Marketing on a Budget

Marketing on a Budget

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Mr. Biz Radio: Marketing on a Budget

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week we are going to talk about something again. We try to do, you know, a ubiquitous topic that everyone's dealing with as a business owner, entrepreneur, et cetera. We're going to talk about a lot of things, marketing and specifically some ways, ways to market on a budget which everyone is interested in, of course. But this week we're going to talk with Mr. Daniel Martinez and he is the co-founder of hive-mind CRM and the owner of the list. Guys. He's a real estate investor and of course he's an entrepreneur and he has a fascinating entrepreneurial journey. So Daniel, welcome to Mr. Biz radio.


Welcome. Welcome. I appreciate your invite.


Yeah, absolutely. So let's just dive right in and get started with that. So walk us through your, your entrepreneurial journey. You've done a lot of different things in a pretty short period of time, so it was pretty cool.


So I have a partner Anthony on the line too, but a quick, quick little thing on me is I, I used to live, I'm gonna check extra driver. I used to load trucks back in the day, and then I I, I pivoted, I actually start my own trucking company pivoted into real estate, started doing digital products, software, and a data data company. And I found my, my, my niche into digital products and software and data, my data company. This has been a lot of a lot of different, a lot of different things. A lot of some physical products, digital products has been a great journey for me.


Yeah. So, so you know, since you've done all these different things, walk us through. So what, what were some of the pivot points between, you know, some of those different roles?


It was more out of, it was more out of necessity. I, I had one, when you go in entrepreneurship, a lot of times you need to, you need to know when to pivot and learn to pivot as certain points for us to get cleaned out and have to go back to the job. So hopefully I found it, I found a good pivot point to pivot into where I am now. And it's just been an amazing journey of entrepreneurship and knowing when to pivot is key.


Yeah. And I'm imagining that with all these different types of things you've done that you've probably learned a little bit with each of these ventures of things you liked about them and didn't like about them, which probably helped you hone into what you're doing now that make it you know, more optimal for you. Is that, is that the case?


Oh yeah. I mean, when, when trucking is like a 24 7 job, you won't, when I was driving trucks and the head mountain company operating trucks, it was just a 24 7 job of managing operating, and just was every detail is working on holidays, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and new matter, you're working 24 7, and now it's a totally different business that I'm in now where I have a lot more free time.


Now, do you still have a truck? The trucking company?


No, I let it go. I got, I got cleaned out cause the COVID.


Ah, okay. Interesting. Interesting. Well, I know you had mentioned in your, in your bio that, you know, I was on some show prep. You also have some experience doing door to door sales. How was that? And what were you selling?


I was selling lawn care. I was selling lawn care. I used to work for a company called TruGreen. I did it for two months. That was more of a as a, it was more of a, I needed a job for a couple of months while I was transitioning to another job. I, I didn't really like it that much. I didn't like the door to door sales part. I didn't really believe in the product.


Yeah. That makes all the difference in the world. It's difficult to sell something. I the reason I asked about that specifically was I have a good friend of mine who did that for a while. And it was the same thing. It was a lawn care company. It wasn't true green, but it was another one. And he, it was the same exact experience. It sounds like that you had Daniel, he did it for about two months and he said, he's a pretty big guy. He said, you know what? I got out of this, I got paid very little. I lost like 30 pounds in two months from walking my butt off around all these different neighborhoods in the same thing. He didn't really believe in the product. And he really didn't like doing the door to door sales thing. So


I think it's a bigger thing. When you come in entrepreneurship, you really believe in the product. Cause it's your business. It's not somebody else's, you're not, you're not padding somebody else's wallet or working for somebody else. It's more of you, you get inspired because it's all for you and you're building your own foundation of your own business.


Oh yeah, absolutely. I agree with that a hundred percent. So did some of your experience with that, that door to door sales did that, you know, cause you to look more along the lines of, on the digital side of things saying, gosh, there's a, there's gotta be a better way to do this.


It was actually, it was extra the trucking part of it, the trucking, it took all my time. It was literally a 24 7 job when I was in trucking. And it was just, it was, it was too much for me and I hated being away from the family. I don't, I don't mind driving. I just, I just hated being away from the family.


Yeah. Yeah. I've heard, I've heard similar things from other folks that have been in the trucking industry. It's just, you know, it's just so difficult being away so much and you know, you can make pretty good money in it from what I understand, but, you know, I would imagine, especially once you have a family and things like that it's really starts to wear on you and you know, it makes those relationships challenging. I'm sure.


Yeah. It's a definitely a mental, a mental block when it comes to that. Just because you have to deal with a lot of different situations. I mean, just driving in traffic alone can drive some people crazy.


It's funny you say that Daniel, we literally just on the last show we were talking with our guest was a, he's a sort of a person who specializes in calming people down and, and, you know, dealing with anger and emotions and things like that. And I was sharing a story about just recently, just yesterday. I was, and just got super frustrated and sitting in traffic and everything and how I just have no patience for that anymore. So I can't even imagine being a, you know, driving for a living and doing that, you know, like said basically 24 7 the times you're going to run into those frustrating situations like that.


Yeah. So there's, there's so many variables. It was dealing with like crazy drivers and it's just dealing with Jillian drivers alone, pick up deliveries. It was, it was just, there's so much headache that comes with the physical products. And I always made a joke. I always make a joke to people that are still in trucking. And I still talk to a few people and I tell them is that the stars have to align for you to get paid. You have to traffic delivery, pickup shipping, and then you have to wait 30 days to get paid based on a 30 day invoicing. So it's just those stars up the line for every pickup and every load.


Yeah. Yeah. So what, what caused you to pivot into real estate


Necessity? Okay. It was, it was out of necessity because I was just literally spinning my wheels, not getting any attraction anywhere. It was just all the money I would make would literally go back out to bills and trucking is a heavily, heavily money driven business. So all the money you make has to go back out into the business for repairs and equipment and employees, you name it, there's somebody in your pocket.


Yeah, for sure. And so I guess when you get into the real estate world now, do you specify what type of real estate you get into?


Right now we're mostly focused on land, but right now we're opening up to commercial and we are doing homes. My partner does a lot of the real estate transactions, which is a, he is great as well.


Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. I think, you know, you, you see folks doing that and figuring out that man, you can really increase your passive income via real estate. You know, making some investments in the real estate side, making some wise choices there and having passive income into the future, as well as the appreciation of the, you know, the property that you buy. So I think it's definitely a, a really good toolkit, a tool in your toolkit as far as retirement planning and things like that.


Yeah, for sure. There's just, there's just so many ways to create cash flow and there's so many opportunities in real estate, but whether it's an agent investor, mortgage lender land flipper, house flipper, there's so many ways to make money in real estate as a whole.


Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. So guys, we're talking this week with Mr. Daniel Martinez, you can find out more@ . And as you've heard, he's done all these different things, got tons of different entrepreneurial experiences. And we're going to talk about more of those coming up in the next segment. And then finally, in the last segment, as I mentioned, he's going to give us some tips on marketing on a budget. Again, you hear all these different types of businesses that he's been involved in and marketing different angles for different businesses, different industries and things like that. So he's got some, some really good experience in that space. So we're going to hit a break here and then come back to the Mr. Biz tip of the, we can continue talking with Daniel Martinez


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All right. Welcome back to Mr. Biz Radio


And it's time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. This week's tip is when your life comes to an end, make sure you can say you chose your life. You didn't settle for it. I think oftentimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day you turn around and all of a sudden five years has gone by 10 years has gone by you have kids. And all of a sudden you're, you know, you, your kids are four and you're like, my gosh, they're graduating high school. Or, you know, they're, they're having their baby or they're, you know getting married and things that things can go by so quickly. It's really super, super important to make sure that, you know, as I say, take a step back and smell the roses, but you know, it is really important to do that because it's easy for time to fly by.


And then people start. I know I have folks, you know, relatives and friends that, you know, once you get beyond, you know, people get in their forties and they say, oh my gosh, well, it's too late for me. I can't make a change. I can't do this. I can't do that. That's just nonsense. I mean, there's, it's never too late for anything. So anyway, that's the mismatch tip of the week. And we're talking again this week with Mr. Daniel Martinez Daniel. So we kind of alluded to a little bit, but I guess I wanted to ask, you know, what got you into entrepreneurship?


I thought I wanted to spend more time with my family and that's been my biggest driver. My dad, my dad worked construction for over 30 years and his commute to work was sometimes two to three hours round trip, and then he'd work eight, 10 hours a day. So he wasn't he did support us a hundred percent, but it was one of the things where he wasn't around and he wasn't there to participate in our lives. So I wanted to, I wanted to do, do what my dad did as far as secret of the family, but I want also wanted to spend time and be there for my children.


Yeah. It's one of those difficult situations of, you know, I try to be mindful that myself, as far as you know, there are no do-overs. I tell myself that all the time, especially with kids, you know, as they get older and you know, you know, you're running them to practices and games and all that stuff. And sometimes it's, you know, you're like, oh my gosh, this stuff never ends, but when it's gone, it's over with, you know, there are no doers. You can't go back and say, oh, you know, I worked my butt off and missed all my kids, you know, games and activities. And now they're 25, you know, it's, it's that gosh, what's that song from the seventies, cats in the cradle, you know, the story about the guy who, you know, kind of wasn't there and just not necessarily the, you know, like I said, he was maybe working and just didn't have time to spend with his children.


And then he, his children got older and he wanted to spend time with them. And I was now, the children didn't have time for him. So definitely a, a tough situation to be in. And so I applaud you for sort of making that change and, you know, it's funny how we learn from things that we observed, you know, growing up. Talk to me a little bit about which, by the way, I love the graphic on the website. Talk to me about one of your fairly recent projects the list guys


This guys is a data data's Katrice and company. We can provide leads anywhere in the U S as far as from marketing for local businesses and real estate professionals. But we've, we we're living in right now. It's the hive-mind, which is a system to automate, automate and systematize your business as a whole for any entrepreneur. So we're really helping a lot of people and a lot of businesses just automate and accelerate, which is our, which is our model. So one of our users, we started this in February and one of our users literally came in within two months. He had his first six-figure month ever in June. So we're, we're really helping a lot of entrepreneurs just automate and accelerate their business based off of automation. So you can text call, email RVM posts, unlimited websites, unlimited users, and you can use a lot of resources there too, with automation to help leverage your time as an entrepreneur.


Well, and I want to talk to someone about hop CRM as well, but so what type of lists do you have with the list guy? So, and you can guys, you can find out more information on that one list, guys, the number one list, You'll love the graphic by the way, the, the little bit they have. But so what type of lists do you have available on with those guys?


So it's just the generalist, absentee, high equity, elderly any type of list you're trying to target. So if you, if you're a lawn care company and you want to target elderly people that don't want to cut their grass anymore, we can pull this to anywhere. Or if you're a real estate professional and, you know, a target absentee owners that are landlords that own property out of state, we can pull that list as well and provide you phone numbers to market to them.


Awesome. Awesome. Well, I'm sure that'd be valuable for a lot of folks in a bunch of different businesses and clearly at least one of your clients and customers having a lot of success with it. So that's awesome. So, so now let's transition from let's guys into talking about a hive CRM. I know you had mentioned a little bit about that, but what, what, I mean, I guess I'll ask the same question I asked earlier is, you know, what drove you to you know, create hive CRM?


Yeah. We saw an opportunity just to help more people. I think one of the biggest things as a, as a, as an entrepreneur, you think, you think as a local business, like, oh, I can, I can only help people in my area, but when you come out with a digital product, we had a bigger goal in mind, as far as helping out people nationwide and globally. So right now we have a couple of users in Canada Australia, and we have one client in Africa. So, but they're marketing in us and different other places as well. So we're, we're, we're now providing a product globally instead of just locally.


Right. And I'm sure that there's probably a pretty strong tie in between the list guys and hype CRM is, are not.


Yes, yes. So let's guys, this is marketing materials and hive is your marketing system and CRM. So keep track of your leads, convert your leads, set up automations, have a converting website, have a credibility website, everything we use in the system, it all leads back into the CRM. So somebody fills out a form, somebody texts our number, our scene, monitors it and gets back with them. So we're using text features, email features on website features all in one to coordinate and keep track of our leads and potential contacts.


Gotcha. Okay. Well, I guess I want to ask, since again, you, you've had a, a pretty varied entrepreneur journey so far even you're a pretty young guy, but you've still done a lot of different things that being said, you know, when we talk about learning from some things you observe and everything what's so far Daniel, when you're in your entrepreneurial journey has been your favorite failure.


I think my favorite failure has been transferring or pivoting from a physical product or service to a digital. I think a lot of people underestimate the digital products. And I think you understand that since you're a podcast host and you've done so many episodes, hundreds of episodes that you understand the power of digital and reaching a larger audience just with digital products.


Yeah. And it's, you know, look, it's a digital world. I mean, it's, it's been that way and it's not going to change. It's only going to, in my opinion, it's only going to continue moving in that direction. And so you know, we always use the example. I've used it several times on the show in the past of, you know, moving into the digital space in the example of, you know, blockbuster video versus, you know, the Netflix and all the streaming that's available now you don't want to get left behind obviously in that scenario. So I guess, you know, legacy wise, and again, I want to, we're almost heading into a break here, but, you know, as you, what's one thing that you want to be remembered for.


I want to be remembered for how many business and entrepreneurs lives. We change as far as making more money, because one of the biggest things is as a, as an entrepreneur is a lot of people think they can, they can do it all themselves and they don't need to hire anybody, or they don't want to hire anybody just cause they want to deal with the ramifications of that. So either it's insurance, it's management, they might not be a leader per se. And one of the biggest things with automation is you can sometimes get a whole employees worth of time and services just by creating a system and putting a system in place to do the work for you. So when you automate and accelerate your business, you can cut out manual work hours. You can cut out a lot of management because you can just automate it. It's a, it's a, it's a digital world. And you can, you can put processes in place that work when even when you're not working.


Yeah, for sure now, and it's, it is super important and you're right. A lot of people try to, you know, when they're, especially when they're starting out of business as an entrepreneur and they try to bootstrap and try to DIY, and I talk about it on show all the time is don't DIY your business to its detriment. You know, there's certain things you need to hire out and, or automate, like you're talking about, you know a strong CRM system, you know, can kind of sorta take the place of at least a partial you know, employee resource. So super powerful there. And you know, if you think about it and I'm sure Daniel you'd agree with this, no one has ever been super successful by themselves. Everyone has, you know, a partner, someone who helps them, they, you know, et cetera, et cetera. So doing it on your own just doesn't work. All right, what time did Daniel Martinez this week? Come back after the break and he's going to give us some marketing on a budget tips.


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All right. Welcome back to the show again, we're talking with Mr. Daniel Martinez this week before we get into some of his tips on giving some tips on marketing on a budget. I want to make sure I mentioned everyone. Make sure you've got and follow us follow. We've got a YouTube channel, Mr. Biz follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. If you're on clubhouse join us on clubhouse. We have Mr. Biz and friends actually a a, a, a group that you can join as well there to stay and stay on top of everything we were doing on clubhouse. And then of course, good old Twitter. Everyone's favorite slash least favorite social media platform. It seems like it's pretty polarizing one way or the other usually love it. People usually love Twitter or they can't stand it. So interesting stuff there, but so Daniel again, you've done all these different things. I should mention them again. You guys have heard about all these different things that all these oars in the fire that Daniel has the easiest way to, to to take a look@thoseorfindthemisgoto . And there are links there. You can get to all these different ventures that he's got going on and find out more about what he's doing and the CRM, the list, guys, et cetera, all those types of things. You can find them via , but so Daniel, what would you give our listeners tips on marketing on a budget?


It depends what type of marketing. So generally we can talk about real estate. So we cheapest the best way to get a marketing list is driving for dollars. So let's driving around your neighborhood and trying to find properties that are looked distressed in some way and marketing that list down and drive from from dollars. Other cheap way is Facebook ads, Facebook ads are, they're easy to they're cheap and they're abundant like leverage Facebook and Google and stuff like that. Google ads, you don't, you don't need a big budget and you can just select a low budget and let a drip. And then if you have lists already, you can do email marketing. Email is pretty much free with Google, Yahoo and other services like that. So there's a lot of different techniques you can use to keep your budget low and still do effective marketing.


Yeah. So you had mentioned, you know, driving neighborhoods and things like that, is that the primary way that you find leads on your, on the real estate side for your, for yourself?


Right now we're doing a lot of we're doing a lot of referrals. That's another cheap way is putting it out there as far as what you do and how and how you do it. And you'll get a lot of referrals coming inbound. So right now, generally we get a lot of referrals, inbound, and we do we're doing PPC, which is Google ads.


What about, what about for the list guys and, or a hive CRM, or what specific things are you using to target folks that


For those businesses specifically, it's pretty much just word of mouth. I mean, your, your customers can be your best, your best referrals. So we're getting a lot of customers to that and just using social media, social media is a free tool. Everyone has access to that. You've got to utilize.


Yeah. I agree. Have you found that you know, one of the things I think is super powerful and you, you kind of alluded to it a little bit, there Daniel is testimonials from customers. Obviously that's something that's free and I think it's super powerful. Would you, is that something you've experienced as well?


Oh yeah. Testimonials. I mean, we try and get testimonials on video texts anyway, anyway, the screenshots, any way we can get them, we're getting testimonials and we have tons of them online. And it's just one of those things where leveraging testimonials is huge, huge in every business, go Google, Google reviews. There's so many ways to leverage testimonials and, and video testimonials and all that stuff for ads and you name it, you can use it everywhere. Yeah.


W what, what form? I know you'd mentioned a couple of times now videos, are you, do you lean more on the video side of things when you, when possible?


I generally I try, I try and get every form, so we're on, we're on Google my business. So we enter a hive, integrates would go my business so we can send out Google review requests. I try and get screenshots whenever I get it. So there's a lot of screenshots we get from our social media, Facebook page from our DMS message, text messages, but videos we generally use for like ads. So we generally, we generally try and get like a 60, 30 seconds, a 62nd testimonial that we can use it for ads and Facebook ads or, or just social media ads in general.


Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, I think kind of going back to the testimonials as well, I think, you know, that I've written testimonial testimonials, definitely powerful for sure. No doubt about that, but I think now even kind of the testimonial on steroids is to have a video one. Because I think as a consumer looking to do business with you, you see that it's a real person, you hear about all these people kind of fudging a lot of their testimonials written ones at least, and, you know, getting Amazon reviews and kind of doing shady things, but you got a video testimonial from someone, you know, a potential customer sees a real live person. Of course you could have put them up to it or whatever, but at least they make it, I think, a real connection with the person and helps get you your, your business over that know, like, and trust you know, hurdle in order for them to do business with you.


Oh, 100%. Yeah. I, like I said, we get every form just because we're going to take it where we can take, we're going to take whatever testimony we can get at any point, but these smells are definitely the most powerful.


And do you, do you just come out and ask for those, or how do you, how do you approach that Daniel?


For video testimonials, we generally ask for those. And we usually ask for those from our top performing players or assets, the pet, our top performing customers, just because if you want a testimony, you gotta make sure you get it from somebody who's getting a lot of results from your, from your product or service. But w any other than that, we'll take testimonials from everywhere from texts and screenshots system.


And it sounds like social media has been a big part of, of what you do with, with all your different businesses.


Yes. Yes. I I've been taking social media a lot more seriously as of March of last year on my personal Instagram. I had like seven posts. And I think right now I just hit 1300. So right now, 10 posts a day. And it's just, it's, it's, it's, it's been going, it's been going.


Yeah. And again, I think that's it, the reach you can have, and again, we're talking about digital, right? I mean, social media is a, is a form of the digital world, of course. And you know, so I think social media, I know, I know for our businesses and, you know, the Mr. Biz brand and everything, social media has been a huge part of our growth and videos, you know, tying into what we just talked about a minute ago is that we, we saw a huge growth. I, it was back in 2019, 18 and 19. I can't remember whether it was 19 when we I finally got convinced of, you know, the power of video and I did a hundred videos. I did 20 videos a month for five straight months, and just all live, all live stream videos, talking about different topics that are pertinent to my target audience and things like that. And man, I'll tell you, it just, the impact of it was so powerful. And things just absolutely blew up from just those hundred videos. And so, you know, we continue to utilize those video services and things like that as much as we can.


Oh yeah. We were really big on video too. So right now we do three weekly calls with our, with our users and other prospects as far as in real estate and everything's recorded. So on our use of channel Highline CRM, we actually have over 200 videos that we posted since February.


Oh, wow. Yeah. And you know, again, people are going to go out and search and they find you. And what I've found is the thing about video, I think, is so great is that people see you and you know, I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea. You know, you're not going to please everyone all the time, which is fine. It helps people be able to see you get an idea. Can this person actually helped me, can this service help me? You know, are they comfortable with you as a person? And they feel good about it? Things like that. Like I said, the know, like, and trust a hurdle that's typical you know, having people do business with you. So I think that's, that's pretty important. We've only got about a minute left Daniel time flies when you're having fun. Right. But given all the different things that you've done, all these ventures you've had, if you won $10 million, if someone came down, you know, knocked on your door today and said, oh my gosh, congratulations, you won $10 million. How would you spend that?


Invest in cash flowing assets.


That's very practical Daniel.


So the power of leverage that it gives you. So if you invest in cash flowing assets, you don't, sometimes you only need to put, depending on your loan base, you might need to put if it's FHA and you've only put three and a half percent, if you're doing a regular loan, you know, about 20%. So if you have a $10 million ask $10 million of cash, technically you can invest that four folds. So you can get a $50 million property. So $50 million property can produce some X cash flow, which in turns just makes you profitable. You're building equity in that property every day. And you're just, you're you, at that point, you're free. You don't need a lot. You don't need you don't need a lot of money to be free as, as a entrepreneur. It's just just investing cashflow. Yeah.


Yeah. I love it. I love it. Well, you know, we talked about cash flow on the, on the show all the time, so I definitely behind that one, but Daniel, thanks so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it. No problem. All right. Thanks guys. Thanks for listening. Have a great week. And don't forget as always cash flow is king.


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