Grant Cardone, our own "Undercover Billionaire"

Grant Cardone, our own "Undercover Billionaire"

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Mr. Biz Radio: Grant Cardone, our own "Undercover Billionaire"

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio - BizTalk for Biz Owners. During the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two-time bestselling author will cover topics that will help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.

All right, guys. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And for those not watching on YouTube, hint, hint, you can check out the show there as well. We have a very special guest for you this week.

So let me give you a little intro and see if you can guess who this is. So he's an investor. He has $2.3 billion of assets under management. He's an eight-time, not six, not seven, but eight-time bestselling author. He is the founder - this is going to give it away - of the 10X movement, but those of you watching on YouTube, you can see. And by the way, I’m wearing my 10X tie as well. And he's a CEO of Cardone Capital. He's the star of “Undercover Billionaire”. And he is everyone's favorite billionaire uncle, Uncle G - Louis Curtis. Oh, what? Wait a minute. Not Louis Curtis - Grant Cardone. Welcome to the show, Mr. Cardone.

Thank you so much. I appreciate you having me. And what is that line about the funk? Don't fake the funk. Don't fake the funk. Love that.

Keep it real. Don't fake the funk, man, too many people fake the funk. They talk the talk but they don't walk the walk, you know.

And that's why - when Discovery called me about doing an Undercover Billionaire and said, Hey, look, you're gonna, we're going to drop you off somewhere. You've never been; you're not going to have any money; you can't use your name; can't use your social network; can't call any of your contacts. And, uh, you got to start a new business with a hundred dollars and build into a million dollar business in 90 days, I was like, let's go because you can't fake it.

No, you can't fake it. And by the way, I was going to lay out that premise, but I appreciate you doing it. So, and by the way, the other part that's amazing about this is you're betting on yourself because if you are unsuccessful, it's going to cost you a million bucks, 1 million U.S. dollars. One. Million. Dollars.

And I don't want to, I don't want to lose a million dollars. I'd rather make it than lose it. And more importantly than losing a million would be if I don't pull this off, my brand would get tarnished, which would be like, I'm the, I'm the guy out there helping companies raise their revenue to, you know, some of the top sales organizations in the world hire us to take their revenue from $7 billion to $8 billion. And I'm out there saying every day you can do it.

Uh, millions of entrepreneurs following me online and social media to learn how to 10X their business. And if I can't pull this task off of going from $100 to a million dollar business in 90 days - during COVID, by the way - more importantly than losing a million dollars is my brand would be tarnished.

Absolutely. No, absolutely. Again, going back to it, you'd be faking the funk. People would call you out and say, you're faking the funk.

They, they should! Look, if you can't walk the talk and then pull it off, they should call you out.

Yeah. So let me ask you, so this was a, this is a massive sacrifice for you, right? You're leaving behind not only your, your 10X lifestyle, right? Let's just be real, right, with the Gulf Stream and whatnot. Uh, but more importantly, I know for you, you left behind two little girls and Elena, so why was it important for you to do the show?

So look, this was the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life. I completely underestimated how emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting it would be. Uh, I thought when I did this, I told Discovery. I said, look, not only will I do a million dollar business, my goal is 10 million and I'll do it in less than 90 days. And I told Nancy Daniel, she's the, uh, CEO or the president of Discovery. I said, not only will I do it in under 90 days, I’ll do 10 million. I don't need your hundred bucks. And I'm gonna bring my family out to do it with me. And I said, I'm gonna make this a family show.

Well, once I got to Pueblo, when they dropped me off in Pueblo, the first thing I did was call my wife and said you guys won't be coming for awhile. Tell the kids to like, be cool. I don't think I'm going to be getting you guys out here for a couple of weeks. I still thought I would have them out in two or three weeks. I would not be able to bring them out until 86 days later.

Gotcha. Okay. And it was painful. Look, look, I've created a life where I get to hang with my kids. You know, they're homeschooled so that I can spend more time with them. My dad died when I was 10. He was at work every day. I only saw my dad partially on Saturdays and Sundays, uh, because he was out there busting and grinding like so many parents do every day, single parents are out there, can't be with their kids. And so it was so painful not to be with my wife and kids for that period of time. I know that might not seem like a lot to a lot of people, but I've literally spent 35 years building a life so that I could be with my wife and kids.

I didn't have children until I was 51. I didn't get married till I was 51 because I was so worried. I was so committed to working and building my brand and in a business that I wasn't ready for marriage or children. And now, now I am. And finally, when I got to a place where I could enjoy all that, I'd take on this crazy challenge. The reason I did it was to prove to America and around the world, because this show will be played around the world. So, in Australia right now, the UK, Canada and even in India. Tens of millions of people will see this in India. Um, I'm trying to prove to people that you don't need money to make money. You don't even need a lot of time if you know how to move the dime. And, um, and, uh, and you don't need contacts. Like those are just myths, as long as you have the right strategies and the right motivation.

Not going in with that, with the contacts, but you need to create those contacts because one of the things, so a couple of the episodes have already aired for those of you unfamiliar. And again, you can find out more at, go out to You can catch all the shows, even if you've missed the first couple. No worries. You can get caught up on it.

But so, a couple of things you mentioned, I thought it was very interesting. I've been following you pretty closely for several years now. I've been to the last couple of GrowthCons, which by the way, check out a – the biggest business and entrepreneurial conference there is in the world. No lie. You need to go and check that out - Um, but I thought it was interesting for those who don't follow, you very closely or are new to you and the 10X movement, you showed a vulnerable side, especially when you were leaving and getting ready to leave. And I think that really showed up. And even after you were there, when you were in the RV and you were talking about your, the realization. So talk to us a little bit about that and, and how that impacted you during this challenge.

Well, unlike, I mean, you know, I have not been in that kind of situation in many, many years. So, you know, one of the things that made this most difficult is the lifestyle that I have as Grant Cardone. And look, I, you know, I have a great life, like, you know, I almost don't want to talk about it sometimes because it, it, it makes people think that I'm bragging, but from, from not coming from nothing at 25, where I, I walked out of a treatment center for drug addiction at 25 years old. I had no money. I was in debt. I was basically unemployable, uh, begged the people that I left the company I worked for at the time - please just give me a job back. If I screw up one time, get rid of me. And they took me back. Otherwise, I wouldn't have, I wouldn't have had a job when I got out of treatment to being where I'm at today.

You know, the, uh, you mentioned the Gulf Stream. It's a, you know, it's, it's an unbelievable way to travel. We traveled to 19 countries in 2019 before COVID. Uh, I have millions of people that support me online through Instagram and Facebook. And like, it's just, I got a crazy, great life and I've built this. I'm not self-made, but, but I built it with the help of a lot of other people. And, um, from, from scratch really my ideas. So when I was in an RV and it's 15 degrees outside, uh, I have basically no running water, no heat, a mattress. That's not a mattress. It's a box spring. I have no food to eat and I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. The thing that's pulling at me was this other lifestyle, this Grant Cardone lifestyle. It's like, why am I doing this?

Like this? This is something that was completely underestimated by me. Like not understanding that I had become soft, that the posh life sits there and calls you and says, you don't need to do this, Grant. So that was making it very difficult for Leary that entire 90 days, I had that voice in my head saying, “You don't need to do this. You've already made it. Go home. Quit. Get back to being comfortable; go back to Miami where it's warm on the beach.”

So all those things were haunting me. People don't understand once you make it, you know, and I don't really think I've made it, but, but once you get to a certain place, the comfort is so seductive and it actually weakens you.

I watched Conor McGregor the other night - I bet against him. And somebody said, why would you bet against Conor? Because he's rich. He's on a 310 foot yacht. He's got everything he wants. He calls up the Rolls. He goes wherever he wants, when he wants, how he wants on his own terms. And I'm telling you, you just don't prepare for the fight when, when you have that much comfort around you.

It's funny you say that, Grant. I said the exact same thing. My buddies told me I was insane. I said, look, the coup that he created with the Mayweather fight and all that money he made was absolute marketing, freaking genius. And you've talked about this before, you know, not to get off too far on the Conor McGregor thing, but he's not the best fighter in the world, but he's the best paid because exactly the best known, like you talk about all the time, the best known is not, not, you know, that's the, that's the ticket, right?

Best known beats best always.

Absolutely. So, in an ironic way, or in an odd way, I guess, because of the background you came from and coming out of that treatment center at 25, I mean, it's almost like you had to, you relived that situation because you came out of there and you're in a, somewhat of a similar situation as you, you created with, with Undercover Billionaire. So how did your prior experience prepare you for “Undercover Billionaire”?

Well, look, nothing prepares you for this. OK. Any of you out there, if you get a phone call from Discovery saying, “Hey, would you be the next Undercover Billionaire?” I'd strongly advise you not to do it.

Uh, this again was the most painful thing I've ever done in my life. I would not do it again. If they asked me to do it, I'm glad I did it, but I wouldn't do it again. They've already actually asked me to do some other similar stuff. I said, that'll never happen again. There's nothing you can offer me. Um, look, I had to take attention off my seven businesses for 90 days. I had to become someone else. I spent 35 years building my name and now I can't use it. You know, it's a, it's a crazy paradox. Did all the things I work to do. Now, I can't use, you know, I spent all this time and energy, uh, fun with financial intelligence to get myself in a position where I own my own jet.

Now I can't get on it. I've created a lifestyle where I get to have my kids with me everywhere I go. Now I can't have them with me. Um, you know, it's crazy. Like it's the things that prepared me were not back in the day when I was down and out. It was since then, since the treatment center, the 35 years that I have been basically recreating myself every day, operating every day as though I have zero.

Even when I have a bunch, I still operate as I have zero, uh, for instance, the first thing, and they don't show this in the show. But the first thing I did when I got to Pueblo was I went straight to the bank. Uh, I was on a call last night, actually with Discovery. They're like, dude, how did you know? Cause they're looking at the tape, we're finding the Pueblo.

And they said, what are you going to do first? So the first three things I will do is go to the bank, drop off the hundred dollars. Second thing I'll do is go to a gym. Third thing I'm gonna do is go look at a business that is for sale. First thing I did when I got to Pueblo was I went straight to a bank, dropped off my a hundred dollars, got rid of it. They were like, why are you going to get rid of the hundred? You need the hundred. I said, no, I don't need the hundred. I'm going to zero on my own terms. I'm going, I will never spend that hundred dollars. And they're like, well, you got to spend the money. I said, no, I do not. You think I have to, I know I don't need to.

Number two, I'm going to go to work out. And they're like, why do you want to work out? Because people that improve themselves are at gyms. I went to the gym to meet people that improve themselves and hopefully to meet the owner of the gym, the first gym that I go to didn't make the cut. So I went to another gym to workout. I went to two gyms to work out, just to meet people.

Matt Smith ends up becoming my partner. Dude. I was in town 20 minutes, 20 minutes, and just happened to hit the right spot. OK. Because, because of the business strategy and the third thing I did was went to see a business that was for sale. Uh, Ryan Zabukovic. Uh, his RV had been sold a couple of years ago and there was still an ad showing up online.

So I went to his place to see if I could hunt for a business partner. There was already an up and running business. So these were strategies that I had. I didn't start a new idea, start a new business, try to create a new business. I was trying to tag along somebody's business that was making some money and maybe I could lift that thing. That was at least my strategy that didn't happen as you watch the 12 weeks. You'll see what it did. But, um, you gotta have a strategy, man. You just can't have motivation. You just can't have big ideas. You gotta have specific strategy, put muscle on the bone and then you could build something.

Well, it's interesting to me that, and I've talked to several people about this and even on Clubhouse, I know you've been active on Clubhouse and everything. And I've been in several rooms you've been in and talking about the show. But you know, as I was talking about some of your prior experience, it was interesting to me how you fell back to where you got started. Right. And I don't want to give it away. And again, trying to get as far away from it as possible. And then I go back to it on my own terms.

Right. Right. Well, I'm saying, you know, selling cars, right? You're like, Hey, you know what? I’ve got this skill set. I'm kick-ass at this. I'm going to lean back on this. This is what I got. These are the options I have with the skillset I have. And you lean back on it. Uh, look, I mean, again, when times are thin like that, you’ve got to look back and see what options do you have. Um, so I thought that was really interesting. So you can see all the shows all 12 weeks, even though, like I said, if you've missed the first couple, no worries. You can come back and catch up on those. They're a quick, uh, quick watch. And I'm telling you - business owners, entrepreneurs - you will, if you haven't seen the show, you have to watch it. I promise you. Not only because Grant's on the show, but you will love the show. The premise of the show is fantastic.

So, let me ask you, Grant, what was, as you look back now, what was the biggest mistake or maybe the biggest lesson you learned during the project?

Well, again like the “10X Rule”, I wrote this book in 2012 about look, you're underestimating the difficulties and the obstacles. Uh, I got there before. COVID 10 days into the deal. I had some momentum. I'd finally started this relationship with this right guy. I was building contacts in the city. My name was starting to get around. Louis Curtis from Los Angeles was moving into Pueblo looking for business opportunities and a business. People were talking about him being a hustler and getting results for other companies. So the buzz was there and boom - COVID hits. The entire country gets shut down. The project gets stopped and I can't continue.

So this is, this is what, this is what stops people. They underestimate the amount of difficulty. I call it gravity. It's going to pull you back down to earth, not in a good way, in a negative way.

It's going to, things are going to happen. Bad stuff happens to good people back and stuff happens to people with good intentions and good people. Good people tend to be naive. See, bad people aren't naive. They're on the lookout because they know they're doing something bad. So they're looking out for everybody. They're just completely skeptical. They're the other way, right? The naive person thinks everything's going to go well. And the truth is, no matter how hard you pray, how positive you are, how good you are to the world, how charitable you are, bad things will happen on this planet. And when you, when you under prepare, underestimate, uh, you know, when bad things happen and shuts most people down. It's like Mike Tyson said, everybody's got a plan till they get hit in the face. And I got hit in the face hard, dude, over and over.

I got altitude sickness twice. They took me out. I got COVID took me out for two weeks. Um, the thing the, the missing my kids, if you take the altitude sickness and the COVID, missing my kids was still 10 times bigger than the three sicknesses. That that took me down.

Yeah. Again, but this is what people are dealing with every day, by the way, like the big hook for me in this deal, the big benefit, the big, the thing I'm most grateful for are doing the show. This really reconnected me with what every, what most people, not every person, but what most people are dealing with everyday, you know, worried about money. Don't have enough time. Uh, don't get to spend quality time with their wife or their husband and kids and, and their crunch, you know, their crunch with no upside.

So, uh, I'm hoping this show really debunks the idea that you need time, you need money. You really just need a big target. You need compression - a short period of time - and you need a big payoff and you can do anything. Anybody could do what I did, if they had the strategy.

It's funny. I talk about that all the time. I call it consistent perseverance, you know, you're right. No matter how successful you are, look at all the successful people that we consider successful in the world. They've all been punched in the face a bunch of times. The difference is they keep getting up, right? That consistent perseverance, you know, bad things are gonna happen. You can't let it crumble you when it does happen. So, and that's what I was gonna ask you is, you know, what's, and you kind of touched on already, but what's one thing, at least one thing or a couple of things, that you want viewers to get from the show.

Well, look, you’ve got to keep getting up, but you’ve also got to hit, get ahead. See, I know some people that will never quit, but they're never going to get ahead either. So it's one thing you just keep getting up at some point, you got to get ahead. So how you get ahead is you got to have a specific target. You need to make that target public, and there needs to be a price you pay that is so punishing. Either a price you pay that is so punishing or price with a victory. So big that you're like I'm willing to get knocked down and I'm willing to get up and get ahead in this case. And maybe we can end on this.

I told Discovery when they said, “Hey, could you do this?” I had a meeting with them in Los Angeles, California. I went to their offices, uh, met with the president and she's like, look, you know, I want to meet with you to see if you're going to really do this.

“Are you going to quit?” And I said, dude, I'm not going to quit. I didn't get where I'm at today because I quit stuff. I said, number one, I'm not going to do a million dollar business. I'm going to build a $10 million business. You want me to do it in 90 days? I'm going to do it in under 90 days. You're giving me a hundred dollars. You can keep it. I don't need it. And if I don't do it, I got four bags with 250 grand. I pulled them out of a duffel bag, showed them to her. I said, you can keep these and I'll buy the crew. Every one of the crew, a new car.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

You gotta bet on yourself. You gotta bet on yourself. You gotta bet on yourself. So heavy that if you don't make it work, the penalty for me not making this work was so severe. That that's what kept me in the game. Also, lastly, I just want to say this, the importance of having your family on the same exact page. I had my wife 90 days that I was in Pueblo, that she wanted me to be home. She wanted to do other things with me. The kids wanted me to be with them. Not one time in 90 days did they not support me in fully staying on the project and making it go? Right? So have your team on the same page.
Yeah. Super important. So again, go out the to catch all the episodes of “Undercover Billionaire”. Learn more about Grant’s upcoming 10X GrowthCon at

Grant, thank you so much for being on show.

I want to, one more quick thing. I want to show how grateful I am for you coming on the show. I want to make a donation to the Grant Cardone Foundation, and I want to make sure all the listeners know how to as well. So, what is the easiest way for us to donate, Grant?, It helps kids that don't have fathers. Like I grew up without a dad. And because of that, uh, I went, I went from 16 to 25. I had 10 years that were just punishing because I didn't have a mentor or a guide or an uncle. I didn't have that, that direction and strong leadership in my life. So we created a foundation,, where we help kids, uh, from all walks of life, uh, that don't have fathers, don't have leadership and don't have mentors.

Awesome. Guys, go out there and donate. I'm going to donate myself. Thank you so much.

How much can I put you down for Mr. Biz?

1,000 bucks right now!

Thank you, brother. I appreciate that, man. I appreciate that. Yeah. Thank you, Ken. Appreciate you.

Yeah, thanks very much, Grant. Appreciate it. OK.

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All right. Welcome back, guys. Guys, was that not awesome, man?! Grant always brings it. Those of you guys who follow him know but he always, always, always brings it, man. I'm so excited. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Um, I haven't had a chance obviously to listen to it yet. I'm looking forward to listening to it, to see how everything turned out. But, um, gosh, man, it's just super, super exciting. And I'll tell you, you’ve got to watch that show, seriously. You will love that show. I wasn't just saying that “Undercover Billionaire” is a great show. The premise of it is really cool and even watching the first season of it, which obviously, Grant was not on. Um, but super, super cool stuff.

So, it is time for, as we always do, the Mr. Biz Tip of the Week and this week's tip, well, I always say this. It's not a coincidence. It's not honestly, it's not. It just so happened how it fell, but I would've switched things around if I needed to, to have a Grant Cardone quote is our tip this week.

But the tip this week is, and I promise you, it was just, it is this week setup, uh, to a quote from Grant. And it is: “There has never been a book, audio program or webinar from which I have not benefited, even from the ones that sucked!”

Does that not sound like him? Um, and the whole point there is even when the things that, you know, you get a book or go to webinars. So if there's always something you can pull out of it. So, um, even if it's 80% of it's bad, there's some 20% of good in there, some silver lining that you can pull out and learn some good things. Um, so again, that's the Mr. Biz Tip of the Week again, uh, and it kind of goes back through that.

We skimmed over it a little bit at the beginning, but for those that have not watched “Undercover Billionaire”, which again, go to and you can watch the whole season, uh, all 12 episodes of the show.

Um, but the show premise is literally they take these people, billionaire people, ultra-successful people. They take you to an undisclosed location. So you have no idea where it's going to be. Uh, they give you an old beat up truck. They give you a hundred bucks, a hundred dollar bill, um, and they give you a cell phone that has no contacts in it. So, you lose all of that.

You have to change your identity. As, Grant mentioned, uh, during the first part of the show, he was, and that's why I was joking when I introduced him, he was Louis Curtis. He did that because his dad's name was, uh, Curtis Louis Cardone. So he switched the middle and first name around. So he became Louis Curtis.

Um, but then they put you in the middle of nowhere and by the way, and we, again, we kind of glossed over this a little bit, but the cool part about it is, you know, he talked about grit and talked about, you have to bet on yourself. Well, that's exactly what you do, because if you are unable to build a $1 million business within 90 days, you have to contribute a hundred or sorry, you have to contribute a million dollars to that business.
And that's exactly what happened in season one. Um, so I guess I kind of just ruined that, but I want you to know if you haven't seen it, but I want to let you know, the guy for season one.

If you don't want to know this, uh, plug your ears for a minute. But, uh, the results from season one, Glenn Stearns, who was on - his business ended up being valued at $750,000, so he had to put a million dollars of his own money into that business to help it thrive. And he was in, um, I think Glenn Stearns was in Erie, Pennsylvania. Um, so they, you know, they're picking these towns that they're not putting you in the middle of New York City, right? They're putting you into some smaller towns, make it a little bit more difficult.

Um, and again, as, as we talked about a little bit and alluded to the first two episodes have been released already of this, this season of “Undercover Billionaire”. Um, but again, you can catch up pretty quick, but, um, it's, it's really neat. There are two other billionaires that are part of the show this season, um, uh, Monique and Elaine.

And it's really cool to see that. So the first season was just one person. This one has Monique, Elaine and Grant, and it's really neat to see that dichotomy of how each of them approach - they're all have the same situation. They're in three different cities, independent of each other, all going on at the same time, but how they each approach things. Like one of the things. And again, we didn't get to get into all the details, but think about it. You get dropped off in the middle of the city, uh, that you don’t know, you have no idea. It's, I don't know, I think when Grant got dropped off, it was, I want to say it was three or four o'clock in the afternoon. Well, you have no place to sleep. What are you gonna do? Are you going to, I mean, you could sleep in your truck, I guess.

Right. Um, so an interesting thing, how do you even approach that - shelter? Just basic shelter. So looking at the different approaches that each of these different, uh, billionaires took during the show.

The different business ideas they came up with, you know, Grant's approach versus Monique or Elaine, or even season one with Glenn Stearns, um, it's, to me, it was very fascinating to see and sort of, you know, dive into how these people that are just ultra-ultra-successful people. How do they break down that problem that, that they're trying to solve, that challenge that they're trying to overcome?

And so that's why I think the premise of the show is really, really interesting. And I'll be curious to see how the other two, uh, Monique and Elaine, from the season do as well as, how everything pans out. They've each taken very different approaches.

Again, I won't, I won't give that all away, but, uh, again, super, super cool stuff. And I did mention it. And I think maybe once during the beginning of the show, but those of you who are unfamiliar with the 10X movement, uh, that Grant founded. You know, he's got, uh, a book called the “10X Rule”.

Definitely recommend that to any business owner. Um, and frankly it's, it's not only for business owners, it's for everybody, but very good book, but he has a 10X Growth Conference, at You can check out - it's coming up. It's March 12th through the 14th. I would go out to that website, check it out, see if it's something you'd be interested in. I've been to the last two. They are absolutely amazing. I can't imagine now ever missing one in the future because they are just that good.

Um, so really, really, really good stuff. And one of the things I wanted to mention is a lot of business owners come to me seeking strategies to improve their cash flow. Especially during this pandemic, unpaid invoices often play a role with those challenges. Luckily with Porter Capital, Mr. Biz’s go-to business lender, you can receive funding in as little as 24 hours. So, to get working capital you need, when you need it, visit

Thanks for listening, guys. And don't forget - Cash Flow is King.

This has been Mr. Biz Radio. To learn how to become part of Mr. Biz Nation. Visit For access to free weekly content, subscribe to the Mr. Biz YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. To listen to archived shows, you can find them on the Mr. Biz Solutions website.

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