Adapting to Achieve Success

Adapting to Achieve Success

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Mr. Biz Radio: Adapting to Achieve Success

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Welcome to Mr. Biz Radio BizTalk for biz owners during the next half hour, Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth, a leading business advisor, and two time bestselling author we'll cover topics that will help business owners run their companies more profitably and more efficiently. If you're ready to stop faking the funk and take your business onward and upward, this show is for you. And now here's Mr. Biz Ken Wentworth

Of Mr. Biz Radio with the Mr. Biz, Ken Wentworth. And we have got an outstanding show for you today for some I'm a bit biased with that, of course. Right. But we're going to talk to someone today that has a very unique journey and has done what a lot of people have been forced to do, although he's been doing it much longer, but adapting, pivoting, as they've been saying, right, since the pandemic and whatnot, a lot of business owners have had to do that. Our guests this week has done that throughout his career throughout his life. And so, and I wanted to, I actually, I'm going to make sure I mentioned I got connected with him because he was actually part of Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone. And there's a very funny, I forget what episode it was on the second season, but probably three or four episodes in.

It's a pretty funny you know, series of scenes with our guests, Antwon Burton and Grant and Grant is trying to pitch Antwon for his services. And it's there's Oh my gosh, we can't translate ride a mechanical bull. It's just a, it's, it's pretty funny. And I saw that episode and I reached out to Antwon on Instagram and now we've been talking back and forth since then on Instagram. And I said, man, I got to have you on the show because he's got a really cool journey.

So Antwon Burton, welcome to Mr. Biz Radio.

How you doing my friend? Thank you for having me on. Yeah, absolutely man. So I should mention so Antwon, so here's let me explain a little bit of, and I don't want to take away some of the historics. I'm going to ask him about that, but right now he is the executive director at the PBR sports performance center out in Pueblo, Colorado.

So this guy's been a star college athlete. He's played in the NFL and now he's, as I mentioned, the executive director at PBR sports performance center. So Antwon tell us a little about your journey.

It definitely was a little obscure specialty to get to this particular point in my life being a part of the PBR organization, but you know, I started in Buffalo, New York and I come from humble beginnings, a lot of what people don't know, you know I actually was homeless for three and a half years and a drug addicted parent. And those are some of the things that I honestly had to overcome at an early age. And my mom was that addict, which actually came out,

That story came out in a Undercover Billionaire. She got her stuff together and you know, I moved back with my mom when I was 16 and I actually chose to go to the army fresh out of high school. I got a lot of college letters, a lot of scholarship offers, but didn't really necessarily understand how to matriculate to the next level. You know, me and my mom, single parent didn't have transportation. So a lot of these camps that were recruiting me and, you know, we just didn't understand it.

And I thought I was gonna go into the army went to the recruiting office. I was 305 pounds. They told me I'd have to lose 80 pounds in a three month span. And so I figured I might go a different direction or a different route.

And it just so happened that ECC or community college was its first year in existence. So I was able to be a part of their inaugural season, which was directly across the street from the Buffalo bills stadium. And you know, I had a great career there for two years and I'm the, I made the first tackle in ECC history. The first two go division one and the first and only as of now to you know, make it to the NFL.

And then on, from there went to temple university and I got a scholarship there from out of ECC and, you know was able to accrue some, you know, credentials of all biggies and all that good stuff and play the East West shrine towards the end of my career or at the end of my collegiate career did pretty well in that.

And then 2006 I was drafted in the seventh round that particular year Denver did not have a seventh round pick. So they picked me up in the sixth round and I ended up being the highest paid or highest bonus for an undrafted free agent and a 2006. And that was that you know, Jay Cutler, Elvis Dumerville, Brandon Marshall, Tony Sheffler which, you know, I thought that was a pretty good class and ended up having a, a four, four and a half year five-year career in the NFL. Then ended my career playing in the UFL, which is somewhat synonymous. So like the AAF or maybe XFL but I was able to be, you know, vested and you know, I mean, and I was able to retire. So, you know, at the end of that, I was able to have, you know, my annuity and 401k and pension, all that good stuff.

And at the end of my career, I got into the music business Johnson, the music business dealt with I was not a musician. I managed an artist and we did features with Good Charlotte did some shows with Hoodie Island, teeth, Buckley, White Tie Affair. So I was in Montreal, Los Angeles, New York lost a lot of money in that venture and those two chose to pivot. And you know, my wife was originally from public Colorado and decided to you know, come here and start a family. And you know, when the music thing was over, ended up getting into, you know, mentorship, just given my background and the things that I've been able to experience and overcome, and, you know, try to share that experience with the community or Pueblo and you know, started training.

Then I ultimately was in that realm for about two years and, you know, built my own facility next level performance 2017 going into 18. I started my own media company. We built apps we built websites, videography photography for marketing or digital marketing and branding for hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, businesses. And I did a docu-series more than football and S somebody from PBR ended up seeing the documentary where we housed five guys that I started in the NFL draft prep here in public Colorado. And they were building this facility here, a $13 million, 18,000 square feet, and introduced the PBR to me and what it stood for and the things that they were trying to accomplish and ended up, you know, kind of by me buying next level out and, you know, hiring me on as the executive director here at the PBR sport performance center. That's kinda, that's kinda it in a nutshell and most Simplicit fashion.

Well, it's not simplicity that that's one of the reasons why I wanted to talk with you. Antwon is man on tell you guys, I told you, you want to talk about pivoting and adapting. I mean, think about all the curve balls, all the bumps in the road that Antwon has experienced in his life and his career, you know, early, early on in his life, you know, with his being homeless and having, you know, the parental situation he had and all that kind of stuff. Absolutely amazing, amazing journey. We are actually going to hit a break here.

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All right, we're going to hit a break. When we come back, we're gonna continue talking Antwon Burton, and we're gonna hear more about his amazing journey.

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All right, welcome back to the show. It is time for the Mr. Biz tip of the week. This week's tip is actually a quote from none other than Sarah Blakely. If you're unfamiliar, she is the amazing woman. She started Spanx. If you guys, if you're not aware of what Spanx are, I'm sure your wives or significant others probably are. But her quote is if you have a good product and you're solving a problem, if you're making a product or she's, at least I'm gonna set up if you're making a product Oh my gosh, I can't even read my own writing. She's Elise, if you're making a product or our lives better, it's always a good time to start a business, man. I hacked that one out. So apologies guys. Basically what she's saying is if you're, if you've got a product offer, that's going to make people's lives better.

If it's going to make things better for people, it's always a good time to really stretch, stretch out and start that business really, really important. And just take the leap. You know, so many times people have the ideas, they don't execute. They're going to start, you know, it's like the people, I'm sure Antwan's familiar with this. Yeah. I'm going to start my diet on Monday. I'm going to start working on a Monday and then Monday comes and goes all next Monday next Monday. Right? Take the leap, make it happen. Take action. And don't be that flat squirrel in a middle of the road that could make a decision. So that's the Mr. Biz tip of the week.

This week, let's get back into talking with Antwon Burton. Again, he is the executive director of the PBR sports and performance center and public Colorado.

You've heard some of his amazing story. Let's, let's move into a little bit of you mentioned Undercover Billionaire, and that's where I first came in contact with you and saw you there. And I should mentioned alluded to earlier, you know, there's a really funny series of scenes. In episode three, four, I think it's three or four, but then later in the season Grant goes back to the sports performance center to actually work out with Antwon. And that was a completely different experience, very moving. And where they're talking about some of the, you know, Antwon mentioned some of the things that he went through as a kid and some of the things that Grant had gone through, and there was some, definitely some parallels there. So how was your experience on Undercover Billionaire Antwon

For me? I really didn't know who Grant Cardone was. Truth be told. I just knew that Louis Curtis, there was something more to him. But the, the production team was top-notch great people. You know, it was really just a great experience and, you know, you know, with grant, there's no real gray area, you're either don't like them or you love them. And, you know, I really liked, and I thought Grant was a great person and a motivated person. I feel like I'm a pretty motivated person, myself and confident. But his energy will light a fire under your. That that's kind of how he is. And for me, as you mentioned that that one segment, when we were able to share our stories, you know, I thought it was really, really cool. And I, and I was very humbled by that particular segment because I felt like it allowed grant to be humanized in a sense, you know, this billionaire with his bravado and, and, and how he carries himself. I thought it was really cool and I was very humbled to be a part of that, that, that, that process and that particular segment.

Yeah. I mean, it was honestly, it was, I'm not an emotional person at all, just ask my wife, but that was, you know, between the two of you, again, sharing your stories and you could see there was a bond there which was quite different as I, as I mentioned, the, the an earlier in the season, when he, you guys go into that conference room at SPC and he's kind of pitching you, it was hilarious. I mean, your body language, Antwon, your kickback. You're just like, okay, what's this dude trying to sell me, man, like

Pretty much, but, but I knew there was something to him that just did, like, not in a bad way, like he was just too, he really didn't. And he said it in his segment, like it was too much swag. It was too much. Ah, yeah, you're different just to tell me what's really going on and then we can get somewhere. That's kind of how I was looking at it.

Yeah. Well, he, you know, I'm sure you've watched, I mean, he mentions and he's talked about it since he actually was on on the Mr. Biz Radio right when it was the season was kicking off and then Matt Smith has been on as well and talking about the show a bit as well, but, you know, he mentioned, you know, how one of the biggest challenges he had on the show was like, he felt like man, he was just lying to people and not being able to be himself. And so, you know, found that to be challenging, which I'm sure it was. And not only that, man, you know, he does have an ego and he would tell you that himself. And I think, you know, you got to have some sort of ego to be successful in a lot of ways.

And I think it probably was killing him too, to not be able to, you know, use his name, you know, he built up. And, and some of that swag that he built up and that street credit, he built up not being able to use that probably, you know, was, was pretty challenging for him as well. But so, so I mean, I guess it's probably difficult now after knowing who he is and everything, but, you know, what was your initial impressions of him? So I guess was it Matt had set up the meeting with you then?

No, I gotta be honest. They, they interviewed, I want to say my mom like a month before, two months before, so they kind of knew who I was going into it. And as I knew it, they were just doing a documentary on you know, blue collar towns and the American dream isn't dead of local businesses and that's how it was introduced to me. Gotcha. And he just walked in one day and he was like, Hey, you know, there's a guy coming in, he's looking to do some things here in Pueblo. We'd like him to meet here and that's all I knew that that literally is all I knew and I said, sure, let's do it.

Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. I couldn't remember if it was how that came about, I guess that's probably why they didn't. I just was assuming that Matt was involved in some way, but no, it's okay.

Was it like organically random?

Yeah. Well, interesting. Interesting. So tell us a little bit about the PBR. And so you mentioned they sort of came to you, they bought out next level. How did that all come about?

Really, like I said, there was a tourism grant that the state of Colorado, the city of Pueblo and the PBR organization came together to, you know build this facility to be able to usher in the narrative of Western sport and Western culture to kind of have their own specific facility for Western sport training and, you know, ushering in that narrative of a riders being athletes, which they already have been since the day it started, but never really had their lane or niche as far as sports performance is concerned. So that's kind of how it all came together.

Gotcha. Gotcha. So was it a tough decision for you to, to, to, you know, sort of a folded next level into, into the sports performance center for PBS?

No, honestly it wasn't because I felt like, you know, once I, you know, I educated myself more on the sport, the culture agrarian culture, that the history of the PBR the, the, the analytics of the it'd be in a global a global company, PBR, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico. Of course the us then, you know, being under the umbrella of endeavor, you know, which is, you know, we're a sister company with IMG Academy. And for me, it was a no brainer because these are some of the most authentic athletes that I've ever been around. And in my opinion, they're, they're one of the few sports that don't have that, that level of entitlement and that blue collar work ethic. And again, that authenticity cause a lot of these kids come from, you know, hard upbringing, hard work and you know, they drive from event to event and just to be able to be a part of that initial push of performance and you know, building and growing the sport, you know, to be a part of that. Again, I'm, I'm humbled by it. And I was very appreciative to have the opportunity to be in this position.

Yeah. Well, I mean, even from the shots they showed on the show, the facility, it looks amazing. We're going to hit a break here, we'll come back talking with Antwon Burton. We're going to get some tips on how to adapt to achieve more.

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Welcome back to Mr. Biz Radio. And I should mention if you want to find out more about what Antwon's got going on, find out more about the PBR SPC go out and follow him on Instagram and also follow PBR underscore SPC on Instagram. I know as I mentioned, when I first saw him on Undercover Billionaire, I went out and started following both of those accounts and they share a lot of cool stuff. And some of this stuff, honestly, Antwon, I've seen some of the stuff you've been doing as well with your training. And as I mentioned, not only with between your Instagram and with some of the, some of the parts they showed on undercover billionaire man, a facility, it looks absolutely amazing. It's got to be a blessing to work in a facility like that, to have those resources at your, at your, at the moment.

Yeah, I guess honestly, it, it really, it really isn't a facility truth be told. It's a beautiful facility I've seen and it compares to a lot or in my opinion is not in comparison to a lot of other facilities. The fact that it was built, you know, finished two years ago. It's the idea of it all. And to be able to have that combination of an NFL draft prep that works out of here we have major league baseball players come through and, you know, currently we're we're getting Raquel Pennington the number four UFC bantamweight fighter in the world getting ready for her her fight upcoming in June. And then to have that combination of a rider, a UFC fighter, you know, an NFL player or an NFL hopeful all in one building that for me is the coolest part of it all because in my opinion, it helps, you know, bridge the gap and also gives awareness and legitimacy to, you know, what the PBR is, what it stands for and how great the organization is. And, you know, the things that we're trying to do to again, make the sport progressive, not only in the niche of Western sport, but traditional sport. Yeah,

Well, and honestly having that cross mix of, of athletes and at that L you know, high level athletes, the other part that's gotta be really awesome for the athletes is that you're not a big fish in a small pond, right? You're not going to some local gym where you're the superstar and everyone's giving you the attaboys and Pat you on the back and telling you how great you are, which some people can handle that and do fine. But some people that's going to go to their head. They might not work as hard being in a facility with some, like you had mentioned, what's a high level or athletes like that. It's got to just inspire people regardless of sport. Right? You see someone, you might be training for PBR and you see, you know, a UFC fighter and you say, Holy crap, look how hard he or she's working. And it's, it's got to inspire you, you know, you, you, you really got to keep up and work really hard. And I would say that that, that atmosphere has got to be amazing for all the athletes as well.

Well, no, for sure. It's something that, you know, I, I love being a part of, I feel like, you know, I'm a part of a great organization and the PBR nothing but support from the company and, and the things, again that they're doing. We were the first organization to be back with fans. We're still going strong with our events and you know, all the things that, you know, through COVID that the PBR was able to do it just, you know, I'm very humbled to be in this position and have this opportunity and, and again, be a part of a great organization with a big vision. Yep.

No it's gotta be. And that was a big thing. Right. I, I know UFC got a lot of credit and Dana White got a lot of credit of jumping back in with events and things, but I know PBR was at the forefront of that as well. And I think that was a big thing, man. Everyone was clamoring for that. You know, people wanted that people wanted to see the events and be able to go to the events and everything. So I think that's really important.


So Antwon, look, I would be remiss if I didn't ask you. So, you know, we we've heard your journey, we've heard all these Swiss and turn you've had twin turns you've had. So what are some things that you have learned over the years that, you know, that have allowed you to adapt to achieve more? What are some things that you could give us? Some things, some tips and some, maybe some actions that we should be taking to think about when is the time that we need to adapt, how should we be adapting and things like that?

Honestly I just feel like, you know, everybody's different and everybody's journey is different. But ultimately you have to be able to, you know, walk in your greatness. Like if I said this again, I don't mean to keep plugging Undercover Billionaire, but I don't want to be redundant also. But you know, I, I, I truly believe in myself, you know, I truly love myself and I sincerely want great things for other people. And I feel like if you have that about yourself adapting and being open open-minded to things that come your way. Cause it's, you know that's life, you know I, I, to use a football analogy, you know, every offensive play that is written up is for a touchdown. It's not for seven yard game, 12 yard gain. Every defensive play written up is for a zero gain or negative game.

But when the complex part of it is when the pieces start moving, that's what makes the game. And that's what we're all in every day. And you're going to have to be able to adjust. But when you have certain, you know, if your support system, isn't good, if your team around you, isn't good. If you have insecure thoughts, if you have fear if you're not, open-minded to be able to make those moves going forward, then everything is about time. And it's going to take longer time. Then if you were, have full belief in yourself and what you're capable of doing and being open-minded to things that are uncomfortable to you, because at the end of the day that's that's life. And a lot of things that I tell my athletes or my, my, the people who work for the SBC, it's it's human nature to want to short thing. But the reality of it is the best in life that we're going to get is an opportunity. And it's what we do with those opportunities that are allow that allows us to be successful in life.

Yeah, no, I, I couldn't agree with you more. Antwon, what do you, what do you think, what do you attribute you know, that belief you have in yourself, what, you know, things in life have you gone through, would you say that most would be attributable to you that building, that belief you have in

I'm gonna be honest. It just, it is what it is, but I think it's, I believe in God and I think God is a part of that. And I think there are certain things that, you know, happened in the flesh, but a lot of people do ask me that are like, you know, cause I come off confident, I have somewhat of a, a presence, but I've always had that. And I've been able to, regardless of my situation, circumstance, trial, or tribulation throughout life, I've been able to maintain that, that confidence. And I believe I've kind of always had it. But all of those things are adverse moments in my life kinda made that organic confidence. Just stronger, to be honest.

Yeah. I could see that. I mean, again, you, you faced, and I know you, you shortened up the story, right? That diffent it into to the show and the parameters of the show, but you know, all of the different things you faced in, obviously you've overcome them. Right. And some of them were probably tougher than others, but that has to build up a lot of that belief system in you because you know, you know, Hey man, I faced a, B and C and I kicked their. And so I know when D E and F come, I'm going to be ready and I'm going to be able to handle


Yeah, for sure, man. And I'm telling you, it's, it's, it's really inspiring. Like I said, I, I reached out to you when, during the funny episode you were in, but man, it really hit home when you know, like I said, when you guys had that, when grant came back to work out with you and you guys kind of shared her story and I'm like, man, and then that's when I was like, man, we, I have to get Antwon on the show. I mean, we w people need to hear this. Someone out there listening are probably multiple people out there listening right now are facing something difficult in their life and hearing your story. I'm sure it's going to inspire them and help them get through that. So I really appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your story Antwon.

Thank you for having me and again, just appreciative all of the kind words and yeah. Again thank you for having me on.

Yeah, absolutely. Man, the pleasure's all mine. Like I said, I'm, I'm humbled that you came on and shared your story and we're you know, pretty transparent with us about everything. Again, follow Antwon on Instagram, follow PBR_SPC on Instagram, Instagram as well. They start a lot of cool stuff. You can see some of the training, you can check out the facility, you can learn more about PBR, et cetera.

And I should mention, thanks for listening everyone, of course thanks to our show sponsor Porter Capital. You can find out more about them at

And again, we've been talking this week with Antwon Burton, amazing guest, amazing story. I have a great week, everyone, and don't forget as always cash flow is King.

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