand dollars investment.


My kids, I put my kids in this fund. So I wrote a $10,000 check to my kids. My kids will get a distribution. Every quarter. My kids are allowed to spend the cash flow, but not spend the capital. So one of the, one of the ways I created my wealth was I've had some policies. One I never lose money. Two. I only invest in cash flow assets and three, I never spend anything except my cashflow. For those of you watching, if you tried this, I guarantee you create wealth in your life. I do not spend earned income. I invest earned income, earned income is I go do a, I go do a project. I dig a ditch. Somebody gives me money. I do not spend earned income. I invest the earned income. And I only allow my family to spend a passive income that comes from the investment. So I spend my investment income. I invest my earned income, anything that's left over and that's including buying a house. Like I wouldn't even buy a house with earned income. I would only buy a house once I have enough passive income to pay for the house.


Yeah. Yeah. And a lot of people don't understand, especially on the non-accredited side, no offense to those folks, but they just don't have, you know, they, they haven't been educated and that's part of it. And I don't want to go too far down because I know it's a whole nother subject, but I know you've got 10 X kids coming and I do, but I do want to mention, I got to bring this up. Grand Halloween. You got, you got absolutely attacked by a horde of kids in a positive way. I honestly, you know, I've been following you for several years. I've been the last three growth cons obviously a big fan and all that stuff. But I had no idea that, you know, those kids, that those kids look to be, you know, I don't know, 10, 12 years old. Yeah. And there were a whole bird of it and they were chanting. You guys got to check it out, go off the Grant's Instagram, check it out. They're there around the car and say, Elena and grant had had the girls out for Halloween. They essentially surrounded the car and they're chanting 10 X and all this other stuff. It was, it was pretty cool.


It was look, it was the most, one of the most exhilarating I've met a lot of people in my life. Like I've been with Kevin Hart named rod and John Travolta like jumped out of planes. I've been on private airplanes. Like I, you know, I've done a lot of cool stuff. Halloween night, 65 kids bombed my car. Oh my God, grant Cardone. I love grant Cardone. I love grant Cardone. They start chanting. I love grant. I love GC. Like it was the most exhilarating moment of my life. Like I was so happy that I had reached these kids on Tik TOK and Instagram that had become fans that want to learn about money. They want to learn about investing. They want to learn about ethics. They want to have the ability to communicate and, and have confidence and swag and fun in life. And so it was super, super, super. One of the, one of the highlights of my life was those kids bombing our truck the other night.


Yeah. It was, it was neat to watch well, so I want to shift gears here, but, but again,, go out there and check that out. Absolutely encourage you to do that. I've been invested in carton capital for a while now. So I would definitely encourage it. I I'm, I'm, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid myself. So I wouldn't, I wouldn't mention it otherwise, but I want to shift gears real quick. You'd alluded to some of the people that you've been with you've met with, so I want to talk a little bit about growth con. So grant has an annual event. It's the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. That's not, that's not hyperbole like it is. That is legit. A few years ago in Marlin stadium at 34,000 people there. I mean, it's just insane. Right. and so again, this is not just business. You don't just sit down and talk about, you know, you don't have this stuffy accountant guy with the tape on his glasses and old pocket protector talking about business stuff. Right. So there's, there's talk about business, but it's business. I look, I would almost say grant it's business entertainment. So let me, let me say


A rock concert. Yeah.


So, so, so, so the next event is March 25th to the 27th. And it's going to be in Miami, but let me tell you guys if you're unfamiliar, so you can find out more 10 X growth, but some of the speakers he's had, just to give you an idea that this is not just the stuffy, nerdy business type stuff, right in the business world. People like the sharks, Daymond, John, Kevin O'Leary, Sara Blakely, who just, who just sold a majority interest in Spanx, like huge, right? In the entertainment world. You mentioned Kevin Hart, pit bull, John Travolta athletes, right? Not some guys sit in the bench, right. We're talking about magic Johnson. Who's been super successful in the business world, right? Drew Brees, future hall of fame, quarterback Floyd money, money Mayweather. Right. which, by the way, that interview, I was very surprised.


I knew a little bit about Floyd, but I didn't realize how much in the business he was. That was very eye opening for me. And then of course, you know, friends of the show who've been on, on Mr. Biz radio Brandon Dawson, obviously Elena Cardone, Roddy Chong, who was, I think in the first con has been a part of that. So I wanted to talk a little bit about a sneak peek of that grant looking. And I don't want to, I know you don't like divulge too much, but what, what do you got planned for this year or for 2022? I should say


We got, we got some names coming that guys, like when you see these people walking in the room, you're going to be like, I cannot believe that person's here. That's, that's what I'll tell you. Like John, John Travolta was there. LA I guess it Vegas last year. It was last year, two years


Ago. Two years ago. Yeah.


And John, John, when me and John were in the back talking and I've known John for a while and he's like, so these people know I'm coming. And I said, no, bro. He's like, I couldn't, I didn't. I keep looking for the, he said, I keep looking for the itinerary, but I can't see it. I said, no, John, nobody knows you're here. And he's like, what do you mean? They don't know I'm here. I'm like, nobody knows you're here. Snoop dog. I had Snoop dog there and Snoop's like, Hey, I saw your ad last night. Why? Why, why, why? Wasn't on? I'm like, bro, nobody knows you're here, bro. Dana white showed up, Hey grant, can I come to your event? I said, sure. Dana, come on. And then he spoke on stage. It's like, these people want to be part of something big and who doesn't by the way.


Yeah. So, so I don't like to advertise all the names because what I'm trying to do to my audience, it's something that has never let me down, which is always, always, always exceed people's expectations. Expectations, give people more than they ask for, throw in something for three free. You know, if you tell them you're going to do X, do X, Y, and Z. And, and, and when you surprise people with value, then you can promote all you want. As long as you know, you're going to over-deliver on your promotion. And we promise people the best event in the world, we always deliver that. And the thing people say the most now is how you go out and do that one.


Right? Right. Well, I'll tell you, I mean, is another example, guys, that listeners and guys watching guys and girls watching three years ago in Marlin stadium. Aye. Aye. Aye. Crap. You not, I. You not, I got there late the first morning I had Uber problems get there and also


My entry.


No, I did. No, that's the thing I got in. I was actually perfect timing. So I'm walking in and here, this guy is parachuting into Marlin stadium. They opened up the roof and this guy, and by the way, grant, I cannot tell you how many people. Right? So you know, obviously part of the 10 next group and all this other stuff and a lot of people, and there were so many people who said that wasn't him. Well, here's the thing because I came in late and I saw, I saw you land behind the stage, take off the parachute and everything. Cause people were like, that was someone else. That was a stunt double. I said, I saw him. I, that was grant 100% for sport.


I still got the damage ankle to prove it. So


I bet, I bet I would never


Do it again. By the way, I was one of the dumbest things I've ever done in my life.


Well, I'll tell you it was impressive. And it was a way to open the show up the open the event. Oh my gosh. I mean, people were, people were still talking about it. It's crazy


Vegas, you know, crazy, crazy thing is that the banks the lenders on my deals now are like, Hey bro, you can never, ever do that again. Like No more, no more credit. You're not a cowboy anymore. You got a lot of real estate. So protect yourself.


Yeah. Yeah. Well that was crazy. And like you said that the next year Vegas, it was one after the other guys, like usher, usher was there. I should have mentioned that, you know, you want to talk about someone at the top of the entertainment game, you know, again, like I said, Kevin Hart and getting a lot of these names as grant mentioned, they were not on the itinerary. So all of a sudden, you know, Garrett goes up on stage and says, guess what we got coming in and they'd give a little intro and then boom, it's, you know, John Travolta or it's usher or whatever. Just, it's just phenomenal. And I'm not just saying this cause you're on you always over deliver. I won't miss a growth con I'm telling you right now, I will not miss a growth mindset. I've had my ticket for, for the next one for,


And you know, just so you know, like when you deliver to people, we're 80% sold out on an event this five months away, right in another year, like in 2022. So same thing, same thing on this kind of stuff. I'm going to repeat that action on our investments exceed the expectation of our investors. This is what's happened in the last five days in the last Friday. What's today, Tuesday, Wednesday, some Tuesday. So over the weekend we announced this on Friday afternoon at four o'clock. We only had two hours of daytime, like a business time in under five days over a weekend, we doubled our investor base. $42 million came in, in commitments from accredited and non-accredited investors, 1,005 thousand, 50,000, a million dollars at a time. So if you guys are interested in doing this with me, one, go to If you don't mind me just saying Kim, wherever they, where they need to go, go to


Don't waste time doing this. EV I've done 17 funds for accredited investors for my rich buddies, 17 of them, 16 of them. This is 17. All 16, all 16, somebody got left out. So go there, Cardon capital, fill out your paperwork. You have to be a us citizen. But nothing else, like all you got to do is have an account transfer, whatever amount you want in there. Take advantage of as much as you can. I've done. I've done 42 real estate deals. I have never bought a piece of real estate. That's better than this piece. I've never been more excited and I'm closing with my money. So you guys know I'm confident about it. As soon as I close you can come into the fund.


Well, and I, I want, I know we're pressed for time here, grant. I don't want to take too much of your time, but I did want to mention too. I didn't mention this before. The grant has a real estate conference coming up here in just a couple of weeks about a month or so, December 13th through the 15th. And again, you got the You can find out more about that. And he had mentioned before we got on that, if you get into this fund, you got to and you put at least a thousand dollars in, you can get a free virtual ticket to that event events in Miami. If you want to come in person, you can call in and figure out the details for that. But if you want to do it virtual, you want to, you're getting into the real estate game and you throw a thousand bucks, 1500, 5,000, whatever you can get into there. And you're comfortable with, you can get a free virtual ticket to this event and learn more. You can get three days worth of real estate knowledge,


And you should. Another way when you guys make investments, you should learn as much as you can about the investment you've made, but you, I would tell you to start investing and then learn not learn. And then invest like, like the thing about real estate is you can't do real estate by yourself. You need to do it with other people. This is not a lonely game. This is a game where there's a lot of people. There's tenants, debt, banks, investors involved, like it's not property taxes, there's vendors. There's a lot of stuff to support a quarter of a billion dollar building. So I would tell everybody, and I said to Ken, I said, Ken, let's do this for your listeners. You guys invest when you, when you invest at least a thousand dollars, I'll give you the virtual event for three free. Okay? If you want to come, that's a different, a different thing. That's a three-day event. I do it once a year. You can come down for three days or you can watch it virtual and you can learn, start learning the real estate game. You'll learn more about your investment. You'll learn more about your partner. You'll learn more about how property works and why the wealthy have used this for a thousand years to protect their capital, take advantage of appreciation and create wealth for themselves and their families. Yeah.


Fantastic. Fantastic. Well, again, I really appreciate it, Tom. I don't want take advantage of it. I really appreciate you coming on again. Grant the grant, If you're an interested in becoming a non-accredited investor in this most recent fund, if you're interested in 10 X growth con, and by the way, Mr. Biz will be there I will be there in person in Miami with bells on, as they say looking forward to it. Again, thank you so much for coming on the show again. I really appreciate,


I can appreciate you being here, man. I didn't, you know, when you brought me back to the last time I was on here and where we were at and where were you gone? I didn't actually realize I had that we'd put that much on the board. It just goes to show you all of you here. Like, cause it doesn't put your head down, get around some good people and it doesn't take you long to grow. And that's what I, when I did undercover billionaire, you can find that show at discovery. Plus by the way, it's on their app discovery. Plus we're trying to buy the show back from them right now. But when you see that you're going to see how little, how much can be done in a little time, once you're focused and once you have a strategy. So I'm just really, really excited. Kim, for you, giving your listeners and viewers an opportunity to know about this fund. This is a game changer. Folks, please get your families involved. If you've got a niece and nephew, grandkids, mom, dad, Hey, buy a little piece for them. Give it to them under the Christmas tree. Okay. And I promise you, I will not disappoint you and your family. Ken. Thank you so much, buddy.


Yeah. Appreciate it. Grant. Thank you so much for being on guys. Thanks for watching. And don't forget as always cashflow is king




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