Innovative Marketing for Today's Consumer

Innovative Marketing for Today's Consumer

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Mr. Biz Radio: Innovative Marketing for Today's Consumer

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio! Biz Talk for biz owners during the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two time best selling author will cover topics that'll help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the fun and take your business onward and upward. This show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week we're gonna take a different approach. We've covered this topic on the show a few times in the past, but this is going to be a completely different approach, different angle, different ideas, insights and that is around marketing. We're always looking for new, innovative ways to market our business market ourselves, whatever it may be, market our products. And I think,uyou're gonna really love this week's guest because,uhe has a very innovative tool that we're gonna talk about extensively. And,uso it, the name of the, uh,the tool, I guess I'll call it Clikity Split. And it provides small business owners, even the one person, mom and pop shop with a patented real time dynamic marketing tools that empower them to run special sales promotions, or immediate react to deteriorating business conditions, to run enticing, flash sales that drive traffic, et cetera. And literally it only takes like two minutes to change the contents. And,uit's, it's a really neat tool. I checked it out a while back, and that's what made me reach out to Jim to have him as a guest on the show to talk through it. Because,uagain, I, I, I think you guys are really gonna enjoy the, this, so without further ado,uwelcome to the show Mr. Jim Clouse.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate the opportunity.


Yeah. So look before we dive into exactly what Clikity Split is and all that kinda stuff, if you wouldn't mind, Jim, give us a little bit we always like to start with sort of your background and your entrepreneurial journey. What, what led you to be, be where you're at now?


Well, I've always wanted to own my own business since I was about 12 years old and I never really had the right idea until the online world, the internet come on board. And I've been making my living online full time since 1998. And I was one of the first ones that picked points of interest on a map. Of course, back in those days, it were static maps primarily with, with dial in. And my thought was, this was the time also that you know, came on with said name of your own price. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, I'm saying I don't wanna name on price if I find a hotel say in, in Nashville, but my appointment is 20 miles south in say Franklin, Tennessee, what if I get caught in traffic? So my idea was to depict those points of interest, those hotels in those days via GPS and a friend of mine.


I'm a CPA and I had a tax client that programmed in Pearl and Pearl is of course an old language, but mm-hmm, <affirmative> he and I discussed this idea and said, Jim, this is a cool idea. We went then to a restaurant in Nashville, pargos, and I interviewed some guy there from Vanderbilt, and he says you can't do what you wanna do. I says, check, please. <Laugh>. So we left there and Jerry Sanders, it was my client. He took the idea and working at night after course had his full-time job. He built ho And we depicted those dots on that map, just like I had envisioned. And I moved to in 2001, which depicted hotel locations on the static map again. And that's how I made revenue while things were kind of slow in other business.


And then my idea was always, Hey, by, by depicting these points of interest on a map gave that point of interest, tremendous visual marketing, power mm-hmm <affirmative> and friend of mine. In fact, I had a, a guy that shut up my door that one of my employees referred me to, that he wanted to get into programming. He and I head off, and this was in 1999 and he thought this idea was real cool. And we became real friends. And I said, Fred, I wanna depict always the points of interest on a, on a on a map. And he said, well, that sounds cool. He worked his butt off. It was very, very visionary. And he and I sit out on about a 20 year journey and we, he analyzed, he said, Jim, you can't do yet what you wanna do, but the technology is not there.


He, so I came back to it every year and said, correct, you wanna do it now? I said, no, he was a big Microsoft guy. And I come back again, said, no, you can't still can't do it. Well, finally, about 10 years after the first idea, we he said, Jim says everything, now's aligned. The technology's there, go for it. And we built in Clikity Split and it is real time dynamic marketing. I then did a patent search. I thought I had something special, did a patent search and the patent examiner or the, the patent consultant came back, says nothing like it right now. So I paid him to do the, you know, the search, he came back, says nothing that all like this to my knowledge, and this guy was more or less lived at the patent office. And I filed the patent and I received a patent on realtime marketing and on October, 2020 2020.


So I have a patent on the world's first and only realtime marketing engine. We also, our technology also is world's fastest vertical search engine taking actually nanoseconds to find what you want. There's no tuck involved, everything is tap, tap, tap. You don't have to sort of brand new search to use our technology. That's changed categories and subcategories and everything is displayed on the very same map. We, you may have ly displayed, you know, steak restaurants you can now display with, with a tap safety restaurants. So it's very unusual speed. The speed is phenomenal. It takes, like I say, nanoseconds, the the vendor, it's a, it's a marketing engine, not a search engine, even though we do search routines, be attacking our search routine is is visual. And it's definitely different than the search engines puts faster much better. It's about who can outmarket out thoughts and out market a competitor competitors gets the the end user patronage. So we're totally different than anybody else totally unique to innovation. I think it's revolutionary.


Yeah, no, not that's I, I do as well. I agree with you a hundred percent and that's why, you know, again mentioned at the outset, that's why I wanted to have you on because and I didn't realize that Clikity split had been around that long. So you guys are way out in front of,uof the,uthe technology, I guess, and, and, you know, the marketing game back then, because, you know, here I was thinking Clikity split was, you know, 5, 7, 8 years old. And I didn't realize it was, you know, 10 plus years and the idea had hatched even well before then. So, so kudos to you for having that, that visionary,uyou know, idea, and then sticking with it. As you mentioned, you had to keep coming back and, you know, your brain was the head of the technology capabilities back then.


So that's an interesting thing. It's another, you know, example we talk about all the time on the show. Jim, is I talk about consistent perseverance, you know, as an entrepreneur, it's so, so important, and you definitely display lead that with having that idea and not just shelving it or forgetting about it and continuing on and, and waiting until the technology caught up with your brain. And then developing Clikity Split . So again, as were talk with Mr. Jim Clouse Clikity Split , gosh, I got in trouble saying that we're gonna hit a break here and come back and give a Mr. Biz tip of the week.


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All right. Welcome back to the show. It is time as we always do at the set of the second segment, we did the Mr. Biz tip of the week, and this is one that hits each and every one of us precisely 52 times a year. And this week's tip is don't let your weekends be week ends as in W.E. A. K. Ends. So just because you hit the weekend, doesn't mean to hit the snooze button that doesn't also doesn't mean to, I'm not trying to say to work all weekend and, and you know, all that kind of stuff. What I mean is make sure your weekends are meaningful and whatever, however you define meaningful. If that's working more in your business, on your business, if that's spending time with family, because maybe you had had the opportunity during the week, whatever, however you define that I guess said in another way is, is don't just lay around on the couch and watch TV.


Although maybe some you know, some relaxation time is, is due as well, but so just don't let your weekends be weak ends to your week. So that is the Mr. Biz tip of the week. All right. So let's get back into it. And I should mention, by the way, you could find out more especially social media, you can follow Clikity Split on, on Facebook and Twitter, and you can follow Jim on LinkedIn Instagram, geez, Louise, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I try to combine the two. I come up with a new platform there, but he's J.W. Clouse on, on LinkedIn and Instagram definitely go out and follow them there. But so Jim, talk to us a little bit more about Clikity Split. I know you, mention sort of the Genesis of the idea, how it all came to fruition over several, several years, but you know, if you would, so I'm a business owner, let's say I go out to the website. I find it. I say, man, it sounds pretty interesting. How does it, how does it typically work with, with a business owner who comes to you and needs some help?


Well, you know, I have a passion for small businesses cause I, you know, have been around a small business my entire life. Let me first off say that you spell click and split C L I K I T Y S P L I And you can go to, to and see a lot of about a dozen videos and explains entire our entire technology. But,usmall businesses have been left out of the,uonline and mobile revolution because the tools that they are or have available are just too complicated and too time consuming for them to use. Of course, right now they have problems with,ustaffing. Everyone's got hiring problems, staff problems. They even have a lot of problems with,uwith the products because of the supply chain crisis. But,uthose in time will pass. What they need to do is to, they need to,uget themselves ready for the,urevolution of marketing.


When business does pick up everything is aligned and it's not that far off they need to be able to, what I say is out Fox and outmarket their competitors. And our technology is just that we build a rich multimedia mobile website with them. If they get together a file of their images and text, we can build the build them a rich multimedia mobile website in about 25 minutes. And that includes two hot deals two three coupons. It includes rich multimedia, like video, audio slideshow rush Johns have menus, quick information and guest reviews. Everything is in one place so that the end user can quickly qualify or disqualify a restaurant or retail business or entertainment venue. For example, on our we have, and quick information is a very, very for a formatted grid.


And in that it included is the restaurant's health department score. That of course is a very, very disqualifying feature in case the restaurant has a, has a a bad health score mm-hmm <affirmative>, but it, it comes down to marketing who can outmarket the others. We depict their points of interest on the on the map, a hyperlocal interactive map, the red dots denote the ones that uses our technology anyone can of course add their listing to quick put for nothing. That'll give them a, address, and phone number. And then we teach them how to use our technology to run hot deals. Flash sales say a free glass of wine. If you purchase an appetizer you can change the content in two minutes and change off as you want to. For example, every restaurant has a dead time after lunch, before happy hour, the, the revenue is down, but their fixed costs, variable costs keep going.


So they can use our technology in about to change their content, to run, say a special flash sale to, to attract that those end users, those followers, once they change their content to run that flash sale, we immediately push those notifications down to their follower's smartphone and to their Facebook and timeline and Twitter feed. And that of course generates excite and excitement with the followers and their peers and that generates revenue. And that's just that that's, that's real time marketing defined, being able to change that kind in matter a few minutes, to communicate with your followers and excite them and drive revenue. Very, very simple.


Yeah, no, and that's one of the things I love about it is because it is so simple. So first of all, I, I wanna make sure that everyone out there listening now, if you are a business owner, first thing you need to do, which is absolutely free is as Jim mentioned, go out and register your business on Clikity Split. Because again, that gets you on the map, as they say figuratively and literally in this case. But especially, you know, it will give you an opportunity to sort of take a look while you're out on the website what, how it works and how, you know, everything, I guess, Jim, I should met, mentioned I know you'd mentioned in restaurants a few times and some brick and mortars, is it typically because it is so dynamic, is it mostly most of the businesses that interact with Clikity Split? Is it, are they restaurants, retail you know, retail sites, brick and mortars, things like that. Yeah,


It's a one that, like I say, can use our technology, but the most ones that are probably used real time marketing the most are restaurants, retail, entertainment, even hotels and motels that can, you know, change their content to, you know, to fill their rooms up. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative> the very, very last minute. So anyone that is what we do is we, we turn advertisers into sales, marketers. We don't just give them a rich multimedia mobile website and say, good luck. We teach 'em how to really market in real time. And to again, out Fox and out market, their competitors. Very, very simple,


Actually. Yeah. And, and I love the idea you mentioned with restaurants, like you said, every, every restaurant has that dead period. If they're open during the day, you know, in the let's, let's call it you know, one 30, 2:00 PM ish until you know, that four or five PM timeframe where it's, you know, things are pretty dead people aren't out. And so having the ability in real time to go out and, you know, send out a, an offer, like you said, maybe it's a, a free appetizer with an entree purchase or something like that to entice people to fill that space up a little bit more. And, and as you mentioned with hotels, especially, you know, if they're running a high vacancy rate for the evening, they can really do some dynamic things with Clikity Split and and hopefully help fill some of those rooms. So that's super cool. So again, go out to It's C L I K I T Y Facebook and Twitter, Clikity Split. And then on LinkedIn and Instagram, you can follow Jim at JW Clouse. So we're gonna hit another break here. We're gonna come back and we are gonna tap into Jim's brain, and he's gonna give us some innovative marketing tips on marketing our businesses.


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All right. Welcome back to the show. We are talking innovative marketing with none of them, Mr. Jim Clouse, of Clikity Split. I don't know why I have such a trouble with that, Jim. I, I, I struggle with it. I even paused to try to make sure I got my, my, my tongue in the right place in my mouth to able to pronounce it properly. It's it's it's something that definitely sticks with you though. So but I wanted to, again, tap into Jim's brain a little bit here. Obviously he's got tons of experience in the space of marketing. We are always looking for new ways to market our businesses and, you know, as, as anyone who's listened to the show very often has heard me say, and this is not my idea, but definitely a, a Grant Cardone who was just recently on the show as a matter of fact, for a, a second time, you know, the best known product beats, the best product every time.


And it sounds almost a little harsh to say that, but it is so, so true. I mean, you know I used the example before on the show, but, you know, McDonald's does, you know, as, as, as a fortune 100 company <affirmative> and are they that way because they have the best hamburgers. Absolutely not. But guess what McDonald's is everywhere globally. Everyone knows about McDonald's not only the stores are everywhere, so they make it easy to do business with them, but they're best known. They've had iconic marketing campaigns over the years. They're always out there marketing and so many different ways and they're the best known, and that's why they do so darn well, you know, I think, well, I will say I am a little susceptible to some cravings for McDonald's fries. I do think they have really good fries, but their other food it's, you know, it's, it's not like it's like gourmet food. That's the best food on the market, in the food industry. But gosh, darn you know, the marketing is so darn good and, and they do well. So they're the best known. So Jim, that being said, you know, talk to us, if you would about some innovative marketing ideas that we could all utilize for our businesses,


I'd be glad to to succeed long term. You just can't be an advertiser because you compete against the deep pocketed advertisers. He'll kill you every time. They'll cream, you, every time you gotta become a savvy marketer. And that's where Clikity Split like a say, sales, we empower ordinary advertisers to become those savvy marketers. We allow them to like say one or change their content to run flash sales, as often as they want to. If I were in the, any kind of business, I would want to like, say run, change my content at least three or four times a day, because once they change the content, as I mentioned before, we push those notifications to smartphones, pardon me to the Facebook timeline of the business and the Twitter feed. And that is communicating with that business owner that on the customer and the follower directly.


And that's always a good to have a good communication line. We also don't just build, like I said before, again their rich multimedia mobile website, and then go away. We want them long term. We want them to in fact, use our technology and spread the word we're gonna teach them how to very, very effectively and affordably use our technology. And we have several things like that on ideas like that on that shows them how to market their business. Very inexpensively. For example, one technique is, is about total cost of about $75, but is very, very effective because that burns in that customer's mind, Hey, these guys run pot deals and special offers often I'm gonna, I'm gonna check it back or, you know, I'm sign up for for an optin notification on my smartphone.


That's again, it's real real time marketing mm-hmm <affirmative> in order to become that saving marketer. I think's imperative in the future to have a rich multimedia mobile website that that does enable you to you immediately correspond, communicate with your customers and followers, especially when the traffic conditions deteriorate. You need to change your content often. You must also, here's very key also you must demand true narrow cast analytics that inform you to which of your marketing endeavors return to policy return on investment and which ones were a total waste of time and money. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, that's one of our patent claims for any point of interest to appear on any of our maps and in Clikity Split that point of interest GPS coordinates must fall within the display maps coordinates. As a result, we capture every interaction with their rich multimedia mobile website also called a dynamic billboard. And then we send those analytics, those, their cash analytics to business management ownership at midnight. And it details exactly how many people you went to their mobile website and what actions they took. This allows them to tie it back into their sales for the day. In fact, we could even tie into their point of sales system and gives them real time analytics.


Yeah. And I, Jim, let me jump in here real quick. So I, I, man, the two things, you mentioned many things, but two things that really pop out that I wanted to mention real quick is the mobile aspect of it is super important. I have seen this before with clients of mine, you know, in my fractional CFO business, where they have not checked their website to see how mobile friendly it is and the reality of the, the world is, and it's becoming more and more prevalent is that oftentimes when people see your website, they're seeing it on their mobile phone. And if you have not checked to see how mobile friendly your website is, mm-hmm <affirmative>, you need to do that because the last thing you want them to do is you finally get someone, you drive some traffic to your website, they look out on their mobile phone and it just looks terrible.


It's it's UN uncounted and, and difficult to read. And just, you gotta scroll left, you gotta scroll right to see things because it doesn't fit on the screen, et cetera, super important. And the multimedia aspect of it, you know, imagine to your point I'm, I'm imagining if I had a restaurant of creating a quick, you know, selfie 30 at video mm-hmm, <affirmative> on a Tuesday afternoon to say, you know, from the restaurant, Hey, I'm coming to you from, you know, Ken's Mr. Biz restaurant, and we're running a special today. Guys, you gotta try this. Our chef is whipped up such and such. And if anyone who comes in, you know, that almost personalizes it a little bit makes it super dynamic. As you mentioned, exactly.


That's real time my marketing, but you just described, yeah. That that's the future, not search engines, not buying paper, click ads, but out Fox and out marketing that competitor. We do it. We make it easy for 'em to do.


And that's the other part, you know, the, the, the ease of operation if you have the greatest tool in the world, Jim, you know this because of the way you've built Clikity Split, but mm-hmm <affirmative>, if you've got the easy or the best tool in the world, it's just fantastic, but it is very cumbersome for someone to use. So the end user, the business owner, the entrepreneur, who is probably burning the can at both ends, super busy, doesn't have a lot of time to devote, to learning a system or platform. If it's difficult for 'em to use you even no matter how good and how effective it is at some point, they're gonna run out of time and they're not gonna use it. And because it's difficult to use. So I think that's another really great aspect of Clikity Split. It's easy to find. So again, go out to thats C L I K I T Y To find out more information. But Jim, look, we've, we're only got about minute left. Any, any last last things you wanna leave us with?


Yeah. We wanna have everyone try our technology. So we have a special offer, every size business, including the one person, mom and pop can use our technology for 30, for 40 days for one single dollar we'll we'll build that billboard, that dynamic billboard with 'em and they can try our technology and get those narrowcast analytics for 40 days for one single buck. Wow. That is a guarantee return on the investment by itself,


Man. I really appreciate that, Jim guys, you have to go out and take advantage of this. Look, if nothing else, try it for 40 days. As Jim said, I mean, gosh, you, you have a dollar to lose. I mean, come on Jim. Unfortunately we're outta time here. I really appreciate you coming on the show. Completely split is awesome.


Thank you. It much been my pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity. Have


A great day. Yeah, absolutely. Guys, go out and check those guys out. Clikity Split. Thanks for listening. Have a great week. And always as always, I know I'm gonna cash flow is key.


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