How Can AFFORMATIONS Help You Overcome Success Anorexia

How Can AFFORMATIONS Help You Overcome Success Anorexia

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Mr. Biz Radio: How Can AFFORMATIONS Help You Overcome Success Anorexia

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Welcome to Mr. Biz radio, Biz. Talk for Biz owners. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth.


All right, welcome to another episode of Mr. Biz Radio, with me Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth. And this week we have a repeat guest Dr. Noah St. John was on the show I wanna say maybe four-ish months ago, something like that. We as often happens, we talked and talked, and then after the show, he and Producer Allen and I talked for another, I don't know, 20 minutes or something. And, you know, time just flew by and I said, Man, I gotta have you back on to talk about his most recent book, which we talked about at the time. And subsequent to that, I actually bought the book, Read the book, "Millionaire Afformations". And so I wanted to have him back on to talk through some of that. So again, Dr. Noah St. John is known as the father of Afformations, not Affirmations, Afformations, and the mental health coach to the Stars working with Hollywood celebrities, eight figure company CEOs, professional athletes, top executives, and entrepreneurs. No, is famous for helping his coaching clients make more in just 12 weeks than they made in the previous 12 months. He has also appeared on over 1000 media outlets, including abc, nbc, cbs, Fox Entrepreneur and Success Magazine. You can get a ticket to know his upcoming virtual event, actually, seven Figure Mind Intensive, valued at a thousand dollars for free when you go to That's the number Dr. Noah St. John, welcome back to Mr. Biz Radio.


Well, thank you, Ken. It's great to be back.


Yeah. So you know, like I said, we right after the show, I'm like, Man, I gotta go out and get your book as soon as it's available. And like I said, I got the book, I read the book, I got the workbook with it actually sitting over there. And I wanted to have you back on to kind of talk through some of that stuff. Before we get into that, for, for those of you who didn't see the last time that no one was on the show, Noah, walk us through a little bit of your entrepreneurial journey, if you would.


Well, absolutely. Just to give you the very briefest of briefs I grew up poor in the rich neighborhood, and I hated being poor. And so I was like you know, there's lots of speakers out there. And they say, Well, we were poor but happy. We didn't know we were poor. In my family, we, we knew we were poor because my mother reminded us every day that we were poor and miserable. So it wasn't happy. It sucked. And so I hated being poor. I hated that life of poverty and fear, lack, not enoughness, because I saw that right down the street where I lived. There was great wealth and abundance. And so I just went to the library, read every book I could on success, self-help, personal growth, really tried to get into work, but I couldn't get it to work. It was very frustrating.


So at the age of 25, I decided to commit suicide because I was so frustrated at the very last moment, my life was spared. I didn't know why at the time. And so I went on another long journey to find my purpose here on the earth. And five years after that, I,I discovered my life's purpose. When I discovered Afformations, as you mentioned, I'm known as the father of Afformations. And,also I discovered a condition that tens of millions of people are unknowingly suffering from, that's actually causing them to hold themselves back from success, which I called success anorexia. So those two,discoveries that I made in 1997, 25 years ago now,that's been the really the basis of my entire work, my life's work over the past two decades plus. And, you know, my 17 books that I've published, my 18th and 19th books coming out,early next year.


So we'll have to be, you'll have to have me back on the program. We'll discuss those new books. So that's really how it happened, Ken. And, you know, as you mentioned, you know, I am known as the, the creator of the 12 week Breakthrough. I'm known for helping my clients make more than just 12 weeks than they made in the past 12 months while winning their lives back. And, you know, we've been able to do that hundreds and hundreds of times. You know, over 2 billion for my clients, adding 6, 7, 8 figures to their business while working less, you know, while getting their lives back. So it's really been an amazing journey. And you know, it's we, we just I'm very, very humbled and blessed to do what I, what I get to do every day.


Awesome. Well, you know, I want you to also share, I know you and I have talked, and I can't remember if we've talked about it on the show, or maybe it was after the show last time, but you had a a an epiphany in the shower mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, as I recall. You wanna share that story with us real


Quick? Yes. That's how I discovered afformations, I call it the shower. That changed everything. And of course, I'm sure everyone listening to the program has had those aha moments in the shower. When you get the answer to that question, you've been thinking of, Well, I'd been reading all those self-help books, as I mentioned earlier, and I really couldn't get 'em to work because they all said the same thing. Use these a affirmations or statements of something you wanna be true. You know, it's funny, as a keynote speaker and a coach, I get to speak to audiences all around the world. And one of the things I like to do with my audience members is have everyone stand up and say an old afformation, you know, the old way that we're taught. And I say, I am rich. And everybody goes, I am rich. And you know, what happens next?


Everybody starts laughing. And I go, What are you laughing at? And I go, Well, I'm not rich. I say, But you just said you were. And they go, Yeah, but I don't believe it. Right? See, so that's really the problem with the old way, the old method of affirmations. We, we say these statements, but we just don't believe it. So what I invented and or discovered really one day in the shower that changed everything was a process of using the brain's embedded presupposition factor. Now, that's just a fancy way of saying, when you ask a question, your brain searches for the answer automatically. So we actually call it also automatic alignment, because that's really what happens. You automatically align to what you really want using my afformations method. So rather than saying a statement is something you wanna be true, like, I am happy, I am rich, I'm thin, I'm successful, which your brain goes, No, you're not.


Right. You know, we, I call it the Yeah, right. Response. Cause your brain goes, Yeah, right, right. We don't believe it. Using my afformations method, you form these empowering questions like, Why am I so happy? Why am I so rich? Why am I always in the right place at the right time? And using the embedded presupposition factor of the brain, your brain focuses on what you already have versus what you lack. And that is one of the methods, one of the ways that we're literally able to help our clients you know, add, add a lot of money, but also lose weight and just have that sense of peace, happiness, and fulfillment that we all really want.


Yeah. It's actually super interesting to me, and this is one of the reasons I wanna have you back on, is mm-hmm. <Affirmative> you know, when we talked before mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, when you first presented this to me and you said, you know, literally you said, you know, we kind of did a little test or whatever mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and it is amazing that your, your brain just automatically does that, right? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, when you say, Why am I so rich? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you, I mean, I found myself when you, when we first went through that the first time we talked, and automatically my brain's like, Well, because of, you know, you start making the reasons of why. And so found it so much more powerful. And like I said, since I read your book and I've been going through the, the workbook with it and been doing that, and I read every day, It's four minutes, guys.


Like, literally it's four minutes a day. Like, if you can't start four minutes to, to, you know, make your life better. And, and it's, it's been super powerful so far. I've only been doing a short period of time, but it's been super powerful. And once you bake it into your routine mm-hmm. <affirmative>,I was traveling. I didn't take my workbook with me. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, and I got up and I was rushing around. I got up too late, I laid in bed too long, whatever, and I was rushing around cause I had to get to a speaking engagement and I didn't have it with me. And literally the middle of the day, I'm like, Man, I gotta go back. Like, and so I'm, I'd done it enough that I could remember right. And go through the process. But literally at lunch break during this speaking event, I was at, I, I went out in the hallway and sat in a quiet space and just, and, and did it.


You know, got my notebook out and did the writing and did the, people probably thought I was crazy, thought I was talking to myself probably. But nonetheless, I got it done. And it's very powerful guys. So I would encourage you go out, guys, Go out and look for the book, "Millionaire Afformations". It's available all over the place, but obviously our good friends at Amazon you can definitely find it there. There's a workbook that goes along with it. Super powerful stuff. You can find out more actually what Noah's got going on at That's kind of got a little bit of everything on it. And then you can go to, again, as I mentioned, for to talk about to see about his recent virtual event. Easy for me to say. And again, seven figure. It's the number Go out and check that out. We're gonna hit a break here, guys. We're gonna come back. We're gonna continue talking with Noah, how he helps people. Give us some examples. And we're gonna talk about success anorexia. I'm gonna ask you about that too cause we hadn't talked about that before. But come back after the break on Mr. Biz Radio.


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All right, welcome back


To the show again. This week we're talking with Dr. Noah St. John. He's a repeat guest. Got a lot of awesome stuff to share. And again, one of the other reasons I wanted to have Noah back on is this is something that, you know, again, the vast majority of our viewers are listeners, our entrepreneurs, business owners. But this is something that applies to everybody. And again, like no had mentioned, it's not just about being rich or about making money. It could be the weight loss goal you have. It could be just living a happier life, just living your best version of yourself sort of thing. I know that sounds a little cliche, but it's so true. These things you can apply to so many different aspects of your life. So, so important. So, Noah, so I, I guess before we get into this, and you, you kind of scratched the service on a little bit during the first segment, but for those who didn't are not familiar with your work or who didn't hear the first show, can you tell us a little bit more what afformations are?


Yes, absolutely. And by the way, I do wanna give that link. It's for the Millionaire book, it's get millionaire <laugh>. That's very easy to remember. So get And the reason you wanna go there is because when you get the book on Amazon, then you go back to get millionaire, you can get up to $300 worth of bonus gifts, okay? Right there at So that's where that, and also you can get the companion journal there as well. That's what Ken, you were just talking about, the companion journal. So you get the book and the journal. Anyway. So afformations are my method that I invented 25 years ago you know, discovered in the shower that changed everything. And really there it, what's so funny and ironic about my afformations method that'll, that most people just don't know about, aren't aware of, is that you're already using afformations.


Anyway. See, there's 7 billion of us here on this planet. And every single one of us, every human being is already using afformations. There's only two problems, though. The first problem is most people don't know they're doing it, right. Most people don't know that they're doing this method. And the second problem is, and this is the big problem, most people are using afformations in a very negative, disempowering way, as opposed to what I teach in my books and in my coaching and in my programs, which is to empower you. So let me give you an example. Most people are walking around unknowingly, unwittingly, unconsciously, asking themselves really lousy, disempowering questions. Like, Why am I so stupid? Why am I so fat? Why can't I lose weight? Why isn't my business growing? Why can't I get more patients or customers or clients? Why is there more month left at the end of the money? Right? And excuse me, bless. And so when you, when you ask lousy questions like that, what do you think you get? You get lousy answers, right?




And that creates lousy habits, and that creates a lousy life. See, again, people don't know they're doing this. Nobody does it on purpose. And yet it doesn't matter because of the law of sowing and reaping, which is an ancient law that's been taught for centuries. As you sow, so shall you reap. But we're sowing seeds of thought. And yet most people are sowing lousy thought seeds. Like I just gave you examples of, right? So when you so lousy thought seeds, you get lousy results. That creates a lousy life, even whether you're doing it on purpose or not. That's why I share my story, which I shared earlier of the fact that I decided to take my own life. Those were the kind of lousy thought seeds I was sowing and had been sowing my entire life up until that point. Why am I so stupid? You know, why can't I do anything? Right? Why does nothing ever work out for me? Well, what do you think my life looked like? It looked exactly like that. So using now my afformations method in the positive way, in an empowering way, it empowers you. Meaning you have now you access your own inner power to take action and to change your habits, change your results, change your income, and change your life.


Yeah. It's, and I, I know you had mentioned this when we talked through this when you were on the show before a few months back mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and as you were mentioning it, I remember that day I was on my way to the studio and, you know, there's, I got stuck behind a train and, and I'm, I was ticked. And so I was doing exactly what you said. I'm like, Why is it always when I'm in a hurry? Right? Why do I always run into this crap and I'm in hurry? And then it turned into more personal, Why do I wait till the last minute, minute? Why didn't I leave the house 15 minutes earlier? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, why I could have left? Why didn't I? And so again, it's disempowering, like you said, and it kind of spirals outta control. It's that that's right.


That proverbial snowball rolling down the hill, but it's coming to crush you. It's not, you're not on it riding it, it's gonna crush you, <laugh>. And so I think it's something so important for people to realize. And I've, I've, since you've been on the show, you know, I catch myself cause I still do it. I'm getting much better at it, but I catch myself now like stopping that, that negative self-talk and the disempowering type of questions, the afformation, because man, like you said, when you're having a bad day and you start to do those things, you're gonna have a really bad day. Because as you said, you just continue to, you know, in your own head space, do the talk about those things and it just creates more of the crap that's going on that's making you mad in the first place.


That's exactly right. And that's why the companion journal that you were talking about earlier is so important to go along with the book because you get a whole year that we give you, you know, and I don't, I'm not sure how much you've already done Ken in your, in your journal, but I mean, it's a whole year so that you can literally make this a habit. So, you know, even as you just described, I mean, you've been doing it and let's say you forget it or, you know, have to leave it at home or whatever, you could still do it in your, you know, in your daily practice to make it a daily habit. Because if you think about it, you know, what is a bad day? What's a bad day? Well, a bad day is a day <laugh>, right? Right. It's a day that you're focusing on what sucks in your life right now.


Oh man, you know, I don't have the money I want. I don't have the clients I want. I don't have the business that I want. You know, I don't have this, I don't have that. And the problem or a problem an additional problem is with social media, right? This makes it all so much worse. What is social media? But everybody posting their highlight reel, Hey, look at me here in front of my boat. Here's me on my helicopter. Hey, here's me on vacation. And you're sitting there going, Man, my life sucks. You know, <laugh> compared to these guys. And that's the whole point. And so social media is just another way that we get reminded of what we don't have. So I'm certainly not suggesting don't, you know, don't be on social media. Take everything off your phone. I mean, I don't think that's realistic for most of us.


However, what I am suggesting is to say, Okay, when I have those kinds of thoughts of, Oh, my life sucks. Oh, this isn't any good. I don't have that, and he or she's got so much more than I do, how is that helping you? It's just reinforcing what you don't have or what you think you don't have. So what my affirmations does, or one thing that it does is it helps you to turn that, to literally just flip it around instead of, why don't I have to focus on what you already have and to frankly feel grateful for that not enough fake way, not in a pretend way, but in a real way that that actually really does change your life.


Yeah, it absolutely does. You know, like you said with that I forget the technical term. But you essentially, the, when you ask yourself the question and your, your, your brain starts to be Google, right? To come up with the answers as to why, why am I rich? Why am I thin? Why am I in shape? Why am I in such good shape? It it, for me, it's almost like it's not just the afformations part of it, but it's almost like a, in some ways it's on some days it's becomes like a brainstorm for me because I'll come up, even though it's the same question I may have gone through five other days, you know, in the past Yep. On that particular day because of I was, you know, in a more creative space or whatever it might be. All of a sudden it's like, I came up with something new like, Oh crap, yes, I can do that.


Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> very, very powerful. Love it, love it, love it. So guys, again, Dr. Noah St. John's or guest this week, you can find out more at T. You can get the book Millionaire Affirmations. And again, it's on Amazon, but go to get Cause I, I, I completely forgot. I'm glad you mentioned that because when I got it, I got it and went back and put the, put the order in and number to get the free content on additional content. So go to get and you guys get this book. It's an easy read. It's got tons of great information in it. I'm not just saying that I don't, Noah's not, you know, he's not asking me to do that or whatever. But it is a powerful book. I promise you, you will like it no matter what space you're in. Come back after the break, we'll continue talking with Noah and we're gonna find out more about what is Success Anorexia?


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All Right, welcome back to the show again, talking with Dr. Noah St. John this week. And I want to, I, I teased it before, and we didn't get to it in the second segment, but I wanted to talk about something you'd mentioned, you just kind of briefly mentioned in the first segment, and that is what you call success anorexia. I'm very perplexed, Noah, what is success?


Anorexia Just like millions of people are unknowingly and unwittingly starving themselves of food, right? I've discovered 25 years ago that millions and millions of people are also unwittingly, unconsciously starving themselves of success. Now, that doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to, you know, the conscious mind because you're like, that doesn't make any sense, right? But one of the things that I actually started to call it recently is this topic of what I call head trash, right? This is another one of my books called "Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money". You could find that on our website. But basically, success anorexia leads to this condition that I call head trash, which is the voice in your head that says, I can't do it because dot, dot dot. So for everybody listening to the program, I want you to think about your goals, right?


So as a business owner, you want to grow your revenues, you want increase profits, you want more clients, you want more leads, more sales, right? All of those things that we entrepreneurs want every single day and our striving for and working hard for, right? So that's what I call your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But what, what do those things really represent? Well, hopefully for you, they represent more freedom, more time off, more time to enjoy your family, your friends, the finer things in life, or just relaxing, whatever it might be, just that feeling of fulfillment and happiness. The problem is that for millions and millions of business owners, they're going after those things really, really hard on in their, in their conscious life, right? They're consciously working really hard every day, but subconsciously and unconsciously, they're actually holding themselves back from the success they're capable of, and they don't mean to do it.


Let me give you an example from one of my coaching clients. So I was talking with one of my clients, his name's Charles, and he, he actually read one of my books. He passed by my book at Barnes and Noble. He said something in it, spoke to him, he bought it, he reached out to me like he hadn't even finished the book yet, and he literally contacted me on my website and he said, Noah, I need you to coach me. And so I asked him a very simple question. I said, Charles, how much do you think not getting rid of this problem is gonna cost you this year? And without batting an eye, he said, A million dollars. If I don't get rid of this head trash, it's gonna cost me a million dollars. And so I said, Okay, I tell you what, why don't you give me 10% of that million dollars and I will find that million dollars for you.


In other words, if you give me $1 and I give you $10 back, is that a good deal? He said, Yes, it is. So he paid me a hundred thousand dollars to coach him. Well, the point is, Ken, that I actually not only doubled his money, I more than doubled his money to literally more than half a million dollars in just 12 weeks of us working together. So what does this mean for the person listening? What it means is I want you to think about what it is that you want, your goals, and that's fine to focus on, but then think about are you subconsciously holding yourself back? Are you telling yourself, I can't actually do that even though I want that. I don't think I can do it because I don't have the, the time. I don't have the money. I can't afford it. I don't have the connections. You know, my spouse won't let me do it. I don't, you know, my kids are in college, or whatever the excuse might be. And I'm not saying those things don't exist. I'm saying that if you keep telling yourself you can't do it, because as hard as you're working and running and running and running every day, you're driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake.


I love that analogy. Yeah. And, and again, I could tell you, I mean, there have been times in my life where I've gone through that exact, you know, that exact scenario you're talking about. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> is and I think it's, you know, it's, it sometimes, especially again, it goes back to what you mentioned earlier last segment, is I think once that that wheel starts to spin in a negative direction, yeah, it starts to spin faster and faster and it's, it get becomes more and more difficult to get out of. And it sounds like that's probably where you were in that unfortunate situation, you know many moons ago. Yep. Got into that space. And so you know, obviously, who, who else better know how to get out of that than someone who's been there, done that? You know what I mean? That's right. So, so let's talk a little bit more about head trash. So I know, again, I know that's one of your books mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and head trash. We all have head trash. I have, I got some right now, to be honest with you. So <laugh>. But tell us a little bit more about that concept around head trash and how do we, how do we take out the trash?


Absolutely. Well, why do you think I wrote all these books, Ken? I mean, you can see behind me at my bookshelf, I mean, I published 17 books, you know, so far, and my 18th and 19th coming out next year, basically all on this one subject. How did they out your head? Trash, right? So head trash is the, if you think about the, the things that you want, and then the, the reasons or excuses, the the reasons you're telling yourself, you can't get it. That is a function of head trash. All right? So here's one of the things that this is literally where we start with our coaching clients, you know, like Charles and, and many, many others that I've coached over the years. But think about what it is that you want, right? And, and that's really where we have to start. What is it you want?


And everybody goes, Wow, I want more money. Okay, great. Here's five bucks, go away. No, I mean, you gotta get a lot more clear than that, right? You gotta get, you gotta get really more specific. So what, what is it? You know, if you're at X and you want to get to Y, all right, well, what is that? And then what is the timeframe? And then you say, Okay, no, well that's very clear. I've got that. And then, and then I would say, well, there are two forces in our lives, all right? And in our businesses and, and everything, relationships, our health, literally everything. And we call 'em driving forces and restraining forces. So the driving forces, like your foot on the gas in your car, if you think about driving your car, that's all you're doing. You're going from point A to point B, right?


You're going from where you are to where you wanna be, even if you're driving down the street to the grocery store to pick up some milk and eggs, right? I mean, you know what you want, you know where you're going and you know why you're getting there. Well, it's the same with your life. It's the same with your business. But the problem is most people don't know where they want to go. They don't know why they're going there, and they really don't have a vehicle to get there, right? And they're driving down the road with one foot on the brake. So there's kinda like four problems there, right? <Laugh>. So you can look at every single one of those four problems and go, Wait a minute, I don't, I don't know if I have the right vehicle. I don't know if I know where I wanna go.


I dunno if I know why I'm going there. And most importantly, I think I might be driving down the road with one foot on the brake. So that's the driving force is the foot on the gas, the restraining force is the foot on the brake. And for millions and millions of entrepreneurs, that restraining force is right here in their subconscious mind, which again, I refer to as head trash. So what I believe, and I, I mean I don't believe it, I've seen it literally thousands and thousands of times over the past two decades plus, is when you get rid of that head trash, you literally get your foot off the break. And then that's one of the reasons, if you go to our website, you just see these incredible stories like Brittany, who went from zero, literally nothing failing at everything. That's her words, not mine. But, you know, she'd failed at everything to now she's over 40 million in sales. Adam went from 4 million to 20 million in sales. Tim went from being stuck in fear to 5 million of $5 million a year business. And stories go on and on and on. And this is one of the main reasons that we've been able to see and get our clients, you know, results like this.


And to think about it, guys. So this is what I was mentioning earlier, these, these incredible testimonies, and there's, as you mentioned on the website, there's a ton of them. These aren't because Noah is imparting some new awesome sales sales script on people, right? This has nothing to do with that. It's all mental, it's all your, your outlook, your mindset, how to change that. And again, the head trash. So we've only got a little of a minute left to know, but what is, what is like the number one? So I'm out there right now and I'm thinking, Man, I got a lot of head trash. What's one thing I can do like in the next 24 hours to help at least get rid of some of that head trash?


Number one, where do you want to go? Number two, what are you telling yourself about the reasons you can't get there? And number three, I want you to start arguing with yourself, not in a bad way, but just saying, why aren't those things true? In other words, if you say, I don't have the time, that's bull. Because you are, you are, you have the same 24 hours as Mark Cuban and, and you know, Warren Buffet and everybody else. So it has nothing to do with the time. If it's you saying, I don't have the money, again, that's an excuse you wanna poke holes in. So start poking holes in your own excuses.


I love it. I love it. I love it. Again, guys, Doc, Noah St. John, you can find out more at You can find his book, Millionaire A Formations highly recommended Mr. BI recommended. Go to Easy to remember. And then if you wanna find out more about his upcoming virtual event, you can go to That's number seven, Noah, thank you so much for coming back on the show. I really appreciate it.


It's my pleasure. Anytime.


Yeah, absolutely. We'll definitely have you back on once you have these 18th and 19th books out. Sounds great, <laugh>, guys, thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. Have a great week. And as always, don't forget, Cash Flow is king


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