Hacks for New Biz Growth

Hacks for New Biz Growth

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Mr. Biz Radio: Hacks for New Biz Growth

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio BizTalk for Biz Owners during the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business adviser, and two time bestselling author will cover topics that will help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.

Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio with me, Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth. And this week we're going to cover a topic that I know is going to interest all of you out there. And that is something that everyone's always seeking, especially in this sort of post pandemic world, I guess, is we're moving into, and that is that of business growth. How can we grow our businesses? And so there's been a lot of different ways, obviously over the years to do that, but we have a guest this week with us. That's going to give us some hacks for new business growth, and he's going to give us some tips for that as well. So this week's guest is none other than Mr. Muhammad Siddique, Siddique. Welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. Yeah, absolutely. So I was recently full disclosure. I was recently a guest on Siddiq show.

His, his, a YouTube show is his podcast and you know, he and I talked afterwards and I said, man, I really got to get you on my show to share some of your expertise. So why don't we get started with a little bit of your background, your entrepreneurial journey. Thank you for the opportunity. My Muhammad Siddique from Atlanta, Georgia, and I was born in the countryside in Pakistan, no clean water, no power and dirty roads to the city. Like it takes hours to get there five kilometers. It will take that long. And in my whole village, I'm the only one who did a master's in computer science from Capitol city in Islam, Pakistan in 96, I migrated to Canada then in two Oh one and none before, just before nine, 11, few, few months before. And I became a, like a green card and migrated the U S I worked for a little company called Oracle.

Yeah. And all while I was working in learning, you know, my definition of a job as you earn while you are alarming, that's my definition of a job on a side hustle. I always had some entrepreneurship and I started a company with my dear friend who just passed away last week with a $694 here. The best part can that he had a credit card. I did not have a credit card. He paid, found his own card. When I told him, can I give you a cash for my portion? He said, don't worry about it. You know, and 12 years later, we sold for a multimillion dollars and we were making millions of dollars a sale all over the world. E-Commerce and 2001, two, three, four, six, seven, eight. And since then I went into like a serial entrepreneur into multiple companies, but shopping centers, vast station carwash restaurant, like as a property owner, not as an operator, nothing wrong with being an operator.

However, I'm just sharing my role and it from 2006 to 2008, and here's the best part in two Oh eight. If we all remember there was some little financial crunch, not lost a penny in that whole process, you know, highly blessed. That means that come from, we learn from the best of the best. Then we implement how to navigate in those challenging times. Then for a few years, I said, it's not about me because so many of you smart people like can help, help me to get where I am. Now. This is a time to pay back, pay it forward. I have trained over 200,000 people in Pakistan, how they can start earning online on Fiverr and Upwork. And right now I'm a publisher of three business magazine and author of new success, secret billionaire mentor magazine, registered income magazine, and work from home magazine because I have been working from home for 20 years.

Oh, wow. Yeah. So also this whole work from home during the pandemic, that's, that's old hat for you.

Yeah, yeah. For me now everybody realized how funny it's all fun is to work from home, you know? And when I let people say, what do you do from home? I said, no, everybody knows. I don't have to explain anyone. You know? So that's the best side of it.

So I have to ask Siddique how I'm sure that it was, you know, very, very challenging. How did you go from, you know, your humble beginnings to even consider going to college and the university, et cetera, and, and then making it happen. How did that all come about?

There are so many little things. How about here's the common theme? I always ask the baby smarter people than me. And ask question. I have, I'm a curious mind. I always ask questions and that question has led to me even interview over 2000 people. And that's how I always ask questions and ask for help when you feel don't know the answer instead of getting upset and get, Oh my God, it's on me know, just ask for help and ask questions to get clarification. And many times, even though you don't get the answer from someone else, it helps you to clarify in your own mind that you come up with the answer on your own. That's a common theme in my whole life.

Yeah, well, I can imagine. And I talk about that all the time is, you know, I think to your point, Siddique is a lot of folks in their striving for success at times they over-complicate things. And one of the things I talk about all the time and it resonates exactly with what you're saying is that most things you're trying to accomplish, someone has already been down the road. So why not learn from those folks and replicate some of their behaviors and some of the actions that they took to achieve the success they did? There's no, you don't have to recreate the wheel here. And it sounds like that's sort of how you've you know come about your success as well.

Yeah, man.

So how did, so how did that, so again, I, I keep going back to it, but you know, again, I can't even imagine coming from where you did to even, I mean, how many folks that you grew up with would go to, you know, what, whether your family or friends or neighbors, et cetera, went to university

In my town. There was only one that was me by the way. And however education level at the university level in Pakistan is a very small number, single digit, you know, the percent-wise maybe one to 3% may not know the exact number right now. However, my brain has been always like you want, there's a lot of room on the top, even though I did not know what that really mean. And now I see it. It's like almost empty. You feel lonely on the top, you know, and mediocre life is not I am a hustler and always want to learn from the best, that's the basic mindset. And I'm sure there's something questionable where we can share with them or that would be, and never, never settle for anything less and keep going and never give up many somebody give up, they're giving up on themselves and I'm giving 'em the task. And when moment we were born, we were a winner God or higher power, whatever you believe in that does not want you to fail, ask for help, wherever you feel, stuck, seek education, guidance, whatever you do, whatever it takes to make it happen. Do it,

Are you, are you an avid book reader? I get asked that

I am not. I let me admit publicly, even though I'm an author, I'm not an avid book reader. I know the leaders are book readers. However, I interviewed people like yourself and many others that include four to five, six, seven people every day, five days a week. That's how I learned from the best.

Ah, okay. Yeah. Well, you, you certainly have done a fantastic job of that and there's no doubt about it. That's why I wanted to ask about the books because again, everyone learns in different ways. And so, you know, you, all of us have heard about a lot of these successful quote unquote successful business people and how many books they read, but there's, there's other ways of learning as well. And so obviously Siddique is a fantastic example of that. You don't have to necessarily read books, but always seeking that education as he mentioned. So we are going to hit a break here, but I should mention, you can find out more about what Siddique does by going to MeetSiddique.com. That's a sneaker spelled S I D D I Q U E meets a d.com. You can find out more about what he's got going on. Come back after the break. We'll continue talking with Siddique, how he helps business owners. And we're going to give the, the course of Mr. Biz tip of the week. So we'll see you after the break on Mr. Biz Radio

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Welcome back to the show. It is time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip is if you are playing not to lose, you're fooling yourself. You are actually playing to lose success in life and in business takes risks.

Sometimes you have to take those risks. You have to be willing to take those calculated risks. I'll be it. I wouldn't suggest just, you know, running and jumping off a cliff and trying to figure it out on a way down necessarily. Although that is sort of the euphemism for entrepreneurial-ism, but you have to be willing to take some of those risks as they say no risk, no risk, no reward. And if you're, if you're too risk averse, and this is coming from a CFO's is coming from someone who specializes in risk management of it's you're too risk averse. You're going to miss a lot of opportunities and stunt your career growth, your personal development, et cetera. So you have to be willing to take some of those risks again, as I said make those calculated risks and, and know what your percentages are, right?

Think about it this way. When you go any of you out there that are gamblers, whether you're gambling on sports, or you go to, you know, a casino to gamble, you have a rough idea of what your percentage of chances of winning are in each individual game. So that's what I'm talking about. That's, that's calculating your risk associated with that, and only risking that, which you are comfortable having a setback or some challenges with. So that is this week's Mr. Biz tip of the week. So let's get back into talking this like I said this week with Mr. Muhammad Siddique, and so Siddique tells a little bit more about how you help business owners now with your current business. Yeah. I know the business owners need there

In the post pandemic word. We need to re connect ourself how we reconnect, connect with our customers because the customer they use to go on trade shows and events and all that stuff. That's gone. If it's not gone, it's a new format, very small limited number of people come and cover thing and all good stuff. Now, everyone is online. And majority of the business owners, they were not trained to be online. They were not able to talk to online with their client and ideal clients. And we are helping, especially the speakers and the offline business owners to actually connect them to their ideal clients. That reminds me of Steve Spotto. He is America's most famous speaker as a speaker. The moment they go in COVID head, the earnings goes to zero because they can't travel. They can't speak. Now. He was helping other speakers to create a real speaker services, public speaking training, and all that stuff.

We are helping them to connect with helping him to connect with the speakers. And he is busy every day, helping them. That's that's one example, car dealership, Mazda Auckland Mazda car dealership in, in LNI like right now the TV has gone to a connected TV, you know, all the Netflix and Amazon prime. And we all think it's all connected TV. No, eh, can, I don't know about you and many business owners. They want to be in a local hyper-local market. They want to be on a TV and TV are used to be very, very expensive before. However, right now in Atlanta area, as an example, if I have a sh sharp you know, used car dealership in 10 mile radius, 20 mile radius, I can run a millionaire. If I want to. We have different packages of 5,000 ads a month, 10,000, 15,000 ads a month for a fraction of the cost.

You can ever imagine going to a traditional TV because the whole inventory of connected TV is available. Now 60, 70% of the ad inventory is running from Google right now. So any, and we can have the production. And at the same time, the distribution of the whole ad networks and like our lawn for you as a business owner, they just fill up a one intake form. And now that's helping us small business owners all over America, targeting their end client. Hyper-Local helping them to stay in business, helping them to grow their business in a new world post COVID way.

I love it. And I think those are those services. And those skills are things that, as you mentioned, are just absolutely critically necessary right now for small business owners, to be able to know how to do that, adapt with the new markets. As you mentioned, with a lot of streaming services, et cetera, you know, those local TV stations just don't have the same zing that they used to. So obviously we're in a different world now. So I want to, without giving away, I know the last segment you're going to give us some of your, your top business growth hacks, and without giving some of those away, I do want to ask you a little bit about your book, new success secrets. So what, what does that book about? What can we expect as a reader of that book?

So most of the other author of new success secrets, I am a co-author with someone who passed away two years ago, he was the author of 57 books. This was his 57th book and he was my mentor for 15 years. And when I hired him as a peer mentor, he was the author of 32 books. And I told him his name of Tika Howser. I said, when I grow up my, my goal with you as I will be quoting a book with you, and that's on how to build and manage unstoppable success teams, because success is a team sport, and that's one thing you will never go alone. And the second thing is we all have a huge to-do list, always, Oh, I'm overwhelmed. I keep postponing certain stuff. When you follow the book, you know, then you will have always a zero to do list a hundred percent of the time, zero to do list. When you gave me the opportunity, I'm going to share how you keep your inbox 100% clean with the zero, two lists and not be overwhelmed and just follow the confidence.

I love it because I agree with you a hundred percent Siddique because so many people, I think, especially if they start out with a business as a solopreneur, they want to, you know, they're bootstrapping or they're trying to save expenses. But if you think about it, I mean, think about again, a lot of the folks that we look at now in the business world as quote, unquote, being successful and none of them to your point, none of them have done it alone. I mean, you know, you've got visionaries such as Steve Jobs, but he also had Wozniak right. Wozniak got stuff done. Jobs had the ideas and Wozniak got it done without Wozniak, who knows what would have happened, right. Because I'm sure you've seen it as well as Siddique. You have a lot of folks that they're visionaries and they always have fantastic ideas, but they lack on the execution because maybe that's just not their strength.

Maybe that's not something they're comfortable in. And so I think, you know, again, looking at I mean, for crying out loud, look at Microsoft, you know, same thing you had Bill Gates, but you also had Steve Balmer. You know, you, you look back through a lot of these very successful companies, no one did it on their own. And so I think that's a very important and something that as a, as a business owner, as your business grows, people, oftentimes I, that there's mistake is not hiring resources quickly enough because they're trying to keep expenses down, et cetera, which I'm all I'm all for. But I think a lot of times people miss opportunities, and again, they hold back the growth of their company because of that

A hundred percent negative.

Yeah. So again, I don't want to, I don't want, I know you're going to give us some of your business growth hacks here in the last segment, and I don't want it, so I don't want to, I wanted to tease those a little bit, but I don't want to give those away. So again, we're talking this week with Muhammad Siddique, you can find out more at meetsiddique.com. Again, go check that out. Also like we were just discussing, he is the co-author of a book, “New Success Secrets”. You can find that on Amazon. Definitely go check that out. And I, so again, come back after the break, we're going to continue talking with Siddique and he's going to give us what we've all been waiting for his top five or so business growth hacks, which again, we're all needing. And I'm sure with some of the things you've shared so far, if you're like me, you're on edge of your seat. Can't wait to hear what else he asked the same, some of the good stuff. So come back after the break on Mr. Biz Radio.

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All right. Welcome back to Mr. Biz Radio and produce round comes through as always evidently I misspelled to name when I was giving out the website. So against meetsiddique.com and Siddique is spelled S I D D I Q U e.com S I D D I Q U e.com. Apologies for that confusion there and thanks to a producer Allen for catching that didn't realize I had misspoken there. So Saddique, what do you have for us when I can't wait I'm I'm I'm still sitting here ready to take a whole bunch of notes. I'm very excited to hear give us some of your top five top five or so depending how many we get through of your business growth hacks. How do you daddy? I am ready. Yes, sir.

Number one, hire a mentor, paid free bag discount, whatever never, ever, ever be without a mentor in your business life forever until our last breath. I love it.

Yeah. It was just what we just talked about. I mean, it's, it's, it's darn near impossible to do it on your own. And, and by the way, if you can do it on your own, I would suggest that if you hired a mentor or someone, an expert to help you, you would've gotten there a lot quicker,

A hundred percent. They are, they have already traveled the path where you want to go and they will give you detour what's possible. And they will give you proper time to test. And they will ask you actually push you to speed up when you, you feel like going normal, that because they already know the path or the look like they already achieved that path. Number two, be yourself, have a 100% confidence, 100% of the time, irrespective of the situation, because the moment you lose the confidence you lost the business, you lost the deal, you lost the conversation. Anything, be yourself, be authentic and learn. What are the missing? That's a key part. Are you ready for the number three?

I was just going to say, I think confidence. I agree with you again. I think that confidence is so important and it's easy along the business growth journey to at times at least lose that confidence depending on the area. Again, we're not, we're all of us, aren't good in every single area. So it's easy to lose confidence in some of those areas that maybe you're not quite as skilled in, but again, that's, that goes back to the number one, right? If you have a mentor maybe fills in some of those gaps for you, that can help you maintain that confidence and continue your growth.

Mostly people focus on transaction. How can I make money now? I do not listen ship first transaction later. That's my motto. So focus on building. Building can take the relationships, can fill your audience. I only do business with friends. I build a friendship first. I see that the match always under promise and over deliver 100% of the time. And the moment, you know, you can't deliver, you know, the moment you realize I can't deliver about a promise outreach to the other party and let them know in advance before they even not, don't make a decision and announce it later, do it the moment you realize I can't do it.

Yeah. And again, I think that's another important one, you know, just transparent communication. I think if you're honest with you're authentic, as you mentioned, and you have transparent communication when, when something happens. I mean, everyone knows that stuff happens now and again. And so if there's ever a time when you cannot deliver in the timeframe that you mentioned, I agree with you, you get out in front of that a hundred percent, make sure that they are very aware of what's going on and then, and then give them a new time when they can expect and make sure that you do not miss that second that second deadline.

Yeah. And the best one is be grateful. 100% of the time, irrespective of the circumstance we are facing right now, grateful mindset and a growth mindset and surround yourself with the team and your team should be way smarter than you. Success, success as a team sport. As I mentioned earlier, that will give you a hell. Lot of light does not matter what you want to achieve. Don't look at the targets, the goal, enjoy the journey.

Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah. I think the grateful thing is very important as well. And I'll tell you one of the ways that I've used that. And I, and I've been really trying to focus on that, especially over the last year or so. And one of the ways that I've found being grateful has been helpful for me, Sadiq is, you know, when you get frustrated with a situation or even a person, think of, you know, what I try to do is I think of three things that I'm grateful for about that situation, or if it's a person about that person, no matter how frustrated you are in that moment, that your computer's not working, or, you know, the printer's not working or your business partner let you down or whatever it may be, if you can take the time. And sometimes it's difficult to do, especially in the heat of the moment. But if you can take the time to step back and think of three things that you're grateful for for that particular, you know, situation, your computer, your computer, your, your printer, your business partner, et cetera. Well, I'll tell you that really shifts your mindset and keeps you out of that sort of negative thought process

A hundred percent. Very good.

Yeah. And I think, I mean, that's one of the things that holds you back, you know, like you said, having people around you, and I guess I should also mention, I love what you said as well about having the team around you, that don't be afraid to hire people that are smarter than you. I mean, I think there's even a quote from Steve jobs about that is, you know, the hire the smartest people and then get the heck out of their way. If you have to hire people and tell them what to do, then you probably hired the wrong people. And so either you have too big of an ego or you've hired the wrong people. So yeah, I mean, you want to hire people that are smarter than you, that help bring you up and lifts you up. You, you bring to the table what you do, and maybe that's in certain situations is just, you know, really your sheer leadership could be enough and, and making sure that you're clearing hurdles for your team to stay, you know, keep those, those hurdles out of their way.

As you, as you continue to grow your business, what is it? I guess I should shift gears. I think we lost the week. You're still there. Siddique looks like we lost you. Well, I'll just I'm sure he'll rejoin here, but yeah, I think what he said is spot on, it's super important to, you know, hiring the mentor. Like we mentioned earlier, super important and fi, and by the way, when you hire a mentor, here's another thing. I get this question all the time. When you hire a mentor, they say, you know, people will say, well, who should I hire? How should I look for a mentor? Here's my suggestion that I think will do well for you. And that is, think of the things in your business. So let's say you were to list down, let's say there are eight things that are critical to success in your business.

Take an honest assessment of those eight different critical functions and which ones do you know, like the back of your hand and you're really skilled at, and then which ones maybe you're not comfortable with. You're just not as good at whatever the latter are, right? Let's say there's two or three of those out of the eight, find a mentor who is really good at those two or three. I will promise you if you do that. And you are very honest with your, with your self-assessment on that, the explosive power of that mentor between your expertise with your five or six out of the eight, and then your mentor having the other two or three that are that missing, that missing gap in your business, the combined explosiveness will be apt. I promise you, your, your business will explode. Like you would never believe super, super important.

So anyway I think those are very, very important things. You know, the confidence part, you know, people will see that when you are going through, let's say a sales pitch with someone, if you're not confident in what you're selling, then how the heck do you expect someone else to be confident and what you can do and how you can help them. They're not going to be on promise you so super important. You have to make sure that you are well versed. You're confident in everything that you're doing. And then of course, as you know, people talk about all the time, the under promise over deliver.

That's something that's a super important. You want to make sure that, you know, when you can't deliver, as we mentioned that you are staying out in front of that with transparent communication and making sure that everyone is on the same page. Well, I apologize. We lost the deal there. It looks like, and we must be having some technical difficulties, but all good. We thank him for being on the show again. Muhammad said he got to meetsiddique.com. That's a Siddique is spelled S I D D I Q U e.com and find out more about liaise and also check out his book on new success secrets on Amazon. So thanks again, Muhammad for being on the show. Thanks for listening. Everyone have a great week and as always. Don't forget Cash Flow is King.

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