Excelling in the E-commerce World

Excelling in the E-commerce World

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Mr. Biz Radio: Excelling in the E-commerce World

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right. Welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz radio with me, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week, we are gonna talk about something that I know we've had a lot of listeners that are in this space, and I think you're gonna lot out of this. And there's probably some people who listen to me, watch the show that want to get into this space. And that is a space of e-commerce. And we have our guests this week is an absolute, when I say expert, it's all capital bold letters. This guy is absolute expert in the e-commerce space in building e-commerce stores, et cetera. Our guest this week is none of them. Mr. Eberths Perozo. He is the founder and CEO of Eberths enterprises and Middle Commerce, Eberths. Welcome to Mr. Biz Dadio.


Well, thank you very much for this big opportunity. And I hope all the people that I'm hearing right now will take good advices for this business. And if they're willing to get into this business, they will know that this is the most profitable one at the moment or currently.


Yeah. Yeah, no, I'm excited to dive into some of that before we get to that though, ever walk us through kind of tell us what your entrepreneurial journey has been.


Well, it has been difficult as most of the people know from Venezuela, which is a very hard country to live at this moment. So I went to another country before coming to the United States, which was Argentina. I lived there for almost three years, and then I decided to come to the United States because this is where the most and the biggest opportunities are for successful in entrepreneurs and businesses. It wasn't really good at the first signed because I lack of connections. I lack of capital. There were a lot of things that I had to do to get into this point, too many sacrifices. I had to learn a lot previously and you don't begin with money. That's the first sign. If you don't have like your parents supporting you, or if you don't have investors or people who do venture capital with you you would have to, to put the money from your pocket.


So for me, it was an adventure. I don't recommend for the people to do the things that I do, because it was like crazy for most of the people. I just abandoned my job. I am a patrolling engineer because I graduated in Venezuela. So I quit my job as a patrolling engineer. I decided to do this Amazon business, but I didn't have enough capital to get money for the product. So I had to start other kind of jobs, which were really difficult and I abandoned them too. So it was really hard for me to get to this point. And I really hope that people, when they see me, they just don't see a common entrepreneur or a businessman, but I am a human. I know that many of you will make mistakes is normal. You don't have to give up because of that.


You don't have to be so hard on yourself if you make mistakes. But the most important thing is just to continue. Even if you get it, the things going wrong, or if you make mistakes, it doesn't matter. Just try to do the things as you can be realistic, be the most human possible and try to learn from their mistakes. And then step by step, you will achieve your goals. But at the first science is gonna be really, really hard, not only on this business, but in many business that are currently right now, many people are doing, you know, so for me, it was difficult. I have many interviews in Forbes even times like weekly, where I shared my, my, my history and I almost end up on the streets because I couldn't afford even my rent, but that was a battle that I was willing to fight in order to get to this point.


That was the, the sacrifice that I did. I put everything on the table. I went all in and I said, if I become a successful person, I'm gonna do it. But if it's not, or if this is not for me, I'm not gonna let it be my thoughts, or I will say, okay, maybe, maybe it's gonna be some God's will no, no, no. There were two options for me. First one to be successful, or the second one to end out on the streets defeated. And maybe God knows where, but that was my, my decision. That that was what I did. And I encourage people to follow their dreams. Not only because I want to say it or not only because I am a dreamer. No, I do it. Because if you follow yourself to the point where you can see what you can achieve, maybe if you don't know nothing in some weeks or some month or some years, you will get to that point and you will see that working for yourself for your company, for your dreams and for your family is way better than working maybe for another person or trying to achieve or accomplish other people's dreams.


That's what happened with me.


I love to hear the commitment and I think that's so, so important that you mentioned. And I think it's something that, you know, like you said, you commit to being successful. You're gonna do whatever it takes to be successful. I love to hear that. I'm curious, Eberths what, what led you into into e-commerce? So you said you had a, you had a nine to five, you had a job, you left that job. What, what was the thing that caused you to say, Hey, you know what? I wanna do this e-commerce thing.


It's a long story. I will try to keep it short. But my father, my BI, my biology, my biological father abandoned me when I was a child. And I was raised by my stepfather, which was an intrapreneur too. And he told me, I cannot give you money for your ideas or your businesses. I will only give you education. So I decided to study Petro engineer. Once I graduated on Venezuela, kind of difficult to get a job. And once I get a job, they only pay me $1 per month. It's crazy, but it is $1 per month. So I said, no, there is no future in this country. I will have to move to another country. And then I went to Argentina and I said, okay, I, I saw many businesses, you know, but the first one that clicked on me was the e-commerce company, the, the business, well, this business.


And I said, okay, I will do it. Then I, I, I saw some videos. I researched everything on that, but I didn't have the money because you need to have money to buy the products and then to sell them. Okay. So it, it was kind of difficult for me. I had to work in other many things. Then once I got some capital doing other businesses like trading, which was another story, I decided to move to the United States in order to accomplish that dream. And I left everything under Argentina. I mean, I have my card, I have my apartment, I have my friends, but as I said, you need to do some sacrifices. And maybe those sacrifices are really, really hard, but I have to do it. And then I come to the United States and in here I made good contact with wholesalers distributors. I made a company with my business partner, which is in Argentina, but he can come to the United States with his visa.


We just started over there. You know, we started getting clients. We started with our first Amazon store for ourselves. And then once we knew what we can sell and how to do it, we start offering that business to other people. But it was, it was really hard for, for example, for me, it was really hard to do it at first, but that's, that's how I got in here because I, I saw no future in my country. I didn't have help. And in the industry that I was supposed to be working, which is all industry in my, in my country, I was not gonna earn money.


Yeah. Alright. So, so put a pin in that for a second. We'll come back out to the break and we'll continue talking with Eberths Perozo


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All right. Welcome back to the show is time with Mr. Biz tip of the week. And this week's tip is something that fits kind of nicely within what we're talking about. And that is a lot of times you got business owners, especially if you're a solo entrepreneur, here's trying to bootstrap your business. You gotta, you know, lack of capital as, as ever mentioned during the first segment, but the tip is to not DIY your business to its detriment. And what I mean by that is don't be afraid to hire expertise for big impact items expenses, etc. Things that can really move the needle for your business. Things such as legal. You know, you, you need to make sure you're legally protected in all ways and, and not. So it's not down the road gonna impact your business in a very negative way.


On the finance side of things, obviously having a CFO, someone, if you're not good at that, find someone who can help you manage that, and it can pay for themselves many times over because they can help you run your business more profitably, more efficiently, real estate. You know, as you get into that, find someone who does that for a living and is an expert in that field. You know, marketing, even if you're doing some marketing on your own, but you can hire someone and they can do, you know, double or triple what you're doing, because they're seeing it every day. They know what the algorithms are doing, et cetera, et cetera. And they're always changing. So don't be afraid to hire expertise for those things because those skills will pay for themselves many times over. So that's Mr. Biz tip of the week, and it's a great segue right into talking Eberths about his business, Mid O Commerce that you can find out more about at midocommerce.com. So talk to us a little bit about that business and, and how you help folks with that business.


Well, as you mentioned, like one minute ago, once I model the business, I basically have my team. I have my lawyer, I have an accountant, I have my CFO, my CEO, I'm a co CEO with my business partner. So we structure everything in order to get more people into the business. And once they are in the business, they can get like a personal communication with the team. So having our work is even in the, in their stores. What I try to do with my community and I, what, what I try to do in my business is to give my customers the best experience as the best of said, once, you know, what your customers want, ju have to performance that you have to achieve that. And a hundred percent. So I know that most of the people want like a personal relationship with the people they're doing business.


So I try to talk with them and I put some workers on a group chat in order for them to have like real conversations, not bother something like that in their stores. They can see the workers that are doing the job in their stores, like adding the products, shipping the products or things like that. We have our contract with our lawyer, which he does it in order to get like legal protection for us and for the customer, because that's very important. And we try to do on spreadsheet monthly with an accountant. Okay. for our customers to know what is being sold in their stores, how much, what the supplier price, how much is the gross sales and things like that. And how much is the profit? Of course. So with our structure, what I want people to know is that we cover everything even deactivation because in this business, the biggest problem for all the people, even for mentors and all people who offer these kind of business is that deactivations, I mean, we cover that because we have a system through FBA, which is fulfillment by Amazon.


So we basically, from, from the whole service or distributors, we send the products to Amazon in order for them to ship the products. So they basically touch your products, the ones that you are selling, and we have good relationships with brands, wholesalers, and distributors. So it's not only that you search for a product with your softwares, like keep as inside or things like that. No, we have good distributors or brands, which we have good relationships. So it's not gonna be scammed. You're not gonna lose your money in products that maybe are not gonna go to the Amazon warehouse, or maybe it's not gonna be sold once it's in the Amazon warehouse. No, we cover all of that. And one of the biggest problems, as I said is the shipping thing on many Amazon stores or Walmart stores or other stores are like Shopify, because drop shipping is like not so good at this moment on Amazon.


So you can get, get deactivated by section three. And once the account is activated, Amazon take your phones. And they hold them from a period from 30 days to 90 days. So imagine someone who used a credit card to buy, like the products, they have to do the minimum payment, or they have to pay the whole credit card if it's an annex. So it's kind of difficult for, for entrepreneurs doing this kind of business to have a good structure like I do, because if they get deactivated, not only the money is, is on hold, but the, the activation process can take really long. So you have to make an appeal. You have to, you need to have your team for the appeal, and maybe you will not get the response that you want. So it's really, really hard, but my team cover all of that.


You will not get the activations with me because you have a really good team, which is like enforced with Amazon. And we will, we work together. We're really transparent. The client can see the Amazon store. They can see our inventory, that they can see who we sold the product and how it was shipped because it was Amazon was shipped. So that's basically a structure of our business and the advantages that we have from other people who offered this business too, because you will see that one or two years ago, many people wanted to have an Amazon store or many other people wanting to sell the service. But right now is like getting less and less and less and less people willing to do it. But because of that, and since the first moment we knew that was a problem, not an advantage, because that was for most of the people was like BR for today and problems for tomorrow. And we said, no, let's take a home. Let's take it this, okay, let's try to do it this good in order to create long term relationships, which is the best way to keep your customers and reach maybe other future account. That's what I think.


Yeah. I, I absolutely agree. A hundred percent guys. I will tell you, you should go out and check out Eberths' website, midocommerce.com. Check it out because, you know, as he alluded to, they will help you build your eCommerce business from a to Z. So they'll help you determine what products, what, how to price them, how to sell them. They'll do the distribution for you. They'll work through any issues with Amazon, as he had mentioned, which is one of the key things I know I've heard it from other folks as well, that have tried to do the Amazon selling via Amazon. And they run on a problem. Amazon's a very particular they can be because they're the giant, right? And so they're very particular about things and they are, will not hesitate at all. As he mentioned to just shut down your whole operation because they don't have to be taught, you know, they can make the rules, right?


They're, they're the big, the big cheese. And so that's a big problem with people trying to sell on Amazon. And that's one of the things that Eberths' company will help you do again, midocommerce.com at least go out and check it out and see what, if you're interested in that space, we're gonna hit a break here. We're gonna come back and we're gonna get some, you can hear his expertise. You can hear how good Eberths is at this. We're gonna pick his brain a little bit and get him to give us some tips on starting that eCommerce business. So let's say you want to get into eCommerce, but you're not sure where to start. You want to make sure that you avoid some of the pitfalls, some of the challenges we're gonna get some tips from Eberths to tell us things that we should be doing. And some pitfalls we can avoid in the whole process and the challenges to be successful. So come back after the break on Mr. Biz break here,


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All right. Welcome back to the show. And again, we're talking with Mr. Eberths Perozo, who is the CEO and founder of Eberths enterprises, and mid O commerce. And again, midocommerce.com You can check out how they're, how they can help you get started in the e-commerce world, specifically with the Walmart stores, Amazon stores, et cetera, but all that aside ever give us some tips. I know you, you're a wealth of knowledge in this space. What are some tips for, you know, we need to, to do and, and, and not do maybe and getting started in the eCommerce world.


Okay. First when you are running your eCommerce business, what you need to take into consideration is that number one, you just want make it in one or two months. This is a long term relationship with your clients and a long term business. So, first you need to know that you won't become rich at first. I mean, not in one month, not in two months, because you need to get reviews on your store. You need to create a relationship with Amazon. They need to know that what you are selling is not illegal, and it's not bad for customers. And you need to create good relationships too, with your brands or your wholesalers or your distributors. You need to check if it's through what they're selling to you, or if Amazon is willing to sell it. So that's the first thing. Second thing is that you need to know everything about the business.


It's not something that you will learn in the process. Maybe you will learn some things doing the process, but before that, as every other business, you need to take care of everything. First, you need to know how to cover any mistake that can be done in the future and how to repair it. So once you know everything about the business, the third thing is that when you are dealing with people, you need to know that everybody's different. Sometimes you will see a good investor, which has a lot of money to buy products. And sometimes you will see other people, which they don't have a lot of credit or a lot of money, but they know how to start, or they have enough money to start their inventory. So you need to separate those people and need to know how to deal with this kind and how to deal with this other kind, with the same respect.


Okay? And even with that, you need to know that if you have $1 million for products, or if you have only $10,000 for products, that makes no difference. I mean, as I said, at the first month, you cannot start selling like crazy because you need to study the products that you're gonna put in your store. Second, you need to find a good wholesaler or distributor. And third, once you start selling, you need to find other products because there are some products that cover the whole year, but there are some products, other products that only cover some times. I mean, they can be in sales for three months, or they can be on sales for six months, but you don't know, maybe your software would tell you, but not, not all the softwares are accurate. So you need to be like very intelligent because you can, can make your investor lose money and you will be losing money too.


So that's the third thing. And the last thing is that, keep it calm, take it easy. Try to make a lot of money. Of course, everybody wants to be rich. Everybody wants to make money. We, and I include myself. We want to have the Ferrari or Lamborghini. They all protect leave and make some troubles, buy the house, but wait, you will do it. Of course you will do it. We hard work with hard work. Okay? So take care of your clients, take care of your product, take care of your system and don't rush it because everything that has been done in that way on history has become a bad deal and ended up really bad. Those are my advices. Just to know what you're doing. Take care of your customers. Try to learn what you make mistakes every, every single time, try to be good with your investor.


Try to explain them the situation don't make them lose money. Even if they have $1 million for the product. And that will make a good profit for you to no, try to try to do step by step. The things don't rush it. Okay? Once you are three months or six months or a year doing a good job, you can increase even much more the sales, but try to do it in an organic way. Not rushing the things because it's gonna end up really bad, really, really bad. It's like trading like trading. If you start earning a hundred dollars or $500 or a thousand dollars per day, that's good. Because at the end of the month, it's gonna be good money. But if you have a good run and then you just went crazy and started like losing $10,000 a day or things like that, just because you wanted to rush the things and earn a lot of money to buy the car, to buy the watch. No, you need to be as human as most human as possible, be humble. And then you can get your things. You can get your card, you can get your pretty girlfriend. You can get your pretty house, but first things, first, your clients and your company. Those are the most important things.


Yeah. I love it. I love it. We've only got a couple minutes left, but I want to, I want to ask you one more thing that I think will be really important. And that is what, what would you say Eberths is the, the number one biggest challenge in starting an e-commerce business?


I believe that the biggest challenge in this particular business is not get activated because maybe you will have $1 million for products. And maybe you are in the United States. You are not an outside person for another country. So you will have the opportunity to create your LLC and things like that. So you have everything covered. But if, if at the first month you get the activated, you ruin it. Amazon withhold your money because you are doing drop shipping. You will spend almost one year trying to get the activating on Amazon to give you your money back because they want to know what you were selling. So what makes it different, knowing what you're doing do FBA. That's it don't do FBM. Don't hire people from India or from Pakistan or things like that in order to get an out upfront fee to get money quick. No, you can get your money, but try to do the things in a good system with maybe distributor or wholesalers here in the United States to help even our economy.


So once you get a good wholesaler and good products, you just send it to Amazon do FBA. That's it. There is no, this is, this is not a ladder where you're gonna go up all the time and not an elevator where you will go up all the time. No, no, this is not like that. And businesses are not like that. Don't get the activated. That's the only thing that I will have to say, because the peoples who know from this business and the ones that are hearing my words, they will say, he knows what he's doing, because that's the only problem. You, you can have money and you can have your company and you can have everything. But if you don't know how to do, if you don't know how to do FBA, it's gonna crush you. That's it it's gonna crush you.


Yeah. Certainly will catch up with you. No doubt about that. And I think that's what, as you mentioned before, I think that's where a lot of people were getting into the Amazon space. Got caught up in that because they, and they got deactivated, et cetera. And like you said, that's absolutely just crushes your business. Eberths, I gotta tell you, obviously, you guys can hear his expertise in this field, as I promised you, I'm sure you learned a lot of things watching and listening to the show. So I gotta tell you, I really appreciate you coming on Mr. Biz radio.


Thank you very much really. Is that


Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So go out again, guys, go out to midocommerce.com. Check out Eberths company out there, what they can do for you. Like I said, it, it's, it's really an awesome process. They have set up that can really help you get going and scale very quickly. They know what they do. They, they do it, they live it. They breathe it every single day. This goes along with the tip of the week. Don't DIY your business to its detriment. Find experts in these fields and Eberths is obviously an expert in this field and e-commerce and setting up stores and selling with Amazon, et cetera, guys, thanks so much for watching and listening and or listening to the show. Really appreciate it. Have a great week. And don't forget if you can check us out, mrbiznetwork.com. You can, mrbizradio.com. You can find all the links to the show there as well, have a great week. And don't forget as always cash flow as king


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