Get the best IN you OUT of you

Get the best IN you OUT of you

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Mr. Biz Radio: Get the best IN you OUT of you!

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio Biz Talk for biz owners during the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two-time bestselling author. Wi'll cover topics. That'll help business owners run their companies or profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.

All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio with yours, truly Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week we are going to talk about something that it doesn't matter if you're a business owner or not. I know a lot of our listeners are business owners, but some are not. And some of them are beginning solopreneurs entrepreneurs. Some of them are wantrepreneurs right. Well, they want to start a business. They haven't done it yet. And then we have, you know, just regular old people who listen and just enjoy the show and we appreciate them as well. But what I'm trying to say is, regardless of where you fit in any one of those categories, where you are, you're going to like this, because we're going to talk about how to get the best in you, out of you and who better to talk about that then none other than Mr. Harold Finch, AKA Finch. Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio, Finch.

Hey, thank you for having me, man. Great subject matter. I'm excited about talking about it.

Yeah, absolutely. So I should let you guys know Finch and I met you guys have heard me talking about it a couple of times on the show, at least a couple of times on Clubhouse. We shared some stages a while back and you know, ended up DM each other on Instagram. And then I came on his show and had a great time with him and a fantastic show, “Get Off da Fence” his name of show. And so I said, man, if I'm on your show, you gotta come on mine because he's got a lot of good stuff. He's got some gems he's going to share with us. I think there'll be really good for everyone. So why don't we get, let's get started with that Finch. Tell us a little bit about your, your entrepreneurial journey.

Oh man. My journey started many moons ago. I did a lot of odds and end jobs. You know, I did not finish college. I flunked out and I always saw myself soaring. I just didn't know how what I would soar in. Initially. I thought it was going to be sports, professional sports because like a lot, a lot of people, I played football and basketball in high school and I was very good at it, went on to college. And then I have I had a terrible accident that almost separate my, my, my right leg and broke all my ribs. And so in essence, that was the the death of the dream of playing professional sports. And so I start looking at what could I do? And one day I said, Hey, you know what? I don't really like working for other people.

So I think I should start something so I can work for myself. And eventually I grew into becoming a huge personality and here's the secret that most people don't know. I was always a personality and a talent, but no one ever taught me how to be a business. And so I spent a lot of years just being a TA, a paid talent and getting paid quite a bit of money for my image and my likeness. But I did not really begin to build a business. Here's going to be another shotgun, Mr. Biz until recently.

All right. What do you got? I'm waiting.

So I just recently got with a company that is allowing me to build a actual business and not just be a paid talent or personality because as a paid talent and personality, if your likeness and image is not being utilized and you're not doing concerts or, you know, you're not on voiceovers to television, you really not going to get paid. So, you know, they have come in and they say, Hey, let's restructure your, your your models so that you can actually build an empire because you're just too talented to just be out here being a talent and a personality.

Well, look, man, you are the quintessential person, right? And there are tons of people, unfortunately that are, that have followed, followed the path that you have. And I don't mean, I mean, unfortunately in that you have talent, you have expertise, but the business side wasn't really there. And as you said, you could be super successful and make a, make a ton of money. But if the business side of it, it's not there at some point, you're probably gonna run into some snags and some issues. And, and so it sounds like that's maybe work what happened with you. And so, but now you're on the straight and narrow path with that.

I am on the straight and narrow path and I had a production company. But I allowed it to fizzle many of years ago, w I mean, my production company produced commercials for Best Buy or Cobia FedEx. So, you know, I know how to run a business, but again, you know, when you're not taught the structures of how you implement things and how you move about, and that's probably a lot of the listeners here today who are stuck in an area on the fence about their business, about if it's a business anymore, where do I go with it? What do I do? And all those things is you just need someone to help you realize that, Hey, that's a lot of things in inside of you. We just got to pull those things out of you.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, that's a, that's a good segue into I want to mention and not, I don't want to put the pressure on you, but I'm going to ask you when it's coming out, but I know you've got to, you're working on a book called you guys ready for this one. This, this is going to get you fired up. It's called get off the fence. Seven power strategies to eliminate fear, uncertainty and procrastination from your life. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I can, I can be used helping all of those areas. It's at some point or another throughout the challenges of being a business owner, we all face some of those things. And so, again, that's one of the reasons why I wanted to have Finch on here. So, so that being said, when is this book coming out? Finch? Come on, talk to me.

Yeah. So here's the thing. Now we're working on don't tell me,

No, I don't want to hear that. I know you don't want to hear to see what had happened was

So, so “Get Your A$$ Off Da Fence” is going to be the second book. Now, the first book is going to be a book called “Free Agency”. My company decided, Hey, we want to do the free agency book first because it delves into relationships and that's, what's hot now. And then we follow that up with, get your off the fence. And it made sense to me because I was actually working on off the fence initially. But so all defense, I can't tell you today when it's coming out. I do know free agency is going to be presented at the end of July. There they'll start pre-orders for that. And the book itself will probably come out in the fall.

Gotcha. Okay. Well, that's what I look forward to. That's new. And, and by the way, I mean, it sounds like a good business move because I think you're writing and especially with the pandemic, man, I look, I'm glad for many reasons that, that that I've got Mrs. Biz and I'm not in the dating world and relationship world any more, because I can't imagine what the heck the pandemic had, the impact that had on that whole scene.

It's it C relationship in itself has always been deemed complicated, but in essence, just like life or business, it's really simple. And I think the way we start looking at things, it determines how we operate, you know, the things that we say and what we do, and that's the catalyst to whether or not we're successful or not.

Absolutely. Yeah. So, so I should mention, so definitely go out on social media, you can find him across all the different platforms with using the handle. I am Harold Finch. I am Harold Finch. Definitely follow him. I we're connected on Instagram. We're connected on I follow his YouTube channel or his shows on there and everything. You guys can tell this, guy's got an electric personality, very charismatic, very entertaining. And I'm not just saying that, cause you're on, you're on the show seriously. You guys can tell you, you know, when you hear a certain person and you're like, man, I want to hear more of this person, right? Whether it's an entertainer, who's a comedian or a singer. It doesn't matter an interviewer. You you've got that. You've got that vibe to you, Finch.

Thank you. Appreciate it. Yeah, absolutely. Well, that being said, we're gonna hit a break here, come with a Mr. Biz tip of the week and continue talking with my man Finch

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All right. Welcome back to the show. It is time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip is to build a strong balance sheet. Now, I know a lot of you out there when I say the words balance sheet, your eyes, roll back in your head. And you're like, Oh man, here he goes down those accounting weeds. I'm not going the accounting weeds, but I will tell you essentially what I mean by building a strong balance sheet is that you have adequate sufficient reserves to be able to withstand things like a pandemic things like an economic downturn building that strong balance sheet is gonna help you sleep better at night. You're not going to be up at night thinking, man, I got to make payroll in three days and can I make it, is that check going to come in to clear and time to be able to make payroll it's going to make you most importantly, especially in, I saw this with two of my clients during the pandemic, it will make you ready for buying opportunities.

So we had two situations with clients that they're unfortunately their competitors were going out of business. They didn't make it through the pandemic. Now we were ready because we were had that strong balance sheet to get in and do have a buying opportunity to acquire. One of them save a whole bunch of jobs continue to service those clients that we would have been left without a provider service provider. So very good situation there. And by the way, if you ever want to borrow money lenders like it and investors like it. So that's strong balance sheet is super, super important. And so that is this week's Mr. Biz tip of the week. All right, fans. So let's get back into this a little bit. So I know I want to save for the last segment I want to, I want to save some tips.

You can give us there about again, how to get the best in you out of you. I want to save that if we can for the last segment, but before we get into all that and doing some of my show prep here and do a little cyber-stalking of you, Mr. Finch so I know there's a couple of things that, you know, I saw as a theme throughout, and I want to talk about, especially about, you know, we talked earlier about you know, strategies for eliminating fear, uncertainty, procrastination, et cetera. So what, what about fear makes you, it makes you, it won't allow you to be great. Talk to us about that a little bit.

Well, you know, fear is the thing that when we have it, it paralyzes us, it causes us to lose confidence. We are uncertain about life direction, especially when it comes to business. And we tend to procrastinate on the things that we need to do in lieu of the things that we afraid to address or tackle. And when that happens, we are at a disadvantage because fear is the thing that won't allow us to exercise faith, which is what we actually believe. Like some of us started a business because we believe in the product, the service or the entity itself. And when we allow fear to come in because of a setback or because of some unforeseen occurrence, we are no longer moving forward. And when you're no longer moving forward, you're stuck. And when you're stuck, you're not productive. And when you're not productive, you're not profitable. So fear is the thing that can ruin you birth both personally and professionally, because it keeps you on the fence and it paralyzes you. And you're unable to see any progress,

Man, I'll tell ya. I hate to admit it, but in full transparency, a lot of that resonates with me, man, at certain points again, you know, I find myself, I have to be very disciplined about some of the things that in my business that I either don't enjoy, which by the way, if I, if I come across those, I eliminate them. I either, I delegate them. I figure out, you know, how one of the advantages of having your own business, the way I look at it, finches, I don't want to do things. I don't want it to because a lot of what you just mentioned, I'm probably not gonna do as good a job at it. I'm going to procrastinate, which then may me maybe means I hurry to meet a deadline. And then again, consequently, I don't do as good a job. And man, you know, I look at things that, that whole fear creating the procrastination. I'll tell you one of the things that does it for me, and I'd be surprised unless we got some CPAs that are listening, taxes made anything to do with taxes. It causes fear and therefore procrastination.

Yes. That part, here's the thing though, if you don't pinpoint your fear, which is what you have to do, you have to what caused the fear in the first place and then locate. Why? Because when you don't do that, you're not able, you're, you're gonna stay stuck. And I, myself, it's like you many moons ago, again, I talked about making globs of money. You know, the IRS came a calling and it caused some some fear because now it's like, Oh, every year, you know, I was, I owed a ridiculous amount of money, I think maybe $20,000 or something. And so that caused a whole other set of fear to come in to the point that now I just negate it to do taxes out of fear of owing again. So, you know, when you don't pinpoint your fear and discover why you're going to stay stuck in that. And I had to realize the, why was, Hey, I don't want to have to pay more taxes. I don't want to have to give more money. And in some instances I don't want to have to give money. I don't have to give them, you know, so yeah, you gotta, you have to pinpoint your fear. And then we have to begin to mute our minds. We have a silence, those voices of self doubt, worry and complacency. And because what, what you think is what you'll become.

Yeah. I love it. And so that leads right into, honestly, the next thing I was going to talk to you about was how your tongue can keep you stagnant.

Oh yeah. That part, you know, we, we have never been taught that we we've heard the phrase, Oh, word is your words are powerful, but we don't really believe that. Which is why we say a host of reckless things. We allow things to come out of our mouth. And this is what I've learned in life. Mr. Biz is what comes out of your mouth is coming from your heart, was derived from your mind, which is the catalyst of your problems. What you think you believe it goes into your heart. And then you allow that to come out of your mouth and whatever you speak that you will be, you are in essence, you will become. So, you know, we have to watch what's going in our minds and what we're allowing to come out of our minds. Because if we don't, we will wonder why success is eluding us.

Yeah, for sure. I'm all. And I, I used to think honestly, Finch that it was a, it was kind of hokey and cheesy the whole the, the kind of the flip side of it, of speaking things into existence. But boy, I'll tell you, I, as I said, it took a step back and was talking with someone who's a firm believer in those types of things. It made me realize that I believe exactly what you just said. And so if I believe on the negative side of that, then how can it not work on the positive side?

That's true. And I'm gonna tell you this, because this is what I had to do. You have to attack your uncertainty. Like if you are unsure who you are or what you can do, you have to literally go to war with the things you are certain about. And you got to try to plan to attack and defeated because I believe you have to become the general in the war. And the general always wins.

Absolutely love it. Love. Well, I want to save some of this for our last segment, but I do have one question we've only got about a minute left before we got to hit another break here. But I think this would be an interesting answer from you looking back now, even though you're still a very young man, dapper is always what advice would you give to your 25 year old self? Looking back now, if you could go back and talk to your 25 year old self,

Oh man rehabilitate your confidence. Like I I've always believed in myself, but along the way, along the journey of losing things and people, I lost the confidence in my ability to actually be, or become the thing that I envisioned in my mind. And so I would tell my younger self, Hey, re rehabilitate your confidence that you're going to be bad and you're going to help people get off the fence. I love it.

Yeah. I think that's an important one too. Yeah. man, and I'll tell you, I don't, I can't remember. I've asked that question. I don't ask that to every guest, but I asked it a lot and I don't remember anyone ever saying that, but I think that is super powerful. That's one of those things you can lose, especially in your younger years when you hit some of those snags. Well, look, guys, we're gonna hit a break here. We're going to learn when we come back, how to get the best in you,

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All right, welcome back. And again, this week we're talking with Harold Finch, AKA Finch. You can find him on social media at, I am Harold Finch, and by the way, another part of his brand is “Off da Fence”. And I believe if I'm not mistaken, that's the name of your YouTube channel? Is that correct, Finch?

That's the name of my YouTube channel and my podcast.

Perfect. Yes. So definitely go check that out. He's got, Oh man. The laundry list of guests that he's had star studded guests. I was humbled to just be a guest on that show. If you go out and look on his YouTube channel, you'll see all the guests he's had on there and it'll blow your mind. Fantastic content out there. So definitely go out and check that out. Again, I am Harold on social media as well as “Off da Fence”, a YouTube channel, and that's the name of his podcast. So the moment we've all been waiting for Finch, this is a, this is going to be big. So I want you to teach us how can we get the best that's in us, out of us?

Great questions. The first thing we have to do is change what we, you can control. Most of us are so overwhelmed with things and that we're not even in control of it. And I always say to people, if you don't have the power to change it, you don't control it. So why worry about it? And if you change your view, you will change your direction. That's the number one thing. Number two, get the right formula. If you want cake, you will not use the recipe for cornbread. And most of us are using a recipe that's outdated, that's overused. And essentially it's just not tailored for us. So getting the right formula for where you want to go in your life will help you actually get there. Thirdly, outrun, the treadmill, ladies and gentlemen, winning requires a persistence in developing proper tools, talents, skills, and most importantly, your work ethic.

If you're not willing to go, the distance chances are you're gonna fail and fall short of the finish line. Fourth thing, overhaul your thinking. Don't overload it. When we overload something, we bombarded with more data coming in than solutions going out and problem thinking causes stress. So we have to learn how to overhaul. I thinking versus overloading it and finally design your direction where the business needs to go versus where you desire for it to go. You have to become an architect, writing your direction in pencil. Why is that important Finch? You saying great question. Glad you asked, because when you write it in pencil, you can make adaptations. You can adjust and adapt to the life changing formats that at curtain like, cause a lot of things happen in our lives unexpectedly, but oftentimes we have as business owners, as entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, whatever title you want to use, we often write it in permanent marker. And this is the way it has to be versus Hey, if I wrote it in pencil, I can use in a race on the end of that pencil and make some adaptions.

Well I think especially man, not the last one hits home, especially given what we've been dealing with the last whatever year, year and a half with, with the pandemic and COVID and all that stuff. There were a lot of business owners got caught, you know, metaphorically with their pants down because they wrote their, their business plan in pen or marker. And they had a tough time moving off of that. You know, to those adaptations that were necessary. And some of them refuse to, you know, they kept honestly kind of pounding and hitting us the wallet. Well, this has always worked and I'll just try harder. And you know, like to your point, sometimes you gotta change that direction. It just doesn't make sense. And, and, and especially coming out of the pandemic and so many things are different now in the world in general, let alone in the business world is, you know, man changing that the direction or designing your direction, being able to make those adaptations as necessary is critical to long-term success

Vitally. And here's the thing too. Mr. Biz, I was when I, when I meet with business owners and I give them advice and it has to, it has to do some of that today. I encouraged them to recast the vision because I look at it like this recasting is like a sitcom. You have to become a casting director. You know, when you have a show, some of your favorite shows, like we talked about the Fresh Prince in the sense of Will Smith and w character or someone not working in the environment, the cast and Rick like, Hey, we gotta recast this role because the role is vitally important. And often times as business owners, we're looking at our role and the team of people we even brought in to be around us. And we don't think about recasting the sitcom, recasting the business. Sometimes people are good people. They're just bad for what you're trying to do or where you're trying to go. So you have to become a casting director and recast your vision and then doing that. You may have to recast some of the vital roles that you have with people.

Yeah. And look, man, I've, I've seen that in, in my corporate career at JP Morgan you know, having people that are, have a strong work ethic, loyal high character but they're just in the wrong role and that doesn't make them, they may be performing very poorly. It doesn't make them bad people. Like you said, it just means you gotta recast them. I remember, and this is going to sound kind of corny, but I remember having a conversation with a guy who was exactly in that situation. And I'm sitting, we're sitting in my office and we're looking out the window and across the way they were doing some construction work. And so there's a guy running a backup. And I saw, I was trying to think of how to relate this to him because he just wasn't, he, he really wanted to be what he was trying to be, but he just wasn't good at it.

He didn't have the skill set. And so I told him, I said, look, if I went over there right now across the field and I say, Hey, man, I want to run this backhoe. I've always wanted to be a backhoe driver. They would fire me in about 12 seconds. Cause I've knocked some crap over. I probably would have hurt somebody. You know, I'd have flipped the dang thing over that. Doesn't make me a bad person. It just makes me a bad backhoe driver, right? Yes, that's right. You know, it kind of, kind of along the lines of staying in your lane, right. It makes sure you're not necessarily stay in a lane, but make sure you find the right lane to be in. I think is, is super, super important,

Very important. And I'll leave this with your audience. Listen guys, what lies ahead is more rewarding than what you left. You cannot move forward, looking backwards. And if you want the best that's in you, because guess what guys it's in, you, you gotta become a treasure Hunter. You have to find and locate the treasure that's already in you. And then you gotta become a deep sea diver and pull those suckers up, man.

Sure. Yeah, for sure. I tell you one thing that I, you know, I realized long ago, but I still sometimes struggle with is the first one you mentioned is about what you can control. You know, if you can't control it, don't worry about it. And sometimes that's especially in the heat of the moment, that's tough. At least for me, that's tough to get out of man because I, you know, I want to fix it. I want to make it better. And ironically enough, I, you know, even talking to the, to our kids, you know, our kids will get up in the morning and get ready for school. And they break a shoe lace and you know, whatever, some pair of clothes, some of the clothes they want to wear dirty. And so, and they come downstairs, all frustrated. I said, what's wrong? And they'll tell me those two things. And I'll say, you know, what, if those are the worst things that happens, Jay, you're going to have a fantastic freaking day, right? Like, you know, and I get the eye roll and all that stuff. And it's funny now our oldest has just turned 21 and now I heard her telling that to her younger sister. I was in earshot, but I was in another room and I heard her. I was like, yes,

That's a good tip.

So finish, look, you just dropped some major gems on us there. I really appreciate it. So what are the, I know I mentioned some social media, things like that, but what are, what are the best ways for people to get ahold of you?

If not by email, if you have questions or you want us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is my email. You can reach out to me on Instagram. IAmHaroldFinch Facebook, Twitter. I am active on all three of those. And I just want to tell your artists, man, listen, grow. As you learn and learn as you grow the more that you learn, the more you should grow and the more that you grow, the more you should

Learn. Yeah.

I think it's, it's continual, man. You got to keep going with that. If you're not learning on a regular basis at some point, no matter what field you're in, no matter what you're trying to be successful at, and it could be in relationships, it doesn't have to be business related. It could be in relationships. If you're not continuing to learn and evolve, you're going to get stagnant and you're going to that success is going to elude you, I would say


Well, Mr. Finch, I really appreciate you coming on the show. Fantastic guest. And and thank you so much.

Thank you for having me. I truly appreciate it. It's been a pleasure. Awesome.

Awesome. Well guys, thanks for listening as always have a great week and don't forget, you know what I'm going to say next - Cash Flow is King!

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