How Busy People Can Fit Fitness in Their Lives

How Busy People Can Fit Fitness in Their Lives

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Mr. Biz Radio: How Busy People Can Fit Fitness in Their Lives

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All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz radio with me, Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth. And unfortunately, I'm going to have to start the show this week by, I'm going to call everyone out a little but, including myself. So if that makes you feel better. So I want to see a show of hands. You know, at least if you're, if you're driving a car right now, listening, you know, keep one hand on the wheel at least. But how many of you out there are just super, super busy and, you know, you need to get to the gym more, or at least do some form of exercise, get some fitness into your life. Maybe you packed on a little bit of that. COVID 19 poundage. Maybe you've got the doctor breathing down your neck because of some, you know, some of your levels are higher than they should be.


Maybe you've got a spouse that's talking to you about man, you got to get out and exercise. You feel so much better to sleep better, et cetera, et cetera. How many of you guys suffer from the I can't, I don't have time. I just don't have time to do it. I will tell you and I fall on the sword and be vulnerable here. Some of you guys may know that follow me for a while. I'm a former competitive athlete. I, I broke six world records in powerlifting, and I don't say that to brag. I just mean I went from that to starting my first business. And I went from that to, I started working out instead of six days a week, I was working out five and then it became three and then it became two. And then it was like, well, crap. It's, two's not even worth it.


And so, I mean, I went through six or seven months. I did not work out at all. And anyone who knows me in my history, even before I started competing, I was a workout fiend. I was a certified personal trainer back in the day like this, this was my lifestyle. It was a lifestyle thing for me. And I even with that background fell in, fell victim to this exact scenario. And that is why this week's guest is coming on and why I had to have Mr. Chad Austin from priority fitness, come on, become on the show because he that's what he does. He is going to teach us. Does it tell us about his journey? He's going to talk about his business and how he helps folks. But in that last segment, we always get tips is going to help us determine how can busy people fit fitness into our lives, because we all have our excuses.


We're doing this. We're doing that. It's not a big enough priority. Chad is to help us do that. So without further ado, Chad Austin, welcome to Mr. Biz radio. Absolutely. Thanks for having me on. Yeah, no, I've been looking forward to it. Like I said, this is something I know we were talking right before the show. This is something that, you know, gosh, everybody deals with, especially owners, you know, you, you start your business and you're just working your butt off a lot of times and you just don't have the time and you start to reprioritize things in your life, not realizing. And you know, there's a reason why when you're on an airplane and they, you know, they give you things like, you know if the masks fall down and put yours on first, there's a reason for that. You have to be healthy.


You have to be able to breathe. And this scenario before you can help someone else breathe. And it's very similar. I heard I was at a growth con a couple of years ago. And Grant Cardone mentioned, this is, he said, you know, this is how much of your wellness and your fitness is important to you. Think about it. If you don't take care of yourself and you become to this point where you're unhealthy and you can't work anymore, or something really bad happens to you, what does, what, who does that impact and how does it impact them? So it's, it's, it's one of those things that we lose sight of that sometimes I think as entrepreneurs, business owners, et cetera. So , so Chad, talk to us, I'm going to zip my lip. Now, Chad, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey.


Yes, I I've been in fitness for about 20 years now. I've been a personal trainer for about 15 up here in Overland park, Kansas. It's just outside of Kansas city. I'm the owner of priority fitness, like you said, it's a private personal training studio and priority fitness got its name. So it was named after my best-selling book series, make fitness a priority and to make fitness a priority started just after my, as I evolved as a trainer, I kind of realized some of the things that you said in the beginning there just you know, when people started coming to me as a trainer early on, I kind of realized that most people come to a personal trainer because they're fueled by short term motivation. There's something coming up in their lives. That's finally got them to stop putting fitness off there's something coming up in their lives that they want immediate results for.


They need fast success for, and after helping so many people reach those short-term goals, only for them to end up being just temporary success. And just seeing so many clients, you know, the results I helped them get were just temporary. All. So many of you listening probably relate to this. Most people fall off track with their fitness plan at least twice during the course of a year. So everyone's always, either getting started or starting over. And after realizing this is kind of the pattern that we're in and that I kind of changed my mindset. And so everything I do is to help people get long term success. And so everything I do is, so basically what I do is I help busy professionals figure out how fitness fits in their life. And that's, this is something that is a, it's the way I teach you how to do it, but then I teach them the tools so that, so as life changes, which they will just like you, I was an athlete.


So I was in great shape. And I, then when I became, I bet then as my business evolves and life's changes, threw curve balls at me, I slowly had to struggle. So just like anybody else, I struggle making fitness a priority in my own life. And I've gone through periods of time when, where I've had to learn some tough lessons. And that's what, and leaning into that. That's not something that I think any personal trainer should hide from. I mean, everybody struggles with making fitness a priority and in, by leaning into that, it only makes us better teachers. I know when I became a teacher, I was a much better student. I was a much. And when I became a coach, I was a much better athlete and I've definitely become a better trainer as I've kind of leaned in to everything. So everything I teach people I'm good at it because I've learned the hard way I've learned the lessons myself.


And so I use all those lessons every day to help people figure out how fitness best fits in their life, they're living now. So they can make it a long-term part of their life. And so it consistently elevates everything in their life. So all the other priorities, they have their family, their career, their faith. I helped them make it all better. So if you figure out how fitness fits in your life, it makes everything better. If it doesn't fit and you try to make something fit that doesn't, then it can actually hurt your life. And so for a living, I help busy professionals figure out how fitness best fits in their life.


And there you here, guys, why we have chat on the show. So I guess we've only got a little over a minute left here before we got to hit a break, but what got you into fitness to get things started Chad?


Well, I think I was an athlete and so I started out just being, I was a PE teacher before I became a trainer. And so just being in love with fitness, but I think definitely the underlying reason was for anxiety, depression. So it started out as an exterior thing, but definitely the internal things I get from making fitness a priority. I think I've just learned over time. Fitness is the vehicle that helps you become the best version of yourself. And so that I know, I, I just, like you said before with the mask example that you got to take the best. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't be your best. And so I've just learned for me, especially I get to control my anxiety, my mood. I mean, I'm an introvert and I've learned how to be a public speaker because a passion for fitness and taking care of myself. And so fitness is definitely the vehicle. I believe that makes you better. And just grown more and more passionate about that as much as I've evolved as a trainer.


Yeah. Well, it's super important. And especially as, as the, the general population the overall population, I should say, continues to age with baby boomers and even some millennials starting to get a little longer in the tooth, not in their twenties anymore, or not in their thirties, maybe hit starting to hit those forties. And then of course, you've got the boomers that are sixties and such, you know, it's becoming more and more prevalent that it's needed. Especially with all this crazy stuff going on with health things. So again, it's with guys, we're talking with Chad Austin from priority fitness. You can find more at get this one. I know you won't forget this website, Oh yeah. You're not going to forget that. You can also follow him on IG on Instagram and make fitness a priority. Come back out to the break. Look at the Mr. Biz tip of the week. Continue to talking with Mr. Chad Austin


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All right. Welcome back to the show. It's time for Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip is you don't know what you don't know behind every failed company is a delusional and or non self-aware leader. Man, this is so, so important. I see it just too often. You get owners who maybe little egos in the way and, or they're just not, self-aware enough to realize where the gaps are, where the weaknesses are with not only with themselves, but within with the company overall. And sometimes that's a personnel issue sometimes it's because they've got a really close friend. I've seen this a handful of times where they've got a really close friend or maybe even a family member that has a critical role in the company. And they're just not very good at that role. Maybe it'd be good at something else, but the particular role they're in, they're not very good at.


And the owner kind of has blinders on. And that particular role being critical and nature is absolutely holding the company back and maybe even causing it to fail or not do nearly as well as it should. And it's a lack of that. Self-Awareness and and we're putting the blinders on and trying to give, you know, a close friend or a family member, the benefit of doubt you know, there's ways around that and ways to fix that. And maybe they're better at something else, things like that, but super, super important. You have to be self-aware to have an honest assessment of not only yourself as a leader and the, in the, you know, the CEO of the company, the founder of the company, but also your overall team and the potential weaknesses you have. So super, super important there. That is the Mr. Biz tip of the week.


All right. So Mr. Austin, so let's say again, I'm, you know, I heard what you said in the first segment and I'm like, you know, gosh, I'm, you know, I'm 50 years old and my doctor has been telling me this and my doctors have been telling me that. And you know, maybe, maybe as people joke around with, on social media all the time, the, the COVID-19 everyone put on 19 pounds or in COVID, maybe I'm carrying around a little extra weight or something like that. I know that I need to work some things into this. What would it look like if I, if I get ahold of you, if I got to and I go, man, Chad, talk to me, how can you help me?


Um yeah, lots of ways I can help you. And by the way, listeners If you go there, you get a free copy of my first book and I have a five session package for you. They get five free classes online. And so part of the way I help people thanks to the pandemic that we're in as a silver lining, always anything bad. There are a few good things. Sometimes you a little harder, but everyone's good at virtual right now. So I, I do personal training at priority fitness, but I also do online personal training on a website where I can do online live classes or classes that are on demand that have already been done or a virtual training. And so I help people, many ways I help them as a trainer. So, being their personal trainer and telling them exactly what to do, I helped them figure out a plan.


I helped them make behavioral changes. It's part of when you have a fitness goal, part of it, of what you're doing is you're changing your identity. So that's where the behavioral changes come in. It's and it's, it's more about becoming the person you want to be. I want to become that. I'm I, you have this, you want to be, you want to lose weight. Once I get past you pass your vague goals that you tell me, and I have you dig deeper and tell me what it is, why you really want to do this. I helped you become that person. What is it that, that you need to do? How do you become the person that is that it always feels good. Always has lots of energy, always is better at handling their stress and their clothes always fit well. And they're always competent with how they look, how do I become that person or the actions I'm taking, taking me closer to being that person, are they taking me farther away from that person?


So I help you with those behavioral changes. And then I asked her to help you deal with life's changes. So just as, as you said, at the beginning of the show, without the way your path and your entrepreneurship has changed over over the years, and you've had less time to work out, like all of us have a big hurdle that we have is that we get in great shape and then life's changes happen. And we're very good at adjusting to life changes when it comes to our family, our job, our faith, or anything we're passionate about. We're terrible at adjusting to it when it comes to our fitness. And so what always falls off track, what always loses his balance. When, when, when big changes in our life happens is our fitness. So that's why when I ask, what are your top priorities in life?


When I was figuring out what I was going to write for my first book, everybody said, family, your career, faith. Nobody said fitness because in our minds, nobody out of all the people I had took the, the, the online poll, nobody said it. And I realize over after a while after I'd just got done with being blown away is that we always put fitness off until later. Fitness is always the thing we plan to get to later, because we think we're too busy now. And the reason we think we're too busy. Now, what we're really saying is I'm too busy to work out. Like I used to. So we all have this time in our lives. I know when I first became a trainer and I was brand new to this city, I lived right behind the gym. I didn't have a social life. So I didn't know anybody.


I worked out two hours a day for six days a week, and I was in great shape. And I loved it. I just had all that kind of time. And I know you can relate to that from the story you've told me. But over time, that changed. I became a studio owner. I became a writer. I became an author. I got married this last year. So I've been I mean, lots of things have changed. And every time a big change happens, you have to adjust to that change because what you do for fitness has to fit in your life. And if it does not fit in your life, it just won't be there very long. And so what fit for you in the past will not necessarily fit for you going forward. You have to figure out what fits best for you right now.


So when anytime someone gets started, the first thing I have them do is answer those quick. There's two questions. I have them answer. How does fitness fit in your life right now? And so you're going to look through everything, your family calendar, your work calendar, and you're going to take a look and you're going to figure out how does fitness fit right now? And just, and then the second part is how much accountability do I need right now? And so, and this is both of these two questions vary over time. So is this something you have to always come back to? So I know, is there a time during the year or, I mean, I have a personal trainer I've had for years and I don't ever plan on going very long without one again, cause it's, she's so important in my life, but there are times when I need her standing next to me for every single workout I do.


Or if she's not there, I probably won't work out. There are times of the year when I go through that. And there are other times when I'm really motivated, I love working out. I can't wait for my next workout and I don't need as much accountability. And then there's everything in the middle. So how much accountability do you need right now to be successful? And so those are the two questions. How does fitness fit and how much accountability you need? And I help you come up with a plan that's going to help you be successful.


Well, Chad, I gotta tell you one of the things that you just said that I'm sure a lot of the listeners are like, Ooh, someone like you with your background and what you do for a living to admit that there are times when man, if my trainer wasn't there, I probably would just skip it. I think there's probably a lot of listeners right now that are going, oh my gosh, thank goodness. Someone's actually honest about this stuff. You know, again, it just, I think it evolves and people here, you know, again, you get the social media stuff and oh my gosh, I work out all the time. And you know, there are people that are like that for sure. But you know, like you said, I, I, especially, I think as, as you, it's not necessarily an age thing, I think is more things are in your life, which typically is as you age, like, as you mentioned, by the way, congratulation, congratulations on the nuptials.


But you know, you married and so now you have a spouse you maybe have children, you have a house maybe you have a yard to take care of and you open a business, you run business. So as you know, these extra things come in and I was the same way, you know, working out, I was a workout fiend, oh my gosh, I love the gym. That's why I became a personal trainer because I'm like, well, crap on the, at the gym all the time. Anyway, I'm also get paid for it. And so that's how I got into it, you know, way back. And you know, my career started to take off in the corporate side and that's when I sort of stopped taking on personal training clients. And I just, I still was working out like crazy though. And it was a massive priority for me, even when I travel with my job, you know, I had to fire in places, you know, before I'd even go, go there, like where where's the closest gym.


And not only that, when I was a competitive athlete, like where they had the equipment that I need to be able to hit the workouts I need during that time, my training cycle, et cetera. So super, super important stuff. So I cannot wait to hear some of the tips you're going to have for us in this next segment. We're going to hit a break here, but again, find out more at As Chad mentioned, he's got some free stuff out there for you. Follow him on Instagram and on Facebook, but come back out to the break and we'll get some tips from Chad Austin,


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All right. Welcome back to the show again, talking this week, Mr. Chad Austin, find out more at And so Chad, again, I cannot wait for this cause I know there's going to, this'll be impactful. You've shared already a ton of insight with us, but so how, you know, you help people do this all the time. How can busy people fit fitness into their lives?


Okay, well, the great, the tips I have to help you get started just this thing of someone is getting started or starting over, which is where we all are at least twice a year. Most for most of us the first thing is to change your story. So I never, I needed to meet a new client. I know that when we, when someone comes to a personal trainer, a lot of times they're coming in a little bit of a desperation. If they're being honest, as in, they've already tried and failed a lot on their own, and that they're being honest, they may not actually believe they can reach their goals. And so, I mean, cause they may be thinking, well, I'll try this for a while, but it probably won't work because nothing else has, I'll try this, but eventually it won't work. I'll eventually I'll fall off track because I always do.


And if that's your mindset, if that's the way you're thinking, then you're not going to be successful. You have to change that, that thought process in your head. If you don't believe you can do it, you can't. And it's, it's a fictional story. It's just a story. It's lies. You're telling yourself because the past doesn't have to predict the future. So that's the first thing we have to do is change that story in your head that says you can't do it. And we start teaching you how to visualize success and start seeing your hard work paying off. So that's the first thing. Change your story. The second part is this understanding that just because fitness fits differently in your life than it did before, it doesn't mean it's, it's less of a priority to you. We attach a lot of shame to ourselves. We have the time in our lives when we are the best shape.


If we have that as the bar. And if we do less than that, it's almost like we're doing something wrong. And so it's, it's hard for all of us to get past that. So we have to be okay with that and know that just because you're doing less does not mean that less of a priority. It just means that's how it fits right now. So getting through that where there's no shame or judgment involved on yourself and then the next part is just figuring out how it fits. And so you're going to figure out your schedule, identifying all conflicts, go through your schedule, your work schedule at your regular hours and then your, any events and then your family schedule anything with your kids, your spouse, your significant other everything. Makes sure you have all everything. You're passionate about everything down. And then you're going to look at that big schedule and figure out where does fitness fit?


And then now you know where it's going to fit. You're going to set yourself up for success. And so if you're we know what the definition of insanity is, a lot of times we struggle to do our workouts because we're setting ourselves up to fail. So if you'd look at your schedule and you think the only time I can work out is after work and you, you, I I'll tell you now I've learned the hard way. That's not the time for me to be successful. I have to do my workout in the morning or in the late morning, after my morning sessions. If I say I'm going to do it after work, I give it a 50 50 chance that'll really happen because I got all day to talk myself out of it. And I'll be exhausted from my day. I'm an introvert by the end of the day, I'm tired.


And so you got to make sure you're, you're putting your workout at a time. You're going to be successful. It's a lot of people always put their workout after work and they think that's when they'll do it, but maybe they have a stressful job. Maybe there's a lot of reasons. You may not have any energy there. So just take a look at it. And if, if you're having a tough time getting to your workouts or following through with your intentions, it may not be there. Anything that's really doing wrong with you. You just, you're not setting yourself up for success. So maybe are you're certain your workout and the best time, or you had the most energy. You have a good workout. So figuring out where your workout goes and the next one, like I said earlier, how much accountability do you need? What do you need to be successful for your workouts?


How like, do you need a trainer? How many days a week should you be with your trainer and how many days a week are you holding yourself accountable to what the trainer wants you to do? How many do you need a workout partner? On the days you don't work out with your trainer, do you need a class to go to, do you need friends? Or there are times when need more accountability than others. So just taking a hard look, having some integrity and being honest with yourself, what do I need to be successful right now? And the last part, the last tip I'm going to have is just to have a, no matter what mentality we talked a lot about life's changes already and how that kind of, that makes us fall off track of our fitness plan. Whenever lives change has happened to us and it makes us hard to get started again, but you have to know that life's curve balls are going to happen every day.


And so you may have to throw plan a out the window and go to plan B all the time, but you have to be able to not use that whatever conflict happen as an excuse to skip your workout, you have to instead think how can I still make fitness a priority today? So I, in my book, I talk a lot about what I call donuts. And so in the donuts are basically curve balls. A lot of people use them as dragons and coaching. And so what dragons can get in the way and throw you off your routine. I call them donuts and the fitness world, because donuts to me are both the best and worst things in the world. So this it's probably all I need to say on that, but the donuts could be maybe you planned on doing a run in the morning before work and you open the door and it's raining, or maybe you plan on working out after work and you get a call from school and your kid's sick.


So you need to go home and pick your kid up. And now you're at home. You won't be able to go to the gym. So he's going to be all curve balls that you cannot see coming. You can't control when they're going to happen, but you have to still make fitness a priority. And you just have to know that when those curve balls come, you have the only tool you need to overcome it and find a way. And that is your own brain for every obstacle that comes up throughout the day, you can either find a way to overcome the obstacle or you can find an excuse. And so that's one of the things that you have to learn. And that's what you do already with your family, with your job, with your faith, you just had to start doing it with your niche, fitness routine as well.


Yeah, I think those are great. I love what you said about after work. I experienced the same thing, not only with some of my training partners, frankly. But you know, when I was a trainer as well, cause people, you know, they want to do that after work. And like you said, there are just so many different things, so many dragons that can pop up during the day. So many doughnuts that it, you start, especially if you don't really want to go in the first place. Right. You're dreading it. And you're like, oh man, I'm tired. Oh, I stood up my oh man, I think I may have tweaked my back. You didn't tweak your back. Okay. Your back's fine. Right. You know, you're, you're, you're trying to you know, in your rationalize, in your head, why it's not a good idea to go to the gym.


I think another thing that's important for people to realize, and it's right along the lines of what you're talking about is when there are those curve balls, you know, sometimes there are others priorities, you know, God forbid, but maybe something, you know, maybe your kid fell at school and you know, hurt themselves. And so you need to go take care of your child of course, but what I would suggest to people and I, again, I think this is what you were kind of alluding to it. You didn't go all the way down the path, but I think this is what you're alluding to is, you know, have some plan B's. So maybe, maybe that's, there's a track near your house that you can get to. You don't have to necessarily go to the gym. If you want to get in a little bit of cardio or there's, you can run around your neighborhood or you've got two dumbbells that you can make do with, you know, that's not the best workout in the world, but you're still moving. You're keeping the consistency going back. Cause I think sitting at home on the couch is a, is a big fat zero, right? So even if you don't, even if you don't get that full workout in that you were going to get in at the gym, even if you do something for 20 or 25 minutes, and it only happens every once in a while when those curve balls come at you, you know, at least you're still keeping the, keep it on that.


Yeah. Sometimes some of my best workouts have come when I've had throw the game, plan out the window and just make, do with what I had. I mean, sometimes that sometimes that ends up being a great workout. And the other part of that, the bonus tip would be that sometimes you're going to fail sometime don't do enough and that's not a big deal. So just know that just like anything else you do failing is part of it. Failing doesn't end your fitness journey. And it doesn't define you. What defines you is what you do next. How do you, how are you going to get back on track when you do fail? How are you going to come back with a plan? The next time that obstacle comes up, you'll be able to overcome it.


Yep. I love it. It's funny you say that Chad, I had more than one time where I was traveling for business. I was on the road. We're ended up working late. Things happened. And I had to, I had to train that night and I get back to my hotel. The local gym that I was planning on working out was closed. The, the hotel gym was closed and I was in my hotel room looking for things that I could, how I could work out. So there, there was more than one time where I'm doing like wall sits, I'm lifting the chairs you know, laying on the carpet, lifting chairs. I mean just crazy stuff. But it, because I had to do something, you got to improvise, you do something, you know, you've got to get some sort of workout in. So sprinting up and down the hallways, people come running out. They're like, what is this crazy guy doing? The hallway? You know,


Do you use your brain there? There's always, there's always ways to come up with a workout. You just, sometimes you just have to think outside the box.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, again, this week, guys, we'll be talking with Mr. Chad Austin, find out more Beat Your Excuses for him on IG ,Facebook. Chad, thanks so much for coming on the show. Really appreciate it.


Absolutely. Thanks for having me on.


Yeah. Yeah. Great stuff. Great stuff guys. Well, Hey, thanks for listening as always guys. Don't forget to follow us on the YouTube Mr. Biz channel. Thanks for listening this week and don't forget, have a great week and don't forget you messed it up. Cash flow is king.


This has been Mr. Biz radio to learn how to become part of Mr. Biz nation. Visit for access to free weekly content. Subscribe to the Mr. Biz YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to listen to archive shows. You can find them on the Mr. Biz solutions website.

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