Energize Your Business with Energetics

Energize Your Business with Energetics

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Mr. Biz Radio: Energize Your Business with Energetics

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio! Biz Talk for Biz Owners. During the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two-time best-selling author will cover topics that'll help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward. This show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All Right, welcome to the show. It is your good old buddy, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And this week we've got a, another unique perspective. I think again, we've been doing the show for over five years now. We all always try to come up with some new, new angles, some new versions, different ways to think about things, to really keep us on our toes. Thinking outside the box, looking for new ways to, to be more successful, more efficient, more profitable, all those sorts of things. And this week's guest, I'm a hundred percent certain is going to help us with that. We are gonna talk this week about energizing your business with energetics. You might be saying, what the heck is energetics? What are those? What, what? I don't even know what that means. Well, then you're definitely gonna wanna watch the show because we have an expert in the field of energetics.


We have Ms. Dana Lord Lewis is a Maverick thought leader in the realm of energetics. Like I just said, as an authority on energy and manifestation Dana's mission is to help her students achieve their full potential and the life they want to live through her unique framework to understand and change energy patterns, whether she's helping clients with dismantle fear based behavior, we've all been there. Change inter interpretational tendencies, easy for me to say, or shift energetic patterns. We always can use that, right? We always run into these things. You have a tough day, you have this or that. You've gotta shift those patterns. Dana points to the mechanics of human energy, with accessible strategies to help our clients unlock their full potential and life. And what else do we all want? Right? Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or even neither of those, this is something that will apply to everyone I think will be very helpful. So Dana, welcome to Mr. Biz Radio.


Thank you so much for having me. I'm so pumped to be here.


Yeah, yeah. So again, this is one of those things I I'm excited about this because of course we've not had this in, in five plus years of doing the show we've done, you know, I don't know, three, 400 shows. We've never talked about energetics and that's why when you and I first connected, I'm like, oh my gosh, she has to come on the show because this is another, another unique perspective and a way for us to be, you know, again, just make our lives better overall. And so with all, all that let's get started first though. Dana, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. What got you to where you are now with your company, energy think, et cetera, go back as far as you want.


Okay. I we'll go back too, too far, other than to say that that the family I grew up in was very much a traditionalist one. My father's parents were from Britain and very traditionalists, all my uncles and cousins and grandparents basically on his side anyway, were either lawyers or, and engineers, every one of them, except for one that was like the black sheep, who was a consultant. And so my father was also a lawyer and it was drilled in me very young that I had to have a good work ethic and had to come up with some kind of profession that made sense. And that was worthwhile. And the, there weren't very many to choose from. And so anything that deviated from that was a little bit you know, subtly discouraged. And so there wasn't a lot of entrepreneurial pursuit around me at a young age.


In my later years. Other people in my family started to branch out. My uncle did a lot of entrepreneurial endeavors. My mother did as well. My sisters now an entrepreneur, but initially when I was formulating what I was gonna do with my life, you know, up until 19 or 20 or whatever, there was no chance of that. So I went the root of being a lawyer. I worked at a large white shoe law firm in Manhattan. I did that to make my parents proud and to you live in New York and, and, and succeed as best. I knew how, but it was very clear from the outset of embarking on law school. That being a lawyer was not meant what I was meant to do. The education was unparalleled. I would always tell someone to go to law school if they asked, but the actual practice of law was very much, you know, it's very aesthetic to anybody who has an entrepreneurial spirit, as I'm sure many people listening to this agree.


So that was a lifestyle that wasn't sustainable. You know, there's no flexibility, no freedom. And at all times I knew there was gonna be something next. And the next was kind of like a stepping stone. It was a hybrid of what I, what my true passion is, what I'm doing now. And then, which was this idea that it had to be, you know, in line with certain ways of thinking. And so I ended up starting a business that helped corporations manage their legal fees ironically. And there was a lot of demand for that. And it did quite well financially. It was actually quite a success. It had a lot clients in Canada, I moved from New York to Canada and then I realized how much I hated it. And that I had to do something more worthwhile for myself and for my, you know, my essence and I stumbled upon a a realm of reality was very different than that, which I had previously been a part of and which was definitely in a, in a category, which we would probably call alternative.


I stumbled upon understanding this, this idea of energetics, you know, it, it all kind of, there's, it's been a pathway it's, it's, it's taken a while to get to what it is now, which we'll go into I'm sure. But I did get introduced to this idea of energetics around the time that I was starting up this other company and eventually just became clear. Look, if you're not gonna be passionate about what you are doing, then it will not succeed. That is one of the things I've learned being an entrepreneur, if you are not passionate about it, I don't know how it can succeed. And if it does succeed, you'll be more unhappy than you were before you did it. If


Agreed, if you don't do it.


So I ended up winding that up. I ended up moving moving shop. It couldn't coincided with my relationship with my husband. So I moved in with him and I deleted the, the, the job, the, the business I'd started and I started a new one and that is energy think. And that's where I am now.


Interesting. So, so you, you kind of alluded to, but I wanna delve a little bit more into that. So you went from being in a attorney, being a lawyer to now, you know, your company Energy Think. And I know it sounds like, you know, you kind of were trying to follow the path that you thought your parents wanted you to do as, as well, but does it just evolve as, as you kind of allude to, so maybe I, I'm kind of answering as I speak, ask the question, but did it kind of just evolve as you, you could see that, that eventually, that that was your passion and what you wanted to do?


Well, everyone, I believe that everyone knows deep down the, kind of the answer to that, even if they're at different stages in that journey for themselves. I mean, if you're doing something that you are meant to be doing, you are, you are feeling that you are feeling at all times, even when it is so hard, it is just the right thing for you to be doing. And if you're not doing the thing that your heart and soul wants to be doing and is screaming to, do you feel that at every moment, even if you suppress it, even if you distract yourself from it, even if you have a big win, there is a hollowness to it. It's not in alignment. Some might say some might use that term. So at all times it was, it was very much, it was part of me to know that working at the law firm was not what I was meant to be doing.


However, it was meant to be an evolutionary step in the journey. So I think, I think I always knew, but I did not know how good it would feel to actually do the thing that if for any listeners who are in this position, I am, I empathize with you. And I'm sure there are some, because how many of us are there out there doing things that are making us a good salad that are giving us security that are giving us prestige or whatever it is, but doesn't hit the bill in terms of fulfilling your heart. So to those people, it feels really good to do what you love.


Yep. Well, it's look, we're gonna hit a break here real quick. We'll come back Mr. Biz tip of the week and we'll continue talk with Dana. Lord Lewis


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Right welcome back to the show. And as we always do at the beginning of the second segment, we're gonna share the Mr. Biz Tip of the Week. I'm sure everyone is on the edge of the cheek for this one. This week's tip is commitment is the necessary fuel for achievement. It honestly, tangentially relates to a lot what Dana talked about in the first segment. You know, you have to have that commitment and how do you get, build commitment, the passion, you know, if you're doing something and I call it, you're faking the funk, you know, you're doing a job on a paycheck. You're not doing a job that, that you love. And so, so that's a Mr. Biz Tip of the Week, aside from that, and I want to tie back Dana I love what you said and I can a hundred percent relate to it.


So my corporate career was fantastic. Loved it, loved my job. I mean, ebbs and flows, right? There were some crappy parts here and there, but overall I had a fantastic corporate experience, but I just got to a point where I just knew I wanted to be a, to help more people expand what I do. And I knew that wasn't going to happen the corporate world, despite continuing to ascend up the ladder and all that good stuff. As you had mentioned you, the prestige, the success, et cetera. But what really related what you said and resonated with me personally, was when I branched out on my own and figured out what I was gonna do, I, what I resigned didn't even know what the heck I was gonna do next, figured it out. And once I started to do it, I was about two weeks in.


And I'm telling you, it's like a scene from a movie. It's gonna sound so cheesy. So corny. I was driving back. I was driving home from a client and I'm on the highway and it's all, it's like this, you know, this aha moment, like the birds are singing the sunshine, like super bright. And it's like, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. This is 100%. I, I don't, it's not, this isn't work for me. And again, I know that sounds very cliche shade, but I absolutely freaking love what I do. I love it. And it's funny, you mentioned before too. And you know, I I'll talk to people I used to work with in the corporal world. I'm still have a lot of friends, obviously at JP Morgan and I'll go to lunch with one of 'em and they're like, how's it going? And I'm like, oh, I'm doing this, I'm doing that.


And I wrote this book and I'm doing this and I got this radio show and they're like, oh my gosh, how much are you working? And I'm like, I, I don't, I don't know. They're like, you gotta be working like 50, 60, 70 hours a week. I'm like, probably sometimes they're like, do you take Saturdays and Sundays off? I'm like, generally. Yeah. I said, you know, but I, I mean, I pretty much work. It's some form of work seven days a week, right. It might only be an hour or something like that, but I love what I do so much. So Dana, that this you'll probably love this in the evenings. I have a sweet spot in the evenings. When, if I'm at, once I get home and I'm in my home office, or I'm at home, the kids go upstairs, they get their showers, they're working on their homework.


My wife goes upstairs out for dinner. She has her shower and her and that to me is most people are gonna be like, what? I'm like, I wait for that. And I'm like, Ooh, I got like 20 minutes. I can run into my office and get something done because I freaking love what I do. You know, it's not like work. And that's what, when, when my buddy asked me, he was like, how many hours do you work? I go, I have no idea. He goes, what do you mean? You have no idea. It's gotta be terrible. I'm like, no, cause it's not work for me. I like what I do so much that it's not work.


Yep. I understand.


Yeah. So, so anyway so tell me a little bit, let's talk about your company Energy Think which again, you can find out more information about them at www.energythink.com that's www.energythink.com But so I, you know, I know you use energetics. How does that energetics apply to business? I guess let's start there.


Okay. Well, first off, let me just give a bit of a definition because I think that obviously we're talking about energy, but people don't know what energy is because energy is everything. And you can talk about it from the perspective of crystals, or you can talk about it from the, of quantum physics, and you can talk about it from any perspective. So we need to understand what we're, we're talking about here. So I have called this applied energetics. That is what Energy Think specializes in and applied energetics is how the understanding of energy impacts your ability to create what you want for off in your life to attain your goals, to attain your ambitions. How can energy actually be understood? And then once understood harnessed and used and utilized to help us achieve our goals. That is what energy think is that's our mission. So does that kind of frame it a little bit simplistic?


Yeah. Yeah, no, that's good. Complete side note to that. I was talking to someone earlier than week and he was asking me about knowing, who do you have on this week, you know, on your show and what do you guys wanna talk about? And I told him, I was having you on. I said, we're gonna talk energetics. And the first thing he said, and you may get this other time. She's like, did you, did you mean Dianetics the whole Scientology Elron Hubbard thing? I was like, no, no, I did not say Dianetics. I said, energetics that nothing to do with it,


Actually I, I usually get genetics.


Oh, okay.


No, no, it's energetic. So the thing is, energy is not a it's not a contested fact. Okay. Everyone kind of has this vague understanding that energy's a thing. And that quote, unquote, everything is energy. If you actually speak to a physicist, somebody not, not a, not a quantum physicist, but just a physicist. Somebody who understands, you know, why, you know, a ball falls or how to, you know, heat up a, a kettle. And where the, if you talk to anybody who understands just classical physics, you'll understand that energy is quantifiable. Okay. Energy, the way it behaves in nature in our physical universe, it is a quantifiable thing. You have various energetic systems all over you as a body. You, Mr. Biz, you are a, you are an energetic system. A light bulb is an energetic system. A flower is an energetic system. And essentially an energetic system simply is one that uses energy and a certain way to you manifest some outcome, right?


A light bulb shines. And in using this energy, it also loses energy. So energy comes in and energy goes out. And once you start to study how energy behaves on this real micro fundamental level, you'll understand how it applies to every of reality, the same way. So people spend a lot of time trying to understand themselves, right? There's a huge industry out there for self improvement. There's a huge industry out there for overcoming people's limitations. And we'll talk about that a bit more when we get to our tips, but usually people are trying to understand themselves psycho, politically, or emotionally. And this can be very challenging because we're using ourselves to understand ourselves. And that's kind of like, it's kinda like looking through a very you know, unclear glass to see something like you can't really understand yourself fully. And to under try to understand yourself psychoanalytically, it's very child, but if you can understand energy and the basics of the quantifiable aspect of it. So look, I I'm gonna take in energy somehow and I'm gonna spend energy somehow. And now I just have to understand how I take it in. And I have to understand how I spend it. Once you get that you can apply the energy that you do have to work with in ways that are much more efficient. And that allow for things to actually come into fruition because energy is the Genesis of manifestation. And I can explain that more if it doesn't make sense, but I'll stop there.


Yeah, no, I think that's, so I'm glad you did that. And actually kind of went a little bit of a different direction because you're right. I think defining it and kind of scoping it a little bit better, you know? Cause as you said, people can talk about energy all the time and in all sorts of different forms. But I think as, as we're trying to talk about it here in regards to, to, to be a better person, funneling your energy, et cetera, and in your business as well. So I think it was good that you kind of framed it that way. I want to, I wanna make sure I was gonna say we gotta hit a break here, but I wanna, I want to I guess what show was that? They said we're, let's put, let's put a pin in that. Yeah, let's let's hold that one for a second. We'll we'll hit a break here. We're gonna come back. We're gonna get some tips from Dana how We, we can manifest that we can use that energy and push it in a POS positive manner in our businesses and in our lives. So come back after the break on Mr. Biz Radio,


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All right. Welcome back to the show. And I want to apologize for, for kind of cutting us off there. Dana. I wanna make sure we hit the break and it, everything that like that. But again, I, I appreciate you kind of defining that. I think that's a good baseline for everyone, cuz again, people are like energetics, what is this? You know, again, applied energetics, things like that. I should mention again real quick before I forget don't to learn more about what Dana does, where company does, how they can help you go out to energythink.com that's energythink.com. Find out all the information I was out on the website playing around about a week or so ago and then actually this morning there's tons of information out there. Really good stuff there, but so, so Dana let, let's pick up where, let me pull a pin out where, where I put the pin in and talk about you know, where are some tips you would have on how to use, how to use applied energetics in our businesses and our lives to, to, to better, you know, make ourselves better.


Okay. So I will get to my tips. Okay. But I wanna frame them. I wanna give it a little bit of context first, just so that a bit more people get a little bit more interested in this notion of, of energetics. Because if you look at people around you, anyone in your life that you consider to be really impressive or successful or any of the luminaries that we look at in our lives, you know, if you take a very successful person that can take Elon Musk, let's take Elon Musk and you look at him and you look at what he's accomplishing and you look at the the orbit that he has created for himself. And you look at the monetary value of his company and you look at the fame and, and et cetera. And the, the, the kind of confidence he has in his his own ideas and his own visions. If you look at that and you look at that versus somebody who is obviously struggling with getting themselves out there and is experiencing fear. I mean, I'll, I'll, I'll ask, I'll put the question to you. What's the one thing that holds also back, it's probably gonna be a universal answer. What would you say it is?


Yeah. I mean, well, the answer I would say is fear and I think, but I think a lot of people are don't admit that.


Absolutely. So, so, so fear. So, so here, I'm going here, I'm going somewhere with this. So our energetic capacity, our capacity for reaching those levels, like an Elon Musk, every single person has a capacity for greater accomplishment. However, they view that accomplishment, however, their, their higher self or their, you know, deepest self wants to achieve in this life. Some people wanna become the world's greatest horticulturalist. Some people wanna become, you know, the wealthiest person in the world. Some people wanna just, you know, have really sustainable business, whatever it is that that is the dream. Uthey need to be able to have enough energy to make that happen from a, like an actual,uflow through standpoint. There needs to be enough energy directed to that goal. Both consciously like doing day by day, thinking about it, et cetera, but also unconsciously, there needs to be not a lot holding a person back a person needs to be able to get over the things that would otherwise hold them back. Okay. So we are all, we're all positioned with various energetic capacities and that defined by the amount of fear we are holding around these notions that we carry. Does that make sense? Are you with me for now?


Yeah, absolutely.


So it's all about taking the steps towards free flow of energy, from what you want consciously in your mind and in your heart, what you've been able to connect to and the external world, the perceptual experience, the, the real world manifestation, if you will, if you wanna use that term. Yeah. It's all about getting that free flow of energy and walking away from taking steps away from that, which walks it. So there's a lot of ways to do this. There's a lot of, a lot of ways to do this. But what I would say is the number one tip I would suggest is creating a, a world around you that see on a daily basis, which expands your own energetic capacities, which puts you in touch with on a hourly basis. Other people out there, other symbols, whether they're other people or other things that connects you to those higher level for yourself.


And there are lots of ways of doing this it's, but mostly it has to do with who you surround yourself with and who you listen to and who you identify, become identifying with. If that makes sense, you wanna be, you wanna be expanding yourself, your consciousness as much you can, as often as you can to make it so that your subconscious, your unconscious mind, which otherwise might hold you back, realizes you're there too. You're at the same level as these other people. And then things fall in place and organize themselves around that. Understanding of yourself, you are, are more confident when you present your pitches, you have a certain, you have a certain gen quo, a certain gravitas. When you walk into the room and people want to orbit around you, they want to surround you and treat you as someone that they want to be with because they see that your energetic levels are higher than theirs. You become someone they look up to and you do this by continuously expanding your capacity for growing and ascending.


Look, as you were talking, I was really starting to think about when you, especially when you brought up Elon Musk, I started think about, you know, like you said, some of these mega successful people, like in Elon Musk, et cetera. And I started thinking about, are there any of those people that you would see, or I would personally describe, or I H anyone describe and say, man, he or she is like a lump, like, they're just nothing, like all these people that I was thinking of, like a whole, whole long list as you were talking, I'm like, I can't think of one person that at least, you know, and, and success is different things. Not just all money, right? Other types of success. There's no one I could think of. That's like, man, that person's like a lump on the log. Like, they're just nothing like they're, it's like, oh my gosh, please talk faster. All of these people that are successful that I could think of, have energy, have a lot of energy and have that. As you mentioned, that sort of that energetic power that kind of draws you in and makes you want to be around them.


Yeah. And it goes, it goes deep. I mean, in, in my programs, we start off kind of on a more horizontal plane, meaning we start talking about, like I said before, how energy works, how you, how you can intake a lot of energy for yourself and how you can conserve your own energy. Because socially there are so many ways that people eat each other's energy. You know, a lot of people try to dominate each other energetically and, and, and win, you know sort of psychologically, which is essentially energetically grabbing from each other. So we learn how to, you know, not let that happen, but then the next level is, okay, how do you connect to that greater source? Because there's a vertical source of energy. And if you look at these people that you were just talking about, if you look at these people who have done extraordinary things, they are connected to something that is not of the manmade world.


And some people get a little bit spooked by that. They think, okay, Wawa, they think woo, woo or whatever. But I mean, anyone who thinks that man created themselves has really a, a little bit of deeper thought to, you know, to look at because he didn't, and there is something there that, you know, Einstein tapped into. And so people can do that. You can foster a relationship with this deeper self, this deeper knowingness, this source of energy that does not have to come from other people or external validation, but comes from this really magical place. And when you cultivate that, and when you also prevent yourself from giving that energy away to other people who are, are trying to take it from you through guilt and shame and stupid stuff, like social status and, then you are directing serious energy towards your business.


And business is art. I mean, you know that the way you were describing your, your day where you realized what you were doing, that is, that is like a channel of something divine. And when you look at good art, that's what the artist did. They channeled something divine. And when someone is in connection and alignment with what they really wanna be doing, what they, what they love, and they are able to do it without fear, then they are channeling something. Divine, doesn't matter if you're selling widgets, doesn't matter if you're, you know, I don't know, selling cheese, doesn't matter if you're doing it like that, then you are, you are, you're an expression of that, of that higher power. So you really wanna get


To that? Yeah. I look we're out of time here, but it's I feel like we talk about this for days. I'm sure you could. But you've definitely intrigued me a great deal. Learning more about this and, and what you can find out again more at www.energythink.com. Dana, thank you so much for coming on the show. You shared a tremendous amount of information, and I know we've just scratched the surface, but I, I love the fact that we've exposed everyone to sort of some new things.


Thanks, Ken.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, thanks for watching and guys, thanks for listening. And don't forget as always cash is king.


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