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How to Ignite Your Inner Hero

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Mr. Biz Radio: How to Ignite Your Inner Hero

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right, Welcome to another episode of of Mr. Biz Radio With me, Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth. Guys, this week we're gonna talk about, uh, we're, well talking about a lot of different things, but our guest this week, I met him, actually got connected, uh, through a mutual friend of ours, Jose Aristamuno, who's been on the show as well. And Adam actually was a keynote speaker at Jose's event, and I was a keynote speaker as well. But Adam is like a super busy guy and he's, you know, hobnobbing with all these, you know, super important people. So he got to the event, he couldn't get there until later in the day cuz he, you know, he was spending some time with Tony Robbins, uh, you know, early in the day. He had a break with Tony to come to the event to speak. Um, and so we didn't get to spend a lot of time down there when I was down there, but, um, we stayed connected. I know he and I talked a couple times online and I wanted to have him on the show to talk about the hero project. You can see behind him, if you're watching the video, um, the logo for it. Um, Adam Jablin, welcome to Mr. Biz Radio


The welcome is very, uh, near to my heart because when we met on, on my IG Live and then get the hangout a little in Florida, there was just a kinship. There was a, a brotherhood. So thanks for having me on.


Yeah, man, I really appreciate you coming on. Um, so, uh, I guess let's get started, Adam, with walk us through sort of your entreprenureal journey. I know you've got, you've got an amazing story behind you and it led you to what you do now and your, your vision of what you do now. So tell us a little bit about that, if you would.


So let's just focus on business and business itself, and then we can take the conversation wherever you want. Uh, okay. I was born into and raised in a family business. So I was third generation into, uh, the lace manufacturing. I would even call it an empire. We were the number one lace manufacturing company in the world. And, uh, I really, it was one of those childhoods where it wasn't like you get to dream about what you wanna do and who you wanna be, it was like, it was like the mafia. This is what we do, this is who we are, this is, you know, this is what you're gonna be doing. And I was raised, you know, now I understand, uh, generations, but I was raised in a way where you had to prove yourself. Uh, there was no silver spoon, there was no way.


He's, you know, the boss's son. I, I was the bosses and the, you know, the grandson of this empire. So I had to be the first one there. I had to be the last one to go. You know, there was a while I had to work night shift, I had to learn every department from being a janitor to literally, uh, yarn inventory, to working the machines, to quality control, to the shipping department, to design and development. I mean, every area of business, which for me was a blessing later in life because when it was time to start doing what I'm doing now, which is the hero project in uniting people's hero within helping people with recovery from alcoholism, addictions, unhealthy dependencies, and really breaking them free, I had a structure on how to run a business and how they, you know, every piece of my business and let it flow.


Obviously you're not in the family business anymore, is it? How did you step out of


That? Great question. Well,


Like you said, the, the mafia, right? Yeah, yeah. What you're in,


You're in the mafia and, and that, and by the way, like the mafia, you know, you, you don't step out. What what really happened was a natural progression, uh, in about 2019, uh, things had shifted. Like so we were the number one lace manufacturing. So let me tell you, lace, lace, like women's intimate apparel, Victoria's Secrets, La Perla, hanky panky and things were shifting and something that's very interesting and people could look at the, uh, stock market to know that I'm telling truth, look at the stocks of these companies is the, some of the biggest names out there, like Victoria's Secrets, they bet against, uh, Bezos and Amazon. They didn't believe that people would be ordering online and trying things on and sending it back. They bet on their own inventory and brick and mortar and they bet raw. So we were going against crazy inventories.


Amazon was a monster also the the far east, even though we were still beating them, they were cutting their prices down dramatically. And the Me Too movement, which by the way I think is true and is valid and every woman should be respected. And but there was a time that it got a little too crazy and it was as if it killed women's fashion. No, nobody was dressing up sexy. And we either had, it was time for this family to make a decision and it was either, okay, we're gonna not just stay in the United States, but we're gonna have to open in Thailand, China, and the, or east and kind of play more of a global or it's time to get out. So when we made the decision, it was time to get out after being 15 years clean and sober and working with a bunch of names that I'm really proud of the next natural step for me, my man was to start my own thing.


Yeah. And well, and, and I I guess we got about three minutes here. I know we got, so we can at least scratch a service on this. So, and again, you can share as much or as little as you want. So I don't wanna, I'm an open book. I'm not, not trying to pry or anything, but so, so you, you talked and even just recently you shared something and I actually joked with you before you came on air that I thought was really interesting and you, you were doing a video and you were putting on a shirt, a button up shirt, and you said, you just don't know. You said, I was going through life and I was one button off. You know, if you guys or even girls you put on shirt, right? And you, you got a misalign your one button off, you don't even realize it typically until you're, you got the dang thing button, you're like, oh crap. And you gotta unbutton all of 'em. Right? And so if, if you would talk a little bit about that. Where did you, where was that realization that finally hit you that you're like, crap, I'm a button off. Like what the heck is going on here and how do I, how do I fix it?


My brother? That, that is a deep question cuz that really happened for me in 2006 when I got clean and sober. You know, it's really interesting. Business is is a beautiful spiritual game. I really believe that. Um, but at the end of the day, you know, not only is it about helping other people, but it's also, you know, if it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense. And I was able to be extremely productive and successful drinking my face off and popping pills like they were tic tacs, you know, with that one button off. I know, I know. I got, I got it. I know, I know. I just closed the deal for Victoria Sequence. I know, I know. But I didn't know right? I didn't know. So the balance sheet could tell you that Adam's a hell of a businessman, but if you look at the balance sheet inside what was going on, it would show you that I was completely bankrupt. And that's where everything shifted.


Well, it's interesting, um, on a much smaller scale, uh, but very much related. I got someone who's, uh, I'm pretty close with that. It started during Covid. Um, you know, he has some drinks here and there, goes out and have some beers with the guys during covid it started to pick up and I started to notice it and I literally had a talk with him and I said, look man, I'm no, I'm no Adam Jablin, right? I I I'm not a counselor. I dunno how to do this stuff, but here's what I would challenge you to do. Cause he, we had that almost the exact same conversation you're talking about with the one button off. Cause he was telling me the same thing. He's like, my business is thriving. Yeah, I have some drinks, it's not a big deal, blah, blah, blah. I said, do me a favor.


Yeah, you might be doing well, but you on a scale one to 10, you're at an eight. If you weren't doing those things, you'd be a 12. I said, so do me a favor, just do one week. Can you go one week, don't have any drinks at all for a week and see if it makes you feel different. And he tried and he went a couple of days and then he had a drink. And I said, dude, you got, you really need to go longer, obviously. But I'm like, just try it for a week. He finally did it. And I said, now be honest with me. He said, dude, I, my whole life has changed just with seven days. He goes, I didn't realize I got, it became normal for me to feel like crap when I wake up in the morning. I just thought that's, that's just what it is. So it takes me till noon to kind of get rolling. And he's like, now I wake up at 7:00 AM ready to go. I'm just, so, even just seven days doing that, he, he was, uh, you know, really saw the effect and, and everything. We gotta hit a break here actually. We're gonna come back. We're talking with Adam Jablin and we're gonna continue talking about the Hero project as well during the second segment on Mr. Biz Radio.


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All Right, all right. All right. Welcome back to the show at his time, as always, at the top of the second segment for the Mr. Biz at Tip of the Week. And this one, no one's gonna be surprised by this. If you're a loyal listener to the show, uh, this week's tip is about cash flow. Hello, uh, focus on getting your cashflow right. So many business owners I see they become enamored with the top line with sales, with revenue. Oh my gosh, look at this. Look at this. You gotta worry about cash flow. If you don't have cash, you don't have a business. And, and it sounds strange, but you could be have sales at the wazo and have bad cash and actually be losing money. You could increase your revenue and actually be losing more money because your margins are crap and you, you're not focusing on those things.


You gotta get that right. And here's why. And everyone's heard me say this a million times, 82% of businesses, you see all these statistics about businesses that fail, right? They only make it this long. And there's all sorts of different studies, um, and different numbers. But 82% of business failures are due to cash flow challenges. 82%. So flip that on its head. If you get your cash flow right, you only have an 18% chance that you're gonna fail in your business. So get cover the 82, get the cash flow, right. A lot of different ways to do that too. So that's a Mr. Bizof the week. Again, this week we're talking to Mr. Adam Janlin. Uh, by the way, follow Adam on social media. He's Adam Jablin, J A B L I N, uh, on all the platforms. Uh, he shares a ton of content on, on Instagram.


Um, I watch, I watch all his stories and I'm a little bit of a stalker, but, um, that's okay. Um, and I was on his IG live a while back and he does IG labs pretty, pretty often and and has some awesome guests on there. Not, not me, I'm not talking about me, but, you know, people like Tim's story. If you're familiar, we've talked about Tim on the, on the show before David Meltzer. I know I've talked about David on the show, uh, before as well. Um, so Adam, let's get back into that a little bit. So, so you were one button off, you didn't realize it. Um, what was, was there like an event? Was there some sort of epiphany, some like rock bottom moment? Like what, what like roses you outta the ashes, like a Phoenix


<laugh>. So can you know, I was somebody that, my denial was really, really, really thick. I called myself captain Denial, looking back on it. Um, I really couldn't see how bad I was. And I'm so grateful for that story that you just shared where you challenged your friend. You know, just go seven days cause I couldn't go seven minutes and I would lie to your face and tell you I was going seven days. I lied all the time. I walked into an intervention. What an intervention really is, if you wanna break it down in my Jersey way of talking, is when you're not gonna ask for help. So everybody else that loves you is going to ask for help. That's what it is. It's that you don't have the courage to say what's really going on. Cause anybody that walks into an intervention knows something's not right.


And I walked into an intervention. I heard these beautiful letters, Ken, and you know, letters that, that had a beautiful memory of me. Something really special then, oh yeah, we know. And mentioning some story of me driving with my nephew's drunk, bathing, my six month old daughter wasted on tequila, just memory after memory. And then we love you, we're asking you to get help. And I surrendered. I went to this treatment center trying to be a good boy and showing them that I could, I had everything under control and I could do this, I could do this rehab thing and it backfired, you know, everything they were teaching me made sense. The disease of alcoholism and addiction. What happens to me when I drink the obsession, the compulsion of the mind. Why some people can put it down and people like me can't. And it, like you said, it rose me from the ashes. And you know, you had that beautiful segment real fast about cash flow. Well, for me, what was happening was that my cash flow was my spiritual life. I had none. Everything else on the outside looked great. Everything in my business looked great on the outside, but the cash flow, the spiritual life was definitely not an 82%. So, um, it was time for me to finally get that right. And when I got that right, everything else fell right in place.


And so that led you to, obviously it was a clearly a very moving experience for you because now that's what you do. You help folks, you know, take that same journey that you did. So tell us a little bit more about that. So the hero project.


Yeah, so brother, I found my calling, you know, and I didn't know what it was and it felt awkward to be honest. I felt in love with, with recovery and I felt in love with the process and I felt in love with helping people. And when we sold the family business, it was like the next natural step. I really didn't know what I was gonna do. And I leaned into my, my mentor, it's like a thought. I call him my spiritual father. His name is Dion, he's a rock and roll hall of famer, the wander and, uh, run around Sue. And, and I was like, what am I gonna do next? He's like, what are you talking about? He's like, you're gonna be at him. You're gonna influence people's thought. You're, you're gonna show people a higher reality. And that was where that entrepreneur journey really started.


Because there's a big difference between running an operation and building an operation. And that's what I learned with the Hero project. Not only was I helping people get better in their lives, but I was learning how to build an operation. I can go into a multimillion dollar company right now and run it with my eyes closed. What we were doing in the lace company, it was ridiculous. The amount of employees, the amount of insurance, workman's comp, the amount of yarn going in, the amount of product going out. I, I mean it was just, and it, we never took days off. It was 24, 7, 3, you know, three, eight hour shift all the time. Um, but building a business is completely, completely different. And it's good for me cuz it gives me empathy for what I'm building with people in their own lives. You know, I'm helping people let go of some really, really old ideas. Ideas that they actually, these decisions that they made can, when they were seven or eight years old, nine years old, of who they are and how they see life and how things are supposed to be. Those are not easy things to let go of 1, 2, 3. But we let go of these old ideas and these old beliefs. We install new patterns, new ways of looking at the world. That's the project. They turn to the hero of their own lives.


Well, I love it and I wanna, I definitely wanna make sure we, uh, especially in the last segment, you can give us some, some tips on how to become our own Superman superwoman. Um, but before we even get into that, what are some of the different ways that people can get involved? Let's say they're interested in, you know, like, geez, what is this? Let me find out a little bit more about this. Where can they find it and, and maybe look what's the interaction look like with, with the Hero Project?


Yeah. Well first off, if you can find me anywhere on any social media platform, plus I have a, a little team, not a big team, but I have a little team that will be able to get you help or able to get you to me, uh, within 24 hours. And depending on what it looks like is, first off, I'm gonna need to start with a conversation. You know, I'm not a salesman, you know, to be honest with you. And I, I tell everybody this, I don't need your money. I don't, I did. Well, okay, I'm gonna eat, my kids are going to eat and my grandkids are gonna eat. So if you are really ready and you want to change, I'm your guy because I'm gonna give you all of my heart, all of my emotions, all of my expertise. I'm 100% involved. If not, move on.


Get the out. I got somebody else that wants the help. Okay? But what it looks like is you are Neo and I'm Morpheus, you're Michael Jordan. And I'm Phil Jackson. And we're gonna get your game. We're gonna get you your game, and it's gonna be a lot of fun. We get very close. There's a lot of healing. You know, we all live in this world where we're trying to get from point A to point B as fast as possible and with significance, you know, how is my social media doing? How is this thing hitting? How many lights do I have on this? We're all showing something that we're not. I want people to feel really good in their own lives and in their own skin. And then they wanna take it and brand from there. They wanna market from there. Great, absolutely. But let's get him healthy. So it always starts with a conversation and always, always, always.


Yeah, I like it. I like it. Well again, Adam Jalin, follow him on social media, especially Instagram. He shares, he keeps his stories updated all the time. He's always sharing content on there. He goes ig Live all the time, again with some really amazing guests. Um, really good content there. You can find out more about the Hero Project, come back after the break and we're gonna get some tips from him without him giving away the secret sauce. But, um, of, of how we can become our own Superman or superwoman, um, in our own lives and some of the small subtle steps we can take.


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All right, welcome back to the show again, talking this week with Mr. Adam Jablin, uh, of the Hero Project. And, um, so Adam, I guess during this last segment, I wanted to see if you could share with us some things that we can take, some practical steps that everyone can take, any of us can take to, I guess using your terminology to ignite the hero within each of us. Because even if you're not, if if someone's not there watching right now or listening and they go, oh, I don't, you know, I don't drink too much or I don't do this, I don't do that, there's probably something in your life though that may be causing you, it might not even be something negative. It could be something that, um, that's impacting your life in a way that you would think, again, you wouldn't realize you're one button off.


For example, I had a friend years ago who was essentially, this is gonna sound really strange, Adam, but you, you probably know this, he was addicted to working out. Sure, I know it sounds funny, but he, it was impacting his life in a very negative way because everything went on the back burner. This guy would spend five, six hours a day, seven days a week at the gym. He would be late for work regularly. So I know it sounds strange, like, well, working out it's a great thing. It is a great thing. But anything in, in with not in moderation, anything to an excess can be negative because it was impacting, it was impacting his marriage. It was impacting his relationship with his children. Um, because that's all he cared about was the gym. So it wasn't a bottle, it wasn't a pill, but it was something else that he was addicted to that was having negative impacts on the other parts of his life. So what are some of those things? You know, I just mentioned that. So if someone's listening or watching and they go, well I don't, I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I don't do this, I don't do that. There could be something in your life though that that's causing that. So, so, so, you know, what are some of those things that we could do that, you know, or maybe even to recognize


Them. You know, I just leaned over if anyone was watching because of what you just said with the working out. The title of my book is Lots of Hall. It went number one, uh, for four weeks. And the reason it's called Lots of Hall from a Sick to Sober Superman is because I did everything a lot, meaning working out as well. Anything that made me feel good. I do a lot if it's business, if it's making money, that if I like it, if I'm getting some sort of pleasure or reward from it, I overdo it. So first is pen to paper. Wanna know some back tricks. We gotta go one pen to paper and I want people to take a look at people to take a real good hard look at what's controlling them rather than them controlling it. I'll say it again cuz it's really simple pen to paper what's really controlling them rather than them controlling it.


And this can even be your love for your family. You know, if you're a strong mommy and a strong mom or a strong dad, you have to lead that way. You cannot be pushed here, pulled here, you have to lead, right? So if the family dynamic is controlling you and you're not actually helping it, starting to help control it, that's a problem. And you will start looking for outside solutions, be it working out, be it spending more time at the office, making more business meetings, drinking, drugging, even going to church more. You can go to church three times a day. Anything to avoid the problem, which is you're not in control. Number two is I would love for everybody to realize that they are not the center of the universe. Now I would call this prayer, but ask something beyond themselves for help. Okay? I can't explain how we're doing this nowadays.


I can't explain to you how these phones work. I can't explain to you how a pilot nowadays doesn't even look where he's going. They use radar to go and land in. There are whales speaking beneath the ocean as we speak. Dogs are hearing whistles that we can't hear. There is so much going on beyond our five basic senses. And what I'm asking you is to open your mind a tiny bit, this much to realize that there's something beyond. This is why people are using DMTmushrooms now. Because there is this idea that there's something beyond this reality. There is. So start talking to it, asking for help. We can call that prayer. And also a simple meditation practice. I have every client, I have every person start with one minute, that's 60 seconds for one week of just breathing, just breathing. Two seconds in, two seconds out.


Nothing fancy. We don't go to transcendental meditation off the bat. We don't go to Dr. Joe Dispenza off the bat. We don't go to Tony Robbins priming off the pat off the bat. We just start with the simple one minute with themselves of breathing. These are three little things that if you implement every day, every single day for one week, you'll start going, oh, okay. I could be in more control here. You know, this is really weird. I asked for help with this thing and I had this, I had this idea, I had this idea and it worked. Okay, take the credit for, that's fine and I have no idea. But for some reason when I took deep breaths for one minute, I felt centered. I felt calm. Yeah. Hello. Because it works. You know what I mean? Because it works. And then we, when they're, when I'm coaching them, we build up to five minutes, then to 10 minutes when we're done with the hero project. They're at 20 minutes, twice a day of meditation, literally expanding their life and, and feeling it. They're, they're growing their life and living in a movie because what they think becomes a reality. But you have to do it daily.


Yeah. And I see on your social media and you share that often where, you know, you start your day with meditation, you have, uh, you do your journaling every day. I see that all the time as well. And I think one of the things you said, and again, it sounds so obvious, but it's consistency man. Yeah. Like, you can't expect to start meditating and meditate for two days ago. This didn't do anything for me. Like, you gotta, you gotta give it some time and to see some of those benefits because, you know, just like the example I gave earlier about, you know, my friend and saying, Hey man, just go seven days without a drink. And you know, again, I think we start to normalize. I don't say negative, I guess kind of negative stuff, right? So in his example, he just realized that, oh, I, I'm not a morning person, so it takes me a while to get going, get my engines going. It takes me until about noon to really kind of hit my strike. Yeah, that's because you drank way too much the day before. It's not because you're not a morning person, it, you know, there, but he normalized. That's just how I am. You know what I mean? Mean and I think


I love that


Addiction. It's, it's, it's that, that thing, right? You start to normalize it. Well yeah, I missed my kid's birthday party cuz I was at the gym. What? You're stuck. You freaking kidding me. Like, <laugh>,


You're stuck. You're stuck. And I love that word that you use consistent. You know, can I, I've heard this show many times. You know, I'm a fan of yours and I follow your content. It's way better to do some, let's say you and I are growing a business together or anyone we're in contact with listening to the show, we all decide to do something. It's way better to do something for 30 minutes, just 30 minutes, seven days in a row than one thing for two hours on Monday. And then we don't touch it again to the following Monday. It, it's just putting that little bit of life, a little bit of attention into it daily that helps it grow. So that's why I start week one with only one minute meditation. I know they're gonna do it. It's easy.


Right? It's


Easy. Right. And it's the same thing with if we and I were in the gym, we're gonna start with the bar. I know it's easy. I know. But don't worry in time we're gonna get you to 135, 185, 205, 225. Just do the basics. Come each day, do what you're supposed to do and don't, like you said with your friend, don't overdo it.


Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Well, and again, the consistency in starting small, like you said, if you start out with someone and you go, hey, and someone who's never meditated in their entire life and you go, I need you to meditate 20 minutes twice every day, it's overwhelming. They go, there's no way in hell I'm to do that. I'm not interested in it, I don't wanna do it. But by starting small and creating those daily habits and kind of a routine of ritual, and then you build on the one minute to two minutes, three minutes and you build yourself up to it, you start to see the benefits of it. Yeah. And then you're like to do it more.


That's it. That's it. You start seeing the reward, you know? Yes. And I love also what you said too with, with with, with building a business, you know, that I, I wrote it down with that casual thing. You know, I'll be honest with you, building a business and running a business are completely different. And I was this close to being somebody that was grow, grow, grow, go God, grow, grow, grow. Right? Because you know, when you get a little bit of success and you get a little bit of momentum and that cash that the money you're making is going out just as fast as it's, you know, I'll tell you, you can grow, grow and now all of a sudden you can't afford your, you, you can't afford your overhead. Do what I mean, you got the marketing and you've got the branding and you've got the this gig and you got right. So it, it's real. I've learned more growing a, uh, building a business than I ever did running the family operation. Honestly. It's a whole different, it's a whole different mentality.


Yeah. Yeah. Well guys, again, Adam Jablin, go follow him on social media. It's J A B L I N. If you're not watching, I don't see his name on the screen, but follow him on social media. Guys. Adam, thank you so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate it,


Ken. Thanks for having me. All my love brother.


Yeah, absolutely guys. Thanks for watching listening. Uh, have a great week. And as always, don't forget, cash flow is king


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