Using Politics to Become a Branding Genius

Using Politics to Become a Branding Genius

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Mr. Biz Radio: Using Politics to Become a Branding Genius!

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio! Biz Talk for Biz Owners. During the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two-time best-selling author will cover topics that'll help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward. This show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio, with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week, we're gonna talk about something we've kind of touched on this, you know, again, and, and almost six years of doing the show. We talk about a lot of different topics that impact business owners, entrepreneurs, et cetera. And this one is gonna be something that impacts everybody, not just entrepreneurs, not just business owners, but especially that crowd. And that is around media events, media, getting media coverage you know, being quoted in articles, being on television, you know, all that sort of thing, the importance of that for your brand, how that helps you develop your brand, how that helps sets you apart from your competition, et cetera. And to do that this week, we have a, a, a guest, an esteemed guest who is a regular in the media world on many different fronts. So he's the founder of VIP media. First of all, he's also the former DNC press secretary. And as odd as it may sound and he and I had lunch recently when I was in Miami. And I very, very first question I asked him was how in the world as a Democrat, are you always on Fox news? So that's very impressive, right? How how's that even happened. So, anyway, our guest this week is none only than Mr. Jose Aristimuno, Jose, welcome to Mr. Biz radio,


Mr. Biz, Ken, thank you so much, brother. I look forward to having you back in Miami very soon lunch on me next time, man. Look, I mean, first and foremost just thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be on this platform. I think we need more people like you, man, and we need more platforms like Mr. Biz to your best. So entrepreneurs and business owners know what heck they're doing before they get into the, into the entrepreneurship business world.


Yeah. Well, so Jose look, look, you, you, I don't wanna leave everyone hanging. So you gotta tell us what's your entrepreneurial journey. How did you get into first of all, you know, back all the way back be being the former DNC press secretary, deputy press secretary and then moving into founding VIP Media and all that. How that all come to come about how it comes fruition.


Look, I think, you know, first and foremost I know you got listeners from all over the world that are, are here in America. I will say this I'm a, I'm an immigrant from Venezuela, from not in America. I moved to this country when I was 10 years old. And from the very beginning, I, I don't know what it was about this country, but I knew what this was the country on earth. And I, and I got older and I went through the high school system and middle school and all that went to college. I wasn't the best student in school. I'll say that, but I, but I knew this country provided the opportunities for everybody and anybody, right. Even if you were Latino, black, white, didn't, didn't really matter. Still doesn't really matter. So, you know, recognizing that if you work hard you can achieve anything that you want.


And I think that's the first thing that people have to sort of understand when they're going in any business journey, you can actually achieve it. You actually have to believe it yourself before you even get, get started. But my journey I didn't really know when I was young. I didn't really know what I wanted to do. You know, I, I changed my, my major at least seven times. Can I, I tell economist think radiologist, somebody told me in school like, oh, if you become a radiologist, you're gonna make like 80K a year. And for me it was like, what, how much I gotta become a radiologist. I got, I, I don't anything about medicine or x-rays, but I'm gonna do it. I did that for a couple weeks. And then I did do that. Then I did economy economy, and I didn't love numbers all that much.


And I ended up with marketing. I ended up studying marketing, cause I said, you know what? I like, I, I, I like sort of understanding how does a brand like Nike, how does a brand like rebook? How, how do they, how, how does that little switch become so famous? And doesn't matter what part of the world Coca-Cola, you know, you see Coca-Cola, you're gonna go buy it. So I became very passionate about branding and marketing, but I wasn't really sure where I wanted to take that, what I wanted to do with that. So I loved politics. It was oh seven Barack Obama ran for office during that time. And I was like, you know what, I, I wanna, I don't know who this guy is. I've never heard of Barack Obama, but I wanna help this guy. He's this, guy's running for president.


And I became inspired and I started working on campaign campaign work during college. And when he got elected, president went to the white house, I said, you know what? I gotta go live in DC. I gotta go. I gotta go be next to that energy. I, I, I think I'm gonna end up working for that guy one day. Right. And, and going back to what I said at the beginning, you gotta believe, you gotta believe yourself. And I remember like it was yesterday, I was in Florida, south Florida book, or a ton where I'm now again. But I, I was, Obama's in integration. I said, I don't know how, but I'm gonna end up living in city and I'm gonna work for that man. And I don't care where to gonna get it done. And years later that actually happening, it just kind of mind blowing to me.


So long story short, I went, I finished my college in American university for Eagles in, in DC. And I applied my marketing. I continued to study marketing, but through politics. So I did political marketing. That's that's the career that I took on, cuz I wanted to understand how candidates in order to raise money in order to get known in order to get people's votes, you need to know you need to be good at marketing. You need to be good at branding. And so I did that. I did consulting. I graduated college from American university. Did consulting work for a very big consulting firm in DC communication strategy, marketing strategy and ended up all the way at the Obama administration, working at HHS, the department of health and human services. I think nobody knew what HHS was until like 2020.


Everybody started knowing 2020 because of Dr. Fauci and, and, and, and COVID and all that type of stuff we dealt during the Obama administration we dealt with with Sika, the Sika virus, Ebola. So, you know, very, you know, important and sensitive topics. And, and long story short after that we lost we, we, I worked at the Obama administration. Then I got called during the Hillary campaign. I got called to go to the DNC to help push the Latino marketing, the Latino communication strategy for the DNC, which at that moment, once you select nominee, which Hillary Clinton was a nominee at the moment, the DNC basically becomes an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign. So I was working at the DNC. Yes, but really my boss in a way was Hillary. So we did, we do all the work, the best that we can obviously, you know, we don't win the election. That's the thing with, with politics, you either win or lose. There's really no middle, middle ground. Right. Right. So we lost the election. And at that point, Ken, I was, I, I had been in politics for almost seven, you know, six, seven years and I wanted a change. And I said, you know, what, if I could tell the story of Barack Obama, if I could tell the story of candidates across the country, I do the same for the American people at the private level. And that's how VIP media was born.


Nice, nice. Well, and, and in the interim, so it's funny. And we're running out time here on this in, in the first segment, but we'll get more into this in the second. And then by the way, we're also gonna, we're talking about VIP media in the second segment, and then we're also gonna talk about a special event that, that Jose's putting on. That's coming up here in a few months here, down in Miami, actually, that's gonna be an amazing event. We're gonna talk about that as well. But Jose shared with me during lunch some of his trials and tribulations along the way and how he first got his his first foray in the TV. So he's on television all the time. As I mentioned at the outset, if you watch Fox news, ironically enough, even as a Democrat, you will see Jose on there.


He's on there a few times every week. It seems if not more, sometimes obviously as hot topics are coming up, but I wanna make sure that we next, next beginning, next segment. I wanna make sure that Jose, I want to tell everyone about, I want you to tell that story about how you got your first shot at television and how you know, how sporadic it was, but we're gonna hit a break here on Mr. Biz radio. We're gonna come back, we'll get the Mr. Biz tip of the week, and we'll continue talking with Mr. Jose Aristimuno.


Thank you.


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All right. Welcome back to the show and it's time for Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this one is short and sweet and actually is one of my, my favorites. So you know, we have a different tip every week, as, as those you follow me on social media know, and we switch 'em up every year. I throw some of them out. I put new ones in some of 'em are quotes but this one is a, is a Mr. Biz original. And I learned this from my corporate days of hiring hundreds, if not, you know probably not thousand, but hundreds multi hundreds of people and interviewing in thousands of people, et cetera, is I think people focused on this too much. And especially right now with unemployment, the way it is, and the tip is to hire based on three things, character, loyalty, work ethic.


Of course, if you wouldn't need to, you're hiring a brain surgeon, you need to make sure they have the technical knowledge to be a brain surgeon, right? But for the most part in my, my stance is character loyalty and work ethic. Those are things that you can't necessarily teach someone. I can teach you how to, I can send you to a class and you can learn how to run and Excel or, or, or, you know, a, a database or whatever that might be. You can learn those things. Those are technical skills that can be learned. You find someone with character loyalty and work ethic. You're gonna have a rock star in your hands because they're gonna work as hard as they have to, to learn whatever technical skills they need to be good at their job. So that is a Mr. Biz tip of the week. We're talking again this week with Mr. Jose Aristimuno and Jose. So again, I want to give us this story. So I, I heard the story and it was very intriguing to me, but the story, how you first, you first television appearance, how'd that how'd that work out.


So it, it was back a great story. You know, it was back in 2013, I was still work. I was working at a big consulting firm in DC and my clients were different political campaigns, private sector clients that wanted to get in with Washington, anything public affairs related. And my boss at the time still a great friend of mine. She's a CNN commentator. I dunno if she's still today, but she was a CNN commentator at the time. And when you were a CNN commentator on contract, you have to go whenever you're on call, you're kind of like a doctor. Every time they call you say, Hey, come comment on this or that you gotta, you have to go. Obviously being in DC, the office was located a few minutes away from the CNN DC headquarters. So it, it was very easy for her to get around.


One of my jobs was to do the talking point, prepared to her, sort of like a file on what she, she, you know, she should know about, you know, the topics of the week. Cause you, you know, one of the things about TV and when people see me on Fox news, CNN, MSNBC, whatever the case may be, know what I'm gonna talk about until the day off. So they'll probably tell me two or three hours at most Jose, you're gonna talk about Ukraine, Russia. You're gonna talk about inflation. So you always have to be in the know of what's happening in the world. So, so for my boss at the time, I had to just have, make sure that she was prepared. So any topic, political related, I prepared a briefing for her. And one fine day. I remember like it was yesterday like a random Tuesday, Wednesday, and, and, and Ken's laughing cause he knows what I'm gonna say.


I do my thing. I mean, Hey, here's here. My here are the, the briefing of the day, every morning at 9:00 AM. I would, I would deliver my briefing almost like a presidential, you know, DC's very, you know, like Washingtonian, like very like when you see in the movies, like same thing even in the private sector. So, so when I did that, you know, she gets her briefing, no big deal. CNN hit that day at 3:00 PM. And it must have been around 1:45 PM. She rushes into my office and she says no, she, no. So let me, let me go back. So she says, Jose, okay. I got CNN in an hour and a half an hour 15. I'll see you later. I'm not gonna come back to the office that day. So I'll see you tomorrow. Cool. No big deal. She leaves about 50 minutes later.


She rushes back in her purse flying across. Oh my God, I forgot. This is crazy. I have my daughter. She's got a beautiful little daughter. Well, she's, she's big now. But and, and she's like, my daughter's got a a, a ballet recital that 3:00 PM at her school. And like, I'm so late. I can't believe it. And I'm like, she's like, oh, but what am I gonna do with CNN? Oh, you know what? I know. I got an idea. Why don't you do it? Where do you go? And I'm like, yeah. Who I'm? I'm like looking around. Who, who, who like, which another principal of the, at the firm or who they're like, no, no, you me. Yeah. You I'm like, what do you mean? I, I don't know anything. I'm like, what's like, what do you mean? You don't anything? You do the talk, you do the briefings for me every morning.


You know, everything. You, you're the one that gives me a lot of the information. I'm like well, you know, Maria, Maria's her name? Maria. I don't, I've never been on TV. I don't know what to do. She's like, you know what you do, look, I'll let me give you some tips right now. Let me tell you what, you know, how you should do it. Look, camera do this. So she trained me like 10 minutes. And she's like, well, I'm like, I you're my boss. So I really can't say no, Ken, I she's like, Nope. You say no. I'm like, well, here I am. I guess I gotta get on an Uber in 20 minutes to go to CNN and she leave. She leaves. And then right before she's gonna go, you know, leave the, the office like, oh, by the way, one more thing.


Don't mess it up because if you're not good at, if you're not good, they'll never call you again. But if you do a great job, they'll keep calling you back. And it's been now almost 10 years, nine years to be exact. And they've kept calling me back. Thank God. So thank you, Maria. Thank you, CNN folks, whoever cuz you know, it, it is been a fun ride being in TV, but that, that's the story. Very, very, very entertaining, very funny. And sometimes in life in life and, and you probably know this Mr. Biz, and you've probably talked about this on the show opportunities. Don't always come when you want them to come. They sometimes they just, it's like a train. They just pass you by and you either gotta get on that train or, or you let it go by and it might never come back. So sometimes you gotta take, take those opportunities and that's what I did.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So yeah, I love the story. I wanna make sure we got that in, but so it's a good segue though, into how important has that been in your career? Not only for obviously VIP media and starting VIP media, but how important is that for an entrepreneur or business owner or really anybody of getting media coverage?


Totally. So I think one, you know, especially with the, the social media world, anybody can go on Instagram. Anybody can have a Facebook, which, which I recommend. Right? I think social media is the picture from a branding perspective. You need social media, but it's free. Anybody can go on Instagram. So it it's, it become very competitive and it's become just the norm. So it's not maybe at the beginning, if you had an Instagram or a LinkedIn, it was attractive and it was different now it's just more of the same. So I always tell people, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? How do you make people remember you? And you know, nine years like, like, okay, me ever since I've been on television, you've been on radio television book, author, those type of things make people say, wow, like it just makes people trust you.


It makes you build trust. You build credibility. That's where media comes in. Right? So I don't tell people don't do media necessarily for, yes, it's a, it is a marketing tool, but it's more of a branding tool. So I don't, I don't tell people don't do media because somebody's gonna call you and hire you. They might, they might. That's really not the reason why you do you do you do media for the branding for the durability of your credibility, because look, the economy can go up and down. They can take away your God forbid they can take away your home. They can take away your carpet. They can never take away your brand. They can never take away who you are. So I always tell people, invest, invest, invest in media in market is the one thing that's gonna follow you along your whole life.


Yeah, for sure. I mean, I, you know, when I first started Mr. Biz radio and I was working with producer Allen and it was, gosh, probably maybe a month after we had started going the show and I ran into someone in a networking event that I didn't even know. And they walked up to me and they're asking me all these questions. And I said you know, again, they didn't know me and I'm like, well, you know, where, where did you even know to come up to me and ask me, or did I know about this? And they said, oh, we watch your show. And I said, oh, well, you know, that's really cool. And she said, well, if you're on the radio, you must know what you're talking about.


<Laugh> which was really funny. Right. So we both know that there, there are, there are lung heads on the radio and on television, right. But, but it's that instant credibility. People assume that if you're on the radio, if you're on television, you must know what you're talking about because they wouldn't put someone on who doesn't. So again, we're talking this week with Jose Aristimuno, and I promise we're gonna get more into what he does with the VIP media. And we're also, I wanna make sure we talk about his upcoming mastermind, VIP mastermind, which will be in To can get more information.


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All right. Welcome back to Mr. Biz radio. And we hopefully you guys enjoyed that story about Jose and how he first got on television and clearly he did good. And, and I, you, I think my favorite part about the story Jose, especially, you know, as we discussed it during our almost three hour lunch down in Miami is, is the end where she pops her head back in and says, by the way, don't screw this up because if you do, they'll never call you back. But if you do well, they'll call you all the time. And clearly you did well because they call you all the time. But you


Know, that's not, you know, it's funny, Ken, and it's like, this is, you've never done this before. So is that the right thing to say to somebody that before when life? I don't know, but it worked for me. I work well on the pressure. You know, I'll say that she did curse. She did say the F word when she said that don't F it up. That's what she said. <Laugh> you know, but she's a great friend and she's an amazing political guru in DC and, and, and we laugh about it all the time. Every time I I'm with her in DC, sometimes the story always comes out. I must tell a story at least once per month.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a great story. I can see why. So let's talk about this event VIP mastermind I believe this is second year for it. So again, you can find more information Uhow did this,uVIP mastermind come to fruition? Uand, and why did you decide to create this event, Jose?


Totally. And, and thank you for, for the question. Look, I believe that mentorship is one of the most important things that we can have as entre as entrepreneurs. I think we need guidance. I think it's okay to have guidance. I think you, Mr. Biz, having this network, having this show is guidance. It's mentorship when you bring on. Yes, but I wanted something in person. I think after COVID 19 you know, going into year three of this pandemic, obviously it's getting better and better, you know, thank God. But I, I was missing, especially last year after 2020, I was missing the in person interaction, the human interaction of people, you know, hugging people and talking to people face to face, open them, take their life, their business to the next level. So I said, what are some of the pillars that I think you need to run a successful business?


And for me is money marketing and mindset. I called it the three Ms and the VIP mastermind talks about those three things, money marketing mindset. You need, you need money to start a business or grow a business. You need marketing, people need to know that you exist and you need mindset to make sure that you push through the tough times, like the ones that we live in right now. So that's why I started the VIP mastermind. We had an amazing event in Miami at the Conrad hotel last year 200 people there, 20 speakers you know, attendees from all walks of life. People flew in from Argentina, from Chile, from all across the United States, which wasn't for me, because one of the things in social media is that you, again, you, you, you are hiding behind a screen there, right? So I have over the, a million followers on, on Instagram.


And I don't say that from an ego perspective at all, but there's a lot of eyes who are watching my content and consuming it, but they don't always interact with. They don't always something. They don't always make a comment, but they're always watching. So when I announce this this mastermind can and people to at the end of the event, people wanna take photos with the speakers with me. And I say, you know, who are you? What's your name? Where you from? Oh, my name is Eduardo. And I came all the way from Argentina to see you, a guy came from Sweden. So it gives me goosebumps just talking about it, that people will come to, to an event for me from across the country. It it's an honor. I mean so we don't take it lightly the responsibility this year, we're gonna do bigger, better.


We have some of the best people in the game from various industries real estate investments marketing, communication, sales spirituality, gonna do a life meditation right there. And then we're gonna do manifestations. We're gonna do a bunch of different, amazing things. Some of our great speakers this year Tim story, he's an amazing coach. He's coach the likes of Kanye West op Oprah Winfrey and such Adam Jablin he's an addiction coach. And I, and let me announce it right here, life and direct. My great friend, Mr. Biz will be live at the V IP mastermind, August 26, folks, August 26 at the con hotel now is known the AKA. They changed the name, AKA Brickle, beautiful venue, same venue that we did last year, Mr. Biz will be life and direct with us right there in person.


So I'm very excited, Ken, for you to be there. And the amazing people. We have a bunch of woman amazing power players that will be there as well. Elena Gross. She owns a lending company. She's got over 300 officers across America. If you're looking for money mortgages, Elena's your girl. And, and many, many other, you know, many other folks in the fashion industry. Jaha she's an amazing entrepreneur, for example, who she, she does. Woman's shapewear and she's been so successful all across America. She's a powerhouse in her own, right? So super excited to get your tickets, get the early specials. Now obviously people can find me at Jose Arisitimuno, on, on Instagram, if they wanna reach out to me, if they wanna send us an email on the VIP mastermind, 2022 website, any questions you may have, you wanna sponsor the event you wanna participate in any way, shape, or reach out to us, but I I'm honored. I'm excited to have you there, Ken. And I know, I know the most important thing is that people are gonna leave the mastermind, feeling stronger, feeling ready to take that next take their business to the next level. And for those people who, who don't have a business, a lot of them, you have no idea can. After the first step we did, a lot of people started business after that event and they're coming to the second one to take their business to the next level. So I'm very, very excited about it.


Yeah, no, it's awesome. Look, I'm, I'm humbled and honored to be part of it. And guys go out to Look at the speakers. You know, Jose mentioned some of the folks that are gonna be speaking and on stage, I'm telling you it is a, it is an all star lineup. That's what I'm so humbled to be, be one of the speakers at this event. And when you go out there and see some of these names and, and know some of their backgrounds, I mean, you'll see, I mean, it's, oh my God. I am. I'm, I'm stoked. Not only to be a speaker there, but I'm stoked to be part of the event and hear all these other amazing speakers because I it's gonna be an amazing event. I I'm super, super stoked about it. Again, go out there. And Jose said there's some early bird specials and things like that, which I'm not sure how long those are gonna last. Probably I'm guessing. And maybe Jose, you don't wanna give that away, but as he gets closer to selling out, probably those are gonna kind of go away. So make sure


You, yeah, we, we announced, I'll tell you this. We announced the event, I believe May 1st, the event's August 26. So we're almost 90 days out. We're already at 60% capacity. So until July, I'll tell, I'll tell you that right now. So if you wanna go, you wanna, you wanna invest in your brand. You wanna invest in your future, go get your tickets now where we have the early birds. I know for a fact that sometime in meet June prices will go up.


Yeah. And guys, look, as you mentioned, I'll be there. I'll be speaking. I'll be, I'll be at the whole day at the event, I'll be there the day before, et cetera. So if, if if you are there and you're coming to the event, reach out to me, DM me on Instagram, reach out because I'd love to meet you in person as well. So anyone out in Mr. Biz


Me have one more thing, Ken. Yeah, one quick thing before we go. If you buy the platinum ticket, if you buy the platinum ticket, you get to go to a special private cocktail reception the day before on the 25th and on Thursday. And you get to hang out with all the speakers, just the platinum holders and, and the speakers. So that'd be a great event to network.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. A great, great opportunity to meet some of these folks that I mentioned. Again, you go out to You'll see. As I mentioned, the speakers are just absolutely dynamite. I'm not sure how I lucked into this, but I'm humbled and I'm honored. And I, I can't wait to be down there amongst all these superstars. Jose, so VIP media. So we talked a little bit about running outta time here, but how can people re reach out and get in connection with you with V IP media, if they have interest in, in, in you helping them with PR or branding?


Totally. So if you want, if you're looking to get press, whether it's digital, whether it's print, go on television, like you see me on TV, you wanna be on the radio like you see Mr. Biz go to, fill out the little questionnaire, the little inquiry box, and somebody from my team will reach out to you. We would love to help you. I always tell people a powerful brand. It's a powerful bank account. Never forget that. Remember that your brand is the one thing nobody can take away from you. And if I can build the brand of a former president of the United States, I'm a hundred percent confident that I can build yours.


Awesome. Thank you so much for coming on Jose. I really appreciate it.


Thank you, brother. Appreciate you. Thanks a lot.


Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for watching. Thanks for listening guys. And don't forget as always cash flow is king.


This has been Mr. Biz radio to learn how to become part of Mr. Biz nation. Visit for access to free weekly content. Subscribe to the Mr. Biz, YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, to listen to archive shows. You can find them on the Mr. Biz solutions website.

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